One Day Surgery!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I came into work and realized that the sinus pressure building in my head was stopping me from doing anything at work. I left work at around 10am and took myself to the walk in clinic. They got me hooked up with an antibiotic and,  honestly I fee much better even after three doses.

Last night was a little tough, because we knew in the morning that Everett was getting tubes in his ears. If anyone doesn’t know what they are or what they do I’ll tell ya! They are literal tubes that are inserted in the ear drum to allow fluid to drain properly, and not build up and cause infections. For babies like Everett, must be put to sleep for a few minutes since they move a lot and don’t listen, so that is the freaky part. So my wife and I had a restless night thinking about things that could go wrong.

This morning we got up around 5:50am and had to get him there by 6:30am. So it was an early start. They checked him over and then had us get him ready in his little gown. He was tired and not sure what was going on.


After a little while they gave him the pre-op medicine that made him loopy, which was kind of funny after it kicked in. You can tell he was getting goofy.


His head was getting heavy and he was getting sleepy again. The doctors and anesthesiologist came out ad talked us through everything.


Here is a short video of Everett just feeling the loopy juice.

They took him back, which was hard for us, because we didn’t have control over what was going to happen for the next 10 minutes. We sat in the waiting room and tried to stay as calm as we could. When they were done we were called in to talk with the doctor and go over how everything went. He let us know everything went perfectly and that we could go see him in post-op. He was still coming out of the anesthesia, so he was floaty and not sure what to think. So he was crying and not happy. We were able to feed him before we left, since he hadn’t eaten in 12 hours.


By the time we got him in the car he was asleep. I hope when we comes out of his nap that he is feeling a ton better.


I am clearly back at work and trying to play catch up from the last two days.

That is it for me today! I hope you are having a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you all back tomorrow! 😀 😀


House, Dog, & Crib!

Hey Everyone!

I’m not sure if I said anything about this before, but my wife had that opening conversation with her grandfather. It went very well, and I think he is open to the idea of building a house and letting us buy it from him. He told my wife that he was going to the bank this week and was going to look into it. We will be going back this Saturday, I believe, to give him our stuff for taxes and we will have a conversation in depth. With any luck we can start on this right away. We have a friend that will do our basement for a very decent price, and I have a few feelers out for contractors, if we go with building rather than modular. If this all works out most of my life dreams would be complete. I grew up thinking, in my head, that I would have a house away from others, land at my disposal, a forever home, with a family. This would check the rest of what I don’t have right off of that list. The hardest part would be having to leave my job. I love my job and have a very stable job. I have huge potential to move up here and one day possibly become the Director of IT. The people here are great, as well as the company as a whole. We are in the midst of big updates and upgrades here, as well as one lady in our department retiring. So this will be shit timing, but if it has to happen it has to happen.  :/ More on that when I know more!

My mom stayed home with Everett yesterday because our baby sitter called us and told us she was sick. It is safe to say they had a good time.


On a different note, our dog decided to pee in our house a few times yesterday, as well. My mom let me know that there was some blood in her urine, which led us to believe that she had a UTI and we were right. After I got home from the dentist (clean report by the way) I had to get a urine sample from her which was…interesting haha. Take it to the vet and get it tested. With the antibiotic and all it was $50 for everything. Not what I wanted to do but had to be done.

Last night we decided to give Everett the crib life experience. He has been crawling, backwards only. And liked to back himself right out of his crib.



He was in his own room and we finally got to use his nice baby monitor. He didn’t want to go to sleep at all. He was exploring his new bed and getting stuck haha.



He made it most of the night. In the wee hours of the morning my wife got him and brought him in bed with us. He was fussing, and was probably freaking out because he wasn’t used to waking up in that room. I would consider it a success. We will try again tonight. I may have to lower the mattress one more level.

That is about all from me today, I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Where Have I Been! (For Shame)

Hey Everyone!

You may have thought that I fell off the flat parts of the Earth. Even though it seems that way it isn’t the case, I promise!I had every intention to post Thursday and Friday.

Let me explain. As you may know my baby had an ear infection, and my wife and I had head colds. He was already started on his antibiotic and starting to feel better. I was still feeling a bit under the weather. I woke up Thursday feeling worse. I came into work anyway because I didn’t want to take time off and not really have a medical reason. I quickly realized that I couldn’t think full thoughts and even walk in a straight line, without having a shooting pain in my head stopping me in my tracks. I spent the next hour trying to contact my family doctor only to have their line be busy over and over and over again…. Their phone system must have been messed up. I finally made the decision to leave and go to the walk in clinic at the hospital. Of course only to find out that they didn’t open for another hour…. I was clearly not in the right state of mind. When I arrived, at the correct time, I was seen and told that I had a bad sinus infection. At this point it was hurting in my ears and still shooting pains in my head. They sent me a script for some big horse pills. I took the next day, Friday, off as well because I was feeling worse than the day before. I really couldn’t even move the slightest bit without the worst pain I have felt in a long while. By the end of that day I did start feeling better, I wasn’t sure how much better, but it was significant.

I went to bed hoping that I would feel more ‘like normal’ in the morning. That was indeed the case. I woke up still congested but I was able to walk and bend down with out the pain. I was indeed clearing up. Just in time too! My dad and I were signed up for the company men’s outing that day. It started at 8am, but we didn’t go until noon. We were signed up for the horseshoe tourney and the cornhole tourney. I decided that this would be a good test of how I felt and maybe get some fresh air. We stayed and have lunch, dinner and some giveaways. The event was held at the local Amvets gun club. The weather was unbeatable, and the food and company was better. All around it was a great day. Here are just a couple pictures I grabbed.


Sunday, since I felt like a loser for not pulling my weight, we spent most of the day cleaning and tidying up. Early on we got groceries, which was nice because no one was there at 8:30 am lol.  We later went for a walk around the neighborhood. I tried watching the Dallas game, but they had a lightning delay in Denver and then proceeded to get their asses kicked 😦 It was rough.

Today I am BACK! Back at work, back at blogging, and back to normal.  I have some catching up to do here in the office, so my post will be early. Sorry for going dark, but I’m back at it now!

I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀 😀