Sick Boy, Website, & 401K!

Hey Everyone!

Update on the little man. He has, yest another, ear infection. We were told that this one was separate from the last one he just had. He is back on another form of antibiotic. He seems ok with it, at least he isn’t throwing it up instantly like the last one. They checked him for the flu again by jamming that pipe cleaner up his nose, he hates that. It came back negative so that is a plus. They also ran a blood test, just to make sure everything looked like it should, and it did. We have an appointment on the 29th for him to see the local ENT doctor. He most likely will get tubes now. It was a late night with him being at the doctors for two solid hours, but we are glad to have some answers. We kept him home yesterday, and he is home with his grandma again today. He still have a fever of around 100 degrees, so we want to see that go down.

In other news I am helping my wife get her photography media in order. She has been wanting to really make a go at this as a business, and hasn’t been able to get it all started alone. Her online presence is hit or miss, and not everything is on the same page, figuratively. I am working on making her a free website, for now, and going to seamlessly connect her Instagram and Facebook with it all.  It is tough but fun as a project. I’m not in webdesign, but with website builders, once you get the hang of it you can do some cool things. We don’t have the money to buy another domain yet, but when we do we will upgrade that. It will really depend on what we want to host on the site vs. what we want to just link out.  I’ll share it with you all when it is done, whenever that will be haha.

I have a 401K review meeting today at 2:40pm. They come every year to evaluate and let us ask questions about retirement, and yes I’m far from it haha. I have a pretty good thing going with it and just want to make sure I’m still in a good spot. I may ask them about what would happen if I were to leave the company, since that might actually happen. I want to know if I can still use the one I have or if I would have to roll it over. I know my current company won’t put into it but I want to see if I have to keep it stand alone or not.

Right after this I’ll call my loan providers again. I went to do it yesterday and the nor’easter, had their office shutdown! My luck right? haha. I’ll try again until I get them.

That is all for me today. I’ll see you all again tomorrow for “Coffee Talk” 😀 😀


Online Consulting (Conversation)

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is the last day that the 401K people will be here, which means we will get back into the regular swing of things again come Monday. Today I have been sharing my office with my boss haha, he was displaced to make room for one of the retirement guys. I think he is over it because he just sent out an e-mail saying that he was leaving at 1pm. I have him temporarily set up with a partly finished replacement PC and that has been good enough.


It is St. Patrick’s Day, as most of you know. I won’t be drinking any green beer, mainly because I don’t know o any places here that offer it. The extent of my celebration will be the green shirt I currently have on at work. I haven’t ever been super big on this holiday, and I’m not Irish. I don’t know the history of it at all, and to me it is just another day. Like most holidays it is good for getting people together and having a good time and if those are your plans, have fun and be safe.

On a very unrelated note, a friend of mine needed to get some extra cash on the side to help with her and her boyfriend’s finances. He had a surgery on his shoulder and it was getting pricey. They are both in the medical profession and have money but they weren’t where they wanted to be. She picked up a facial cream, skin health consulting gig. That got me thinking about consulting. I don’t know much about it. I know I don’t have the time to start doing it on my own, which is OK.


I came across the site:, and set up a profile. I think it is pretty legit, but it only works if people pick you to help them out. I have my profile set up to help with simple computer technology. To my knowledge there is no set up fee or anything you have to buy into. The client would select you and set up a time to have a conference call. We would both call in and chat about their situation, and they would be billed my set rate. Every 15 days the money is allocated to my account and I can transfer it to my PayPal account. I get nervous with things like this because, I don’t want to lead people down the wrong path, or not have the answers they are looking for. I always underestimate my own knowledge and think that I’m not good enough to give advice, which really sucks. The other thing is that I am looking to do this along side my full time job. I wouldn’t be able to answer calls or be in calls during work hours. I don’t know if it would ever take off enough to give me some extra ‘fix the house’ money. Worth a shot I guess!

Tonight my wife and I are going to see Beauty and the Beast in theaters. I think the show time is 6:40 pm. It will probably be packed since it is opening weekend. She has been looking forward to seeing it since she heard about it, and so have I. I will, for sure, let you know what I think of it. The rest of the weekend will be kind of chill and relaxing, fingers crossed.

That is about all for me today! I hope you have a great Friday, and weekend.

What, if any, experience have you had with making money on the side? Have you done consulting work? Let me know! I am very interested, in making some side money, preferably online and from my desk. I’ll see you all back Monday! 😀 😀

401K & Yearly Reviews!

Hey Everyone!

This one is going to be kinda quick.

We have our 401K meetings today and we ran into a snag, with the Wi-Fi. We set everything up across our network bridge and tried everything out with no luck. We were racking our brains the whole time trying to figure out what we were missing. Turns out, it was nothing. We called the people that helped us upgrade the servers, just to get an outsiders perspective. He checked everything out and told us that everything looks good. It lead us down the next logical path, access points. The networking guy we were in contact with ran a scan and found about 40 different access points within a two block radius. They are all in the 2.0-2.5GHz range and impeding ours. It is all just a mater of latency and DNS loading times. To sum it up, everything is set up well, it just times out while loading a web page. At this time we aren’t sure how to change that.


Anyway, the reps are meeting in our offices until Friday. We have them all set up in different rooms and connected to the Wi-Fi in the main building. So everything is a bit cramped and very busy. I had my meeting and was told that If I keep doing what I am I’ll be in super good shape.

We had our yearly reviews today with our boss as well, and turns out I’m doing well!


I mean, I knew I was but it is always nice to be validated. We talked about taking certification tests, and moving up through the ranks. Everything is on track and perfect. I was told that there won’t really be a limit on how much I could improve, so I can always move up . I cover a broad spectrum and help out all over, that helps too.

That’s all for me today! I hope you enjoyed your stay, and I hope to see you again tomorrow! I’ll try to get out a bigger and better post then. C-ya 😀 😀