We Made It To The Weekend

Hey Everyone!

It is Friday and that means another end to the work week for me. Here finishing out the last three hours of my day job, I will finish setting up a PC for a co-worker, and that is about it. It has been pretty quiet around here. On a random note, in a way, we have our water shut off at work. The state department is working on the main water line, right outside our building. they say it will only be off for a couple hours but who knows if that is true. they planned it in a terrible way. They have had t off since noon, which means we ll have to eat lunch and try to not use the restroom, wash our hands, clean our plates, or fill water bottles. It has been very inconvenient.

I know you probably don’t want to hear about our weather but damn it is cold here. Last night it finally dipped below 0 degrees F. This happens every year, but it seems like this was the first time this season. It is mid day here and we finally have it back up to about 10 degrees haha, heat wave! There is some snow but not as much as there normally is. The killer is that we are having strong winds up to and over 20 mph. My wife and I will try to stay warm tonight.

Tomorrow we are heading out to do some window shopping, for the most part. My wife has things bouncing around in her head about things we need and want for the house, as well as books and clothes in general. We want to get a good idea of what the area has to offer for us, and have a a nice day away from home. I think I may be in love with wayfair.com. Don’t judge me! They really do have everything you need. I can search for bedroom sets and they come with everything. They have bed frames, dressers, night stands, and other accessories for your room all rolled into one item online. It is really amazing. The website is very user friendly and easy to use. It is where we ordered our dining room table and rug and I know we will use it again.

As for the rest of the weekend I would like to just hangout and unwind from the weeks frustrations. Have a few good cups of coffee and stay in the house, of course wearing my pajamas πŸ˜€

That’s all from me for this week. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Nerd Stuff

Hey Everyone!

I have been quite busy today. Over the holidays we get a lul in the workplace. No one really wants to do anything, we have short weeks and a ton of food. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t having issues with their PCs, it just means that they don’t care enough about those issues to report them haha. After the holidays we see things spike up for a while then return to normal. Right now I would say we are in the spike up part. On top of that my co-worker and I are working on slowly (by department) implementing group policies to map network drives to all the employees. It is keeping us busy.

I have also been messing around with hacking tools on a Windows platform. Everyone always says that if you truly want to be a hacker you have to learn Linux, and while they may be correct you still have options to get and keep you interested. There are tools that you can use on a Windows platform like Metasploit that will help you ‘exploit’ weaknesses on a network and allow you to implement a backdoor into the system. There is also aΒ  really neat tool called Wireshark, that analyzes network protocols, hacks wifi, and acts as a sniffer to capture bits of data called ‘frames’.Β  What is nice about Wireshark is that it works for Windows and Linux, so if you ever wanted a smooth transition into a Linux world you would instantly know how to use a tool of the trade.

Today is the day that our dining room rug is to be delivered. I can’t wait to see it and get it all laid out. We will be waiting about a week longer for the table and chairs to come but it will be nice to see some of the rooms come together in the near future. We both really want to start on the nursery for obvious reasons. The rest of my day will consist of answering some phone calls, and putting out small fires around the office. When i get home it will be time to do some laundry, if there is any, and chill for a bit.

I hope you all have had a great week so far, I know I have. I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

It’s A Boy!

Hey Everyone!

I didn’t forget to post yesterday, I forgot that I had to come in early to cover for a co-worker. I was out of work by 2pm and didn’t have much free time.

Over the weekend we had a get together with family, to reveal the gender of our baby. I’ll let the picture tell you (Well besides the title haha):


We are having a boy! This is very exciting news, my wife would have liked a girl but we are both thrilled to have a baby boy coming in May. We had everyone at the gathering draw a tally under boy or girl, and then place a pink or blue rubber duck in a large clear glass bowl. When everyone ‘voted’ we dropped a bath bomb in the water and it fizzed for a bit and then changed the water blue. It was a simple cute way to reveal it.

We went to my brother’s house that night to celebrate the new year, and played a variety of board games throughout the night. Their baby girl was a pretty fussy most of the night so some parts of the night were tough to celebrate through lol. We spent the next two days just vegging out and watching Netfilx. I know it isn’t very exciting but we needed to get some downtime.Β  We bought a large dining room table andΒ  rug, I’ll be sure to show you it all when we have it all ready to go. We may even have the wall painted by then, who knows!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend, I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Have A Happy New Year!


Hey Everyone!

I am not sure when any of you will read this but either way I would like to wish you and yours a happy new year!

I’m am sure that there have been plenty of good and bad things that have gone on for you personally. I hope the good out weighed the bad, but that can’t always be the case. I hope that you made the most out of the opportunities that were presented with. You can hopefully look back every year with a smile, knowing that you have grown and learned. If you are traveling, like I always stay, be safe! Make the most of the holiday and go into 2017 with a bang, how ever you choose.

It may be hard to look back this year knowing what has been going on in the world. No matter where you are from, or where you align yourself know that we are one people. We have to make this world a better place for the next generations to live in. Peace among people will not happen over night and you can’t expect it to. there will be conflict again and again, but we have to handle it in a way that creates, and harbors progress. I hope you can all keep your heads up high and be proud of who you are, where you come from, and what you do. This next year I challenge you to be more accepting to everyone. Wait before jumping to conclusions about other people, with outΒ  finding out who they really are. You may find that you are more alike that you thought πŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend, I’ll be back Tuesday bringing you the same great content πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Picture Update: Kitchen Edition

Hey Everyone!

This is my update to the kitchen project. I have a few pictures here showing what we have so far. (Don’t mind the mess, we have no where for anything to go at the moment)

This first one is of the lights themselves. They are hanging by a braided rope, into a stainless steel fixture. They each have an individual switch and are also connected to a switch on the wall beside them. You can”t really tell in this picture but they are the bulbs with the funky filament, which looks cool. They give off a warm light, not a bright white.


This next one shows you from the dining room looking into the kitchen. You can kind of see the small width of the kitchen here. It really opens everything up. The counter top isn’t fastened or caulked yet but we have some primer on this side. The kitchen at this point is completely painted that blue gray color you see. We will be painting this wall lighter than that left wall, but darker than the kitchen. We aren’t a huge fan of the tan counter tops but it works for now. (Again, don’t mind the mess)20161227_190823

This last one is another angle from the dining room into the kitchen. You can see the wall outlet and switch in this picture as well as how narrow the kitchen is. This has been a huge process but it really was worth it. It has taken much longer than we had originally planned but it will look good. 20161227_190903


Whats left? The trim still has to go on the bottom of the dining room side, under the counter top. We also need to paint the dining room wall. Next will be touching up some of the paint in the kitchen. The contractor will also have to come back for the fastening and caulking, but other than that we can put this project in the books. About time haha

Once we get it all done and cleaned up I’ll try to get a better picture of the finished product. Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to share your thoughts, or ask questions. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope to see you all then! : D: D

Family Time

Welcome Back Everyone!

Again it has been too long. I had quite a bit going on this long weekend, and a few updates that I would like to share. As for the Christmas holiday we started Saturday morning, bright and early. We woke up and headed to my wife’s home town at about 8 am. We were having breakfast with her father, his girlfriend, their baby, and her sister. It ended up being more of a brunch since we got there at about 10:30 am. They already had an egg bake of some kind in the oven when we got there. It was delicious! It had hash browns in it as well as veggies, and cheese. My wife and I brought a cinnamon role crock pot desert that turned out better than expected, since we were in a rush to get it done. It was a great way to catch up with everyone and play with the baby. He is about 8 or 9 months and is a solid child haha. He is just learning how to stand and say a few words. If I’m not mistaken I think he has a few teeth in there too.

After brunch we headed over to her mothers house to open gifts and have lunch with her grandparents. It was ok for the most part. There really isn’t anything to do there and it gets boring easy. We normally do things at her grandmother’s house, down the street, but she was sick of cooking for people so we had it all at her moms. Again it is nice catching up with, and seeing everyone. This year we did it a little different then years past, and didn’t stay the night. We took off about 3:30 pm and headed back home.

The rest of the night was uneventful. The next morning we woke up and made some breakfast and felt weird because we weren’t with anyone’s family for the first time….ever. We were going to my parents house at 1 pm and meeting up with my brother, his fiance, and their 3 month old baby. My mother cooked up a turkey and we had a fairly quick lunch. We would have stayed a bit longer to watch a football game but it wasn’t on TV. We just live up the street so we went home and put all our stuff away. Later that evening my older brother and parents came over to our place. He hadn’t seen our new house yet so he was able to get the full tour.

As for an update, since we had Monday off my wife and I took that opportunity to get work done. My dad and brother came over and we leveled and cut my fence to height. The only thing left to do with that is paint it come spring time. Ore giant hole in the wall made great progress as well. We decided it was good enough to paint finally. While we were at it we taped the whole kitchen and painted the whole thing. All that is left to do is paint the dining room side and install the lights. Eventually the contractor will have to come back to finish the caulking and secure the counter top, but for now it will work fine. We may get some trim for the edges but we aren’t sure yet. I hope to install the lights tonight if I’m feeling up to the task. I know my wife would like that. I will also touch up any spots of paint if need be.

I hope you all had a great weekend and spent time with your families and loved ones. I’m glad to see you back, and I’ll see you again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Holiday Weekend

Hey Everyone!

We made it to the weekend. It is amazing how slow a week before a holiday can seem.

We just got done with our Christmas lunch about 20 minutes ago. We had a local BBQ company cater it. It consisted of items brought and made by other employees as well. The main portions were pulled pork and cheese ziti. It always ends up being an extended lunch and is very laid back. There was an ugly sweater contest at the end, I didn’t participate this year, but it was pretty funny to see what some people are wearing.

This weekend we are heading out and visiting family, then coming home and continuing the visiting. I thankfully have Monday off as a holiday. There will again be a great amount of food everywhere that we go. It is always a good time visiting relatives. The traveling kind of sucks but it is usually worth it in the end.

Our kitchen renovation needs some final touches before it can be painted but it should be happening next week. Once it gets painted I’ll install the lights and hopefully we are about done. We only need the contractor to come back to install trim and attach the counter top permanently.

I don’t really have much today so I won’t bore you any longer. I just want to wish you all a safe and merry holiday season. I’ll be back on the 27th with highlights of my weekend. Thanks for being here! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Will This Renovation Ever End?


Well I can start off by letting you know that of course the kitchen renovation continues….

He was on schedule this time, but man did he have some problems. We brought in the finished counter top and of course it was a little too big, why wouldn’t it be? With not a lot of choices he decided the best thing to do was to force it into place. Sure he got it in there, but in doing so he knocked large chunks of our existing drywall work out of the wall. He also managed to knock out the corner pieces on all four corners, DOH! The majority of the time he was there last night was spent repairing what he broke the moment he got there. He put me in charge of running the cable in the basement to the electric box, that went smoothly, probably because he didn’t touch it haha. He did successfully terminate it to the breaker and install the receptacle and switch upstairs. He took a look at the lights and told me what to do to install them on my own, so I have to find time to do that on top of finishing the joint compounding that is left as a result of putting the counter on roughly. Again we have a giant mess on the floor for a fourth time, which doesn’t make my wife very happy. This “one day” project has quickly turned into a month long project with four or five different visits from this contractor. But enough ranting, no one cares about that.

Today has been moving along at quite a fast pace even with the lack of sleep from the night before. I have been looking into online courses in IT security and still fiddling with my virtual machine. I still haven’t gotten it working, but I have crashed it successfully three times something has to be said for that. πŸ™‚

With the holidays approaching quickly we have an abundance of food in the office to the point that I don’t have to eat breakfast or lunch. Tomorrow we have an ugly sweater contest and a lunch. It will be catered and delicious. We will be traveling on Saturday to go spend time with my wife’s family and we will be celebrating with my family on Christmas day.

On a completely different topic, as I often do, I was introduced to an android app called Cerberus. It is intended for anti-teft of your mobile phone, but can be mistreated if someone were to gain access to your phone. I installed the six day free trial on my phone and it is really cool, so long as you don’t wipe your phone clean by accident. you can download it from the Google Play Store and control your phone from the browser @ http://www.cerberusapp.com Check it out! You can take pictures, videos, record audio, lock and unlock your phone, send messages and track your phone. With the admin access you can wipe it clean so no one can use it if you have super sensitive information on it.


If you really like it you can buy a subscription for 5 Euros per year, which right now, is $5.22 in US dollars. That is really cheap for good phone protection.

That is all for today folks! I hope you have enjoyed your time here today. I’ll have one more post tomorrow before the holiday weekend, see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

First Day Of Winter

Hey There!

Last night my wife sprung the news that the contractor will be at our house this very night. This was to my surprise, because I thought that we were going to wait until we had the wall all painted before he would come back to finish everything. It can be done either way but I just assumed that it would be after. He should be coming about 4:30 pm and installing the counter top as well as installing the lights and switches. I will help him run the cable to the electrical panel, when the time comes. I just really hope he shows up on damn time,Β  unlike last time. The good news for my wife and I is that there shouldn’t be a dusty mess everywhere this time so that is a huge plus. πŸ™‚

Today at work I have been busting my butt to get a virtual machine up and running. I am currently using VirtualBox by Oracle. I am installing a version of Kali Linux so that I can practice penetration testing in my own environment for practice. It is meant to test out security flaws in a network. There are plenty of real world hackers that use this operating system, because it come pre-installed with hacking utilities and it is open source. That means it is 100% free to download and install. I have successfully installed it now three times, but it crashes when I go to customize it. I need the custom options to interact with my host machine and transfer files. I get to a different point each time and it breaks when I go to restart it. It either won’t load, or it loads and shows no icons. So I took a break from that at lunch and to write this post. Once I get it the fun stuff can happen. I have essentially set up my own network just within my own PC with my own network. It is small but it is still a network. I will be able to secure it then break into it for the sake of practice. What I learn from this will help me defend against flaws in my own system here at work. Here is the brand image of Kali:


Here at work everyone is gearing up for the holidays. We have people bringing in a constant supply of sweets, which is about killing me. I have eaten so many doughnuts it isn’t even funny. The office is decorated and trees are up. We have a Christmas lunch on the 23rd, that will be delicious. I will have the 26th off from work since the holiday is on a Sunday. I also just found out that I will be covering at least the 28th for my co-worker. That means I’ll be to work early and may not be able to pump out a post. I’ll try.

I hope everyone is in the holiday spirit, and having a good week. Feel free to let me know what your plans are for the holidays. I would love to hear about any traditions you look forward to. I’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Can I Be More Tired (Short post)

Hey Everyone!

Last night and today have been pretty slow days. I jolted my memory a bit on networking and subnetting while here at work. I helped a couple guys with their printer as well. We will be getting them a new Ethernet enabled printer to better suit their needs.

I have let a few more people at work know that my wife is pregnant, they are thrilled. I have received a ton of hand shakes, and congratulations. It really keeps a person excited. I will be going to inform our nurse right after this, if no one has told her yet.

Christmas is coming soon! Here at work we have a lunch with all the employees. Our department is in charge of getting a huge fruit tray this year. It will cost about eight dollars per person. We also get free turkeys from our employer. They do this each year so that families don’t have to go get turkey for the next year. This year I will give mine to my wife’s grandparents so that they don’t have to buy one next year.

Damn I am tired.

Things at home are slowing down finally. We still have to paint the wall around the giant hole, and run the electric cable in the basement. Soon we will have it all done. I have to go get quarter round to put along the hardwood floors and the baseboards.

I have misspelled about every word in this post, so I think I’ll keep it short and end it here haha. I’ll leave you with a couple of Asian babies dressed as noodles.


I’ll be back tomorrow, c-ya all here again then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€