Big News!!!

Hey Everyone!

Over the weekend a few things went on worth mentioning. I filled out my picks for the college football bowl games, went to a play, and sanded a wall. On top of all of that I can finally announce that my wife is 16 weeks pregnant!!!

I know you probably don’t want to hear about any of the things I said besides the pregnancy thing so if that is what interests you skip the next three paragraphs. πŸ˜€

The bowl games are something that my family does each year. we figure out the odds and pick who we think is going to win each game. We spend time with each other watching the games and conversing, it is a nice way to get together. The games that you think are going to be the biggest blowouts you pick for the most amount of points. It is all based on how many games there are. This year I think there are 40 or 41. The person with the most points at the end wins. You also make your pick for who the national champions will be. That is held on the 9th I think.

The Christmas play that we went to was great! It was a local production with singers, dancers, and of course actors. The setting was my home town and it revolved around our traditional Christmas walk. The story was that Santa was on his way to NYC and had to stop on the way because a boy in my town lost the Christmas Magic. His mom was deployed over seas and there was no snow. He just wasn’t felling it. Santa and his wife deliver a book to his house and him and his sister go into the book, transporting them to the North Pole. They go through the whole thing explaining to him the four F’s of the season. Those being Fun, Food, Friends, and Family. In the end the boy believes again and his mom comes home from deployment just in time forΒ  Christmas. Oh ya, it snows too πŸ˜‰ My co-workers daughters were dancers in the production and it was very well put together.

As for the hole in our wall it is now sanded and ready for paint. I can’t wait until this project is complete. We will be able to put our house together once all the dust and mess is gone. It can’t come soon enough. We have a light gray color for the walls in the kitchen and nothing for the dining room yet but we will. We bought stainless steel rope lights that will hang a few inches and 60W traditional filament bulbs for the lighting elements. I still have to run the cable to the electric box for the contractor to hook up.

Yes, my wife has been pregnant for some time now and I’ve been dying to tell people. We wanted to wait until we knew, for the most part, that it was healthy. We have a big appointment coming up on the 30th. We will find out the gender and get a really good look, maybe even a 3D image. She is now showing a little bit and wants to take a lot of pictures. She is overall remaining healthy and not super sick. There are days where she doesn’t feel the greatest, but for the most part she is doing well. I bought her a big body pillow a while back to support her when she gets a bigger belly. It barley fits in our bed but she uses it every night. Up until now not a lot of people knew about it. We told our families around 12 weeks and have waited four or so more to tell everyone else. I have only told you guys and my co-worker. We definitely want to know the sex so that we can fix the baby room up accordingly. The element of surprise isn’t something we want right now, even though it is neat, because we are trying to get the whole house organized. The more we know the better.Β  Of course she is rooting for a little girly princess and I would like a boy. No matter what we will be more than happy, I honestly wouldn’t mind one of each, to get the best of both worlds. I am excited to be able to finally let you all know. I will keep you all posted with further developments. If I can snag a picture or two at some point I surely will.

That is all for me today! I hope you have a great start to your week. Feel free to leave a comment or a like, they are greatly appreciated. Have a good one, I’ll see you allΒ  tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



Hey Everyone!

I want to start off with a huge thank you! I have reached 100 followers, with the help of all of you. It has been about eight months since I started this daily blog and this feels great, again thank you!


Last night I used all the joint compound I had on that huge hole in my wall. I have one more side to do tonight so I have to run back to the store. My goal is to have that done tonight in time to go to a local play. Saturday my brother and dad are coming to help sand the wall and get my original microwave to fit in the space provided. If you recall it was big for the space by a hair. I am just going to end the BS and sand down the side of the cabinet and get it in there. Enough is enough and I’m not messing around πŸ˜‰ With all that being done my wife can paint and we can buy the light fixtures. I will have to run the cable about where it needs to go and then we can have the contractor back to hook it all up and put on the counter top.

I mentioned a play in the last paragraph. There is a production called “Christmas Spectacular” at our local theater, that my co-workers kids are in. It is singing, dancing, and a play all rolled into one. From what I see it is getting rave reviews and I kind of want to go see it. The tickets are $18 per person, which really isn’t that bad. My co-worker said that I can buy tickets at the door so that may be what we do if we go. It starts at 7pm tonight. They will also have a show at 2pm tomorrow and 7pm. I hope we can make one of those times.

The weather here has been terrible. I have been shoveling snow twice a day for about a week and it’s killer on the back. On top of that the temperature has dropped drastically. We are consistently in the single digits. This morning I found out that my truck, covered in snow, wouldn’t start. I had to jump it with my wife’s car at 6am. In the process I banged up my fingers and they started bleeding. I couldn’t fell my hands since it was so cold out that I didn’t even know what I did. I even had the blood freeze my two fingers together! Not a great graphic image, I know, but it did happen. I got to work and had the nurse fix me up. So I’m all good again.

That’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend. I will try to do the same all while getting some more work done. Stay safe and warm! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

New Game

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a good day. Last night I was able to add a coat of joint compound to our, in progress, breakfast nook. It is looking really good, even though I still need to add another coat. My wife heard from the contractor and he is looking for another measurement for the counter top. I’ll get that to him when I remember to take the measurement haha. My wife and I still need to decided on a paint color for that wall and what light fixtures will be going up.

Today has been pretty slow here at work. We have had some terrible weather here as well. The local schools were closed down today. We are and were getting up to a foot of snow in some areas. All I know is that it is a literal pain in the back to get that snow off of my driveway. I have been doing a good job so far, but this morning I swear my fingers were ready to fall off. It was reported to be in the single digits this morning where I live. Burr, I get cold just thinking about it.

I just bought a copy of the new “Bully: Scholarship Edition” on Steam. I did this because when I was a senior in high school a friend of mine and I stayed home for about a week straight and played the original game until we beat it. It is a good memory and I just knew I needed to get a copy to re-play it. It is set in a European primary school, and you are a kid going around breaking the norm. It doesn’t seem to be anything special but I would love to revisit it, so I got it. Since I’m talking about games today a bit I’ll let you know I have been put with a bunch of terrible Rocket League players lately. I lost my good rank and have to fight my way back. I dropped three ranks due to poor play on my teammates behalf. This isn’t to say that I was always playing at my best, just that the goals that were given up were on another player more so than myself. I did however lead my team to victory in a few Rainbow 6 Siege games last night, that was fun.

Tonight I’ll be adding another coat of joint compound and then how knows what. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can relax a bit and stay home. I also need to find a place close by that sells firewood. I would like to buy a full cord of wood at a reasonable price to have fires randomly throughout the winter months.

That is all for today. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and keep warm and safe if you have crappy weather like I do. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

What did I eat?

Hey Everyone!

I took a night off from working on the house. I really needed that. We did however go to the store and get a few things that we needed. My wife got a few swatches of paint colors for the wall we will have to paint. I got all the supplies, and hopefully enough joint compound to finish up the dry walling. Fingers crossed! We also decided, since we got the chimney inspected that we should have a fire. This is in part to figure out how to work the wood burning insert with a blower, and to have a relaxing evening.


Sorry about the picture quality. This was taken by only the light of the fireplace, and on my smart phone, then screen capped from Instagram. As if that isn’t enough I then e-mailed it to myself and cropped in in paint, before saving it and uploading it….damn that is a long process.

Today at work I realized that I had forgotten to pack myself a lunch. Our office orders out from a different place everyday, and allows us to place an order and pay for our lunches at the end of each week. I was helping one of the guys in shipping this morning and told him I forgot my lunch and that I would have to order. I took his suggestion and bough what is called a “South Pacific” sub. It is a pizza sub, with chipped steak throughout. He said to add mushrooms and banana peppers, so that is what I did. I haven’t ever been afraid to try new things. I have always been able to give everything a shot no matter what. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it wasn’t bad. I think what I didn’t like about it was that it was greasy from the steak and the pepperoni. That kind of upsets my stomach a bit. Other than that it was surprisingly good. I guess the place we bought from today uses that sub as somewhat of a staple food. They are the only ones that make it and people love it, and swear by it. I wouldn’t do all that but it was good.

Tonight I will be grinding on that joint compound trying to get a few more layers on before I sand it all down. It will look really nice in the end. When we get the lights and counter top on I’ll let you see!

That is about it for me today. I hope you all have a great hump day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Picture Post

Hey Everyone!

I am very sorry that I was unable to post yesterday. The guy doing our wall was late both days and had to be there a couple days. I had to take off work yesterday. I have a few photos to show and that will be all for today, enjoy my pain haha.


As of now this is what it looks like. I have to add a few coats of joint compound and sand it. When that is done my wife will paint it and get lights. He will bring the counter top when we are ready and do the electrical. Hopefully he will be on time then….

On a much less sour note here are some shots of where I was hunting, it was cold but beautiful.


I hope you all enjoy your day, and I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey Everyone!

Not sure where I left you on the microwave front , but I have it in my possession yet not installed like it was supposed to be. They couldn’t install it because there is like 1 full inch of tile. Dumb. I will be installing it myself.

Last night we had an installation of officers for our masonic lodge. It took about two hours, so not bad overall. My dad went to secretary and I will be filling in where I can and shadowing him. The meal we had was amazing. It was really good ham, with rolls, veggies, scalloped potatoes, pudding, and drinks. Afterwards we had lemon cake with milk, it was all very good. This was our last meeting of the year so some people stuck around a bit.

While I was still at lodge I asked one of the brothers who I should talk to about getting my chimney looked at, so that I can use it with winter, and he looked at me and said “You talk to me.” He used to do that stuff full time but has recently been going through family stuff and I wasn’t sure if he still did any of it. I was looking for information, and he was the guy to talk to. He is going to get a hold of me this coming Monday and check it all out. I can’t wait to use the fireplace. I know my wife’s mom and grandparents are getting us a firewood rack for the new house as a Christmas gift so that will make it feel complete.

Today I finished watching the first season of Stranger Things, on Netflix and wow is that a good series. I think the second season comes out in July or something. It is very well written and put together. I like when shows don’t use all ‘A’ list actors, yet still find great talent. If you are into weird stuff and a good story it might be for you. I am hooked and can’t wait for more.

Today at work I have been setting up a penetration testing lab on my PC. I want to learn ethical hacking and this is how you do it. I have step by step instructions on how to set it all up. From there you do exercises to teach you have to expose vulnerabilities in a system, as well as extract data. Being done in a virtual environment means that nothing is really real, so there is no harm to any real system. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

That’s all for today, I hope you have a great Thursday. I’ll see you here tomorrow. Don’t forget to like and share my blog posts, it would be greatly appreciated. Bye all! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Mid Week Update

Hey Everyone!

We are settling quite nicely into our new home. Last night I got the pellet stove running, and man does that put out some good heat. I would like to get our chimney looked at in the near future so that we can have fires soon. The good thing is that that gas is cheap right now so heating my house this winter won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Like the last part of my post yesterday stated, we have internet now. This is huge for me. And its awesome Check out my latest instagram picture to see my speeds:Β  This is the first time I have had access to good speeds. My main issues now is that I have to find a ‘good’ way to run an ethernet cable from my router, on floor 1, through the basement and up to floor 2. This may be easy enough but it is only temporary as our office is currently in one of our three bedrooms. I will relocate everything to our finished attic when the time comes, and will need to permanently run it to floor 3. In the end it will be fine, but for now it is a bit overwhelming.

Today was supposed to be another small milestone, yet that turned sour quickly. Our new microwave from before was dented and today we got the new one. It was to be installed and ready to go. Well its at home now but they wouldn’t install it because the back splash was one inch to high…..This whole thing is super annoying. I just want a functioning microwave! :/ This means that I will have to wait until work tomorrow, because I have a masonic meeting tonight.

That being said we have installation of officers tonight, because this is the last meeting of the year. I will not be taking any positions this coming year because I will be very busy. We also had a huge increase in members and we want to get them started in any chair we can, to keep them interested. I will be shadowing my dad who is taking over the secretary position. In 2018 if all goes well I will be the assistant secretary, and in 2019 I will hopefully be the active secretary and be able to maintain that position for years.Β  For those of you that don’t know, the secretaries of most any organization run the damn show. everyone else is more ofΒ  figure head. As secretary you have hands in everything and make big calls. They are very respected members of any organization. I was also the secretary of my college fraternity, and I am currently the secretary of the alumni chapter as well, although I will be stepping down this year I think.

Changing gears I have watched both seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix and I loved it. If you are into sci-fi and mystery you may love it too. I have also started watching Stranger Things, and it has also held my interest. I’ll let you know more about what I think as I get farther in.

That is all for today I hope you have a great hump day, and I’ll see you all here again tomorrow! : D: D

Move In Day

Hey Everyone!

A lot has happened this past weekend. I haven’t been documenting any of it in picture format because it honestly slips my mind. As much as I use social media I still never find myself thinking “Man! I better take a picture of this for later.” So with that being said I don’t have photos haha.

Saturday we officially moved into our house. The beds, clothes, animals, PCs, TVs, and ourselves all came over. It was a big day and a busy day for sure. My wife and I started early in the morning, packing up what we could in our vehicles and bringing them to the house. Later that day, her mother and grandmother came from out of town to help organize some things and put stuff away. My brother and dad went hunting in the morning and then came to help as well. They brought over the bed, dressers, and a reclining chair.

Most of the next day was much of the same, except for her dad and his girlfriend came to see us. Of course they brought my baby brother in-law, as well. We visit with them for a few hours and then they had to head home. They loved the house and want to come back when they can. We organized everything we could that day.

Monday morning I woke up and went hunting. I was in my deer stand at 6:20 am waiting and waiting. Sadly I didn’t see anything legal to shoot. I did however enjoy the company of a few gray and red squirrels. They seemed to keep my mind focused and passed the time nicely. Even though the goal of the day wasn’t met, it is always nice to spend a day outdoors disconnected from everything. It was a little cold and a little breezy but that was to be expected. Oooo I do have a picture of my view from the stand. Here you go:





I have lost all train of thought, and I’m a couple hours late now. That being said I now have my TiVo box and internet at the house lol. That is the most up to date thing I can tell you, so that is where I’ll end this.

Thanks for the read, I hope you all come back tomorrow! C-Ya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Friday Has Come Again!

Hey Everyone!

Last night was seemingly very successful. I was able to make two more trips to Lowes and get my stove hooked up. I was able to connect the water line to the back of my refrigerator, as well as sand and paint over the hole I patched in the wall. I will be going back over after work today just to check on everything. With the remaining money from returning the fencing I will start to buy the trim for the floors in the bed rooms. I think that white quarter round would work well. It would be easy with a nail gun, but I don’t have one 😦 I’ll have to think on that one.

We have continued to run in to issues with the thought of knocking a hole in the kitchen wall for a breakfast nook. The contractor is willing to help us as a friend of my wife’s mother. This sounds great, and will also keep the cost down. The problem is that he isn’t willing to give us any kind of contract for the work, and I’m afraid that if something went wrong that our insurance on the house wouldn’t cover it and it would fall on the contractor. This would be fine but without a contract or something with his name on it, I’m not sure anything could be done to hold him liable even if he is licensed and insured himself. What is to stop him from leaving or cutting all ties with us once it is done? What is to stop him from saying no he didn’t do it? From what I also thought is that he offed to give us a receipt, but that would only be for the parts that we bought since he isn’t charging us with labor costs. So that wouldn’t say anything other than we bought “supplies” from him.

I am hoping that we can have this blow over for now and take a step back. We don’t know this guy and we don’t know his work. It is all sketchy to me. My thought to fix this mess is that come April when we get a tax return, as well as a bonus from my work, we can hire a local contracting firm and have them come do it by the books. I know it will cost more money but it will give us all better peace of mind. At that point we will have had about 4 months of bills under our belt and will be able to better understand what we can afford. This will be what I pitch to my wife. She tells me she hates the kitchen as it is and really wants this so I would like to do anything I can to allow her to get it, other than sketchy means. It would open the whole thing up but really we would only gain some counter space and a place to sit.

Other than that whole mess, I will be hunting this weekend, wish me luck. My family hunts by the law and we use everything we can from an animal. We do not kill for sport, we eat what we kill. If it is too much we give it away to others. With that I hope to get a nice buck or a mature doe. the season here lasts one more week, so I’ll make it out a few days if I’m lucky. It will be the first full time spent hunting on my dad’s land. This year if we get anything I think we will try butchering it ourselves. It isn’t hard but it does require some skill and patience. I’ll let you know how I do. Next weekend I’m going to a hockey game which I am also excited for.

Thanks for tuning in! I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday, since I have Monday off for hunting. Bye All, and have a great weekend! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Bit of a SNAFU!

Hey Everyone!

Most things yesterday went as planned, and overall I am generally happy about it. My brother was there when the appliance delivery came and they got everything in the house just fine. The stove and the refrigerator are great. I still need to find out how to hook up the water line to the fridge. As for the stove I bought the gas line (that I was told would come with it) at Lowes only to find out it doesn’t fit the part coming out of the wall. This means that today after work I need to go back up with the line and that piece and find one that fits both and then I’ll be in business. As for the microwave it really couldn’t have gone worse. they got everything out and were going to install it. They unwrapped the appliance and it had a huge dent in the front corner. This seems to be my luck recently. Needless to say, but they took it back and gave me some secondary receipt. I got a call today saying that they will bring the other one on the 7th. (One day after my internet service) I am not sure how much time I can take off from work but I’ll have to think of something. Worse comes to worse I can take back my vacation day that I had planned to hunt with on this coming Monday, but I’d rather not.

The fencing came along nicely. I think it was a bit longer than my brother thought because he had to go into work that night. Once I got to the house we put up the last remaining side. We found out how much of the lumber I still needed and then took the rest back to Lowes. I was able to get $170 back from what we didn’t use, With that I bought us both some lunch and we headed back to the house. We measured and assembled the gate in my garage. From there we brought it out and installed the hinges. Next we had to install the handle which is a bit tricky. There had to be a fairly good sized hole drilled through the gate in just the right spot for the mechanism to fit properly. Each piece had to be lined up perfectly for this to all work. On top of that knowing the wood is still a bit green it will swell and shrink over the next few months and through this summer. But, when it was all said and done I was able to go get my dog and show her around the yard for the first time. The only thing left to do for the fence is to cut all the tops even.

From yesterdays shortfalls, I will have to go to Lowes again tonight and get a piece to fit the gas line. Once home I’ll install the stove and get it all set up. I will also finish sanding the spackle over the hole in the bedroom and also get it painted. I will keep you all updated on progress as it happens. Thank you for reading again today, I appreciate it!

I’ll see you all back here again tomorrow! : D πŸ˜€