Dinner, DWTS, & Morning

Good day mates!

Last night was fun. My wife and I went out to dinner, and although windy, we sat outside until desert. We had a great time just talking about out day, and our future. We had bruschetta for a starter, which kicked the evening off right. I ended up getting a rack of lamb with a nice black bean and bacon puree. It was delicious, as expected.  My wife ordered the sirloin, but much to our surprise they were out of it. She instead, at no extra cost received filet mignon. (Big Bonus) For desert we got what they called a pecan ball. It is ball of french vanilla ice cream, covered in roasted pecans, then drizzled in caramel and hot fudge. It may be the best thing in the universe. It was a great way to spend out first anniversary.

We got home just as the show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ came on. We have watched the last six or so seasons. We even went to the traveling live show last year. The five remaining couples did a trio dance and then a regular dance. This late in the game they are all really damn good, so they all get pretty good scores. It was a double elimination night, this leading up to the two night finale next week. Since America gets to vote for who they want to see in the final it comes down to a popularity contest near the end. That being said it’s only fair to assume that the best dancer does not always win for that reason. Most times America at least gets the final three ‘correct’ at least. Tonight was not one of those nights. If you follow the show at all you will know what I am talking about, if not you may think I’m losing it. Ginger Zee and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy deserved to be in the final, and the voters agreed, so they are in. Nyle Dimarco, the deaf contestant, and his partner Peta Murgatroyd also deserved to be going to the final, and they are. This leaves one more couple to compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy. It was between Antonio Brown, the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver, Wanya Morris, the Boys II Men singer, and Paige VanZant, the UFC fighter. Again, I want to state that they all worked their asses off and will always be better dancers than most. Among those three there is really one clear choice on who is the best dancer and who had been the best dancer throughout the competition. It was Wanya. Plain and simple he had been the overall best dancer, but he didn’t make the final due to that ever popular America vote.  It is the nature of the beast I get it but it still sucks. I guess I should let you know who did advance, since I haven’t told you. Paige VanZant and her partner Mark Ballas were voted in to the finals. The very clear reason isn’t their skill, it is the popular vote. Just to get hard numbers Wanya’s Instagram has 52.2K followers, whereas Paige has 852K, and no I didn’t forget to put the ‘point’ in that number. To restate it sucks that Wanya didn’t make it but its not like it effects me in any way, I just think that’s shitty. They will go to the final dances and if I had to call it I would say the Nyle should win by a landslide. He has been killing it all season and has people on the hook due to is not so debilitating ‘disability’. I’ll stop ranting now.

Anyway this morning started off early, as I came in to practice with a colleague. The good news is that since I came in early I get to go home early and play Counter Strike XD.  I was running reports all morning, and we have people currently hear to help us with a carousel migration. Later in the morning we had n issue with our plasma cutter. It was not ‘finding home’ which it has to do so the cutter knows where it is on the board. It is all done by sensor readings and for some reason was goofing up. None of us are super familiar with it, not even the people who operate it. I called the company that installed it for us years before I even worked here, and had them explain to me things I could try. We had to test the switch sensors to see that they were functioning properly. That means we had to first find where the hell they were. After so digging we found them, and found out that the machine was all out of whack. The only logical reason it would have been this far out would be due to a fork lift running straight into it. Of course no one would come forward to incriminate themselves, why would they? So for two days they haven’t been able to use it. We had to manually move it back into the right position before it would ‘home’ properly. This took the rest of my morning. After posting this I only have one more hour of work and I’ll be set free!

I hope you enjoyed my rant and struggles with unfamiliar machinery. Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you tomorrow.


Graduation, Scanning, & Anniversary

Good morning everyone! I had a great weekend and it seemingly will continue through tonight. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Saturday we woke up knowing that we were going to my sister-in-law’s college graduation. It was about an hour and a half drive to get there. We met up with my mother-in-law and drove to the college, only to find there was about no places to park. We drove around for a while and some aggressive driving took place. We did find a spot about two blocks away from the gymnasium where we need to be. It was a cold and windy day so the walk did suck quite a bit. The graduation ceremony was nice but everyone was sitting in awful wooden chairs for three hours, and couldn’t see a thing. To be honest I brought my portable cell phone charger and played games on my phone most of the time. The ceremony ended and we met each other right outside the gym. Hugs were given, and then we were off to the car!

After we made it to the car and turned on the heat. We had to get moving though because we had reservations at a local country club for dinner. I must say that my meal was one of the best ones I have had ever. I ordered the 16oz blackened prime rib, Texas beer cheese soup, and fries. That meal coupled with a good view and great company made it perfect. It is always nice to catch up with family that you don’t see everyday. From there we had to head straight home, to get back to our dog and cat.

I guess for this next part to make any sense you would have to know what my wife got me for our anniversary. She got me a very nice G-Shock watch, that is virtually indestructible. I wanted one to wear daily and also tough enough to go camping and bushcrafting. She also got me a Doxie Go scanner, to eliminate the need for a filing cabinet. It is portable and works very well. Anyway, since it decided to snow and hail yesterday I had all the time in the world to scan my entire life into my PC. Once I ran through the simple setup and charged the battery I was good to go. I scanned most of my documents and it did take all day. I still have to rename the .pdf files, but that can be done anytime. It scans at 300 or 600 dpi and is quicker than I thought it would be. It was just a relaxing way to spend the day, not particularly fun, but relaxing. Later that evening my brother and his fiance came over and my parents made home made Stromboli. It is a family favorite for sure. That was a good way to end the day. I shaved myself up, laid out my clothes for work, and hopped into bed.

I woke up thinking that it would be a great day, being my anniversary and all. Nothing would get me down and I would fly through the work day and go have a great dinner with my lovely wife. My day decided to test my theory out, and see if it could crack me. I walked in the door to my work and was bombarded by people with PC issues. I didn’t make it to my office until about two hours after I walked in the door. The front desk receptionist was having network issues, a dude in the shop couldn’t connect to the network,  a woman in purchasing had a dead monitor, and oddly enough one of the monitors died at a printing station in the shop as well. That wasn’t what I wanted to walk into but I took it all in stride. It made my morning coffee late, but taste much better knowing I earned it this morning. It has been fairly quite since but all I can do is keep my fingers crossed at this point. As I eluded to earlier in the paragraph, we have dinner reservations at a very fancy (expensive) restaurant to celebrate tonight. It will be a great end to a great day. My wife deserves the world for putting up with me. We have been together for five years now and grow stronger every day.

I suppose I’ll leave it here today. If I took anything away from this weekend it is that you only have one family, and it is important to be with them while you can. Make the most of the time you spend with them. Have a great week everyone!


Shopping & The Weekend

Oye! Good afternoon everyone!

I have been lurking around in a haze. It was one of those mornings. I woke up thinking that it was Saturday, which is the worst since it is definitely not Saturday. I quickly re-routed my brain and was able to get ready for work on time. I don’t know if it was how I spent my Thursday evening that tricked me or what, but something got me all messed up.

Speaking of my Thursday evening, I went shopping for new work clothes. This is something I hate doing. I do not like to spend money on things like clothes. Maybe it is just the guy in me talking but whatever it it its true. I furthermore don’t like spending a good deal of money on similar items. What pushed me to the edge was that at about 1pm yesterday I noticed that not one, but BOTH sleeves shirt had holes in them, right in the elbow. I had been walking around all damn day looking like a hobo. The soles of my shoes are worn awkwardly since I walk like a duck, and I found a rip in the upper thigh of my pants. I really looked like a mess. I thought back for a minute and remembered that I had a couple other shirts with ripped sleeves as well. It was time to do something about it, something small, but something nevertheless.

Knowing that I hate spending money on clothes I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, so I ended up going to Walmart. I by no means am always a big fan of theirs but in this case the more clothes I could get, cheaply made or not, the better. I just needed to replenish my closet with clothes that were slightly better than what I had. Everyone tells me: “Go spend a little more money on a couple better shirts, they will last longer.” and to that I say hog wash! I am a man who does not watch what I am doing, and doesn’t mind getting dirty. I am rough on everything I have ever owned and clothes are no exception. I am an IT professional so its not like I’m working in an oil field but I am still under desks, and squeezed into weird corners often. I snag my clothing almost on a daily basis, so something a little fancier than Walmart still won’t make a difference. I ended up getting four solid color, long sleeved dress shirts. Along with those I bought two short sleeved dress shirts, one pair of new pants, and a pair of new shoes. I bought truck bed liner too but that its something different entirely. When that day comes you will hear all about it.

I got all of my new clothes home, washed, and dried. Everything was hung up, and I laid my shirt and pants out for today. Again somehow I forgot that it was going to be Friday. I think what threw me off was that along with getting clothes, my wife and I got groceries as well. I usually only go with her on a weekend if at all, so that may have been the determining factor.

Anyway, this weekend we have some more running around to do. I’m not too sure but we may leave tonight or tomorrow morning to go back to my wife’s home town.

** Got bored and went to get some water**

Her sister has a graduation ceremony on Saturday. We may bring her drone out and practice flying it some more. My wife has a side business as a photographer, and she wants to start getting some drone footage of her clients to add another element to her photography. (If you are interested or just want to look her Facebook page is:  https://www.facebook.com/jordyntrisketphotography) Check it out or don’t, it won’t bother me haha. She has a wedding booked in August and its on a rooftop so we may get some cool shots there. We were also planning on attending a friend of mines graduation party, but he has since canceled due to inclement weather. Also our first wedding anniversary is Monday so we may celebrate in some way this weekend. As always I’ll update you on how my weekend goes so you don’t feel left out.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to letting you know how my weekend turns out. Have a good one! 😉

CS50, Spirited Away, & Ancestry

Hey there! I’m a little later than normal but that just means I’ve been busy. In turn that should make for more blog content.

I would like to start from something I said yesterday. I was going to finish the problem set in CS50 and submit it for Week 1, and I did. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it because my programming skills are lacking in, well most areas. I did make my way through it and I got it all submitted. To my surprise I had my grade back this morning and I passed with flying colors. There was one part of the last greedy.c code that was hanging me up and it was all due to not understanding %. (modulus: The remainder of the first operand divided by the second) If you don’t understand that, neither do I so don’t feel bad. I did read up on it and I do understand it, but it is still hard to know when to use it and when to. As I said though I got 1.0 on all four of the submissions or 1.00*100=100%. I will take a breather and not try to kill myself by starting Week 2 until I review Week 1 again for good measure. I will keep you posted.

**Sorry I got pulled into a 30 minute meeting**

Having two monitors at work is really a blessing. It allows me to work and stream music o videos. Today I had my first anime experience with Spirited Away. IMDB.com has it at an 8.6, that’s pretty damn good. I had the option to watch Dubs or Subs, and chose Dubs because I wouldn’t always be able to dedicate all of my attention on reading the screen for two hours. I must say that I was very impressed with the movie, I just hope since that was the first one I have ever watched, that I didn’t set my expectations too high. If you haven’t seen the movie I would definitely recommend seeing it. It is about a 10 year old girl and her accidental journey to another world full of gods, witches, and spirits. She had to find a way to live there long enough to save her parents. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll stop right here.

My parents recently got and sent in DNA tests to ancestry.com, this intrigues me since my father is big into genealogy. I have done a few small level family trees in my life, but I’m thinking about doing a full on in depth one that could be kept and added to forever. My family found out a bunch of thing they already new, like my mom being Eastern European and my dad being Western European. They did find out a few more specifics that I won’t bother you with as well. I just want to let you know that this has sparked my interest again and I may be soon getting involved in large family tree. We have a large family reunion coming up next year it may be nice to at least have this started to show everyone. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

I am going to end it here today everyone, since I got pulled away one other time while trying to write this. It seems my late afternoon randomly decided to be my most busy time of day. I hope you all have a great rest of your Thursday and I’ll talk to you all again tomorrow.


The Flah & CS50

Afternoon all!

Last night, since my wife is done with her schooling for a week, we were able to watch the CW’s The Flash at its regular time. This is new to us, normally we would have to wait until Friday to catch up on all of our shows, which results in a binge watch all Friday evening. Sometimes that is OK, but other times it can be a real pain in the ass. So I will enjoy it for one single week. The Flash was very eye catching and fun at first, I couldn’t get enough. That has slowly faded to the point where I almost couldn’t care less if I saw it. Don’t get me wrong I still like it but it wouldn’t bother me if I stopped watching. It seems like they pull their story line out of thin air and just try and make it stick. We also watch Arrow with Stephen Amell, which we do still love even after a few seasons. They have done some crossover episodes that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss, and although they don’t change much of the story it is still nice to see where both shows are at during that crossover period. The Flash has great actors and a fairly in depth story line that borders on confusing due to its time travel and speed force variables. All around its a good show if you like super heroes, and don’t feel like watching a two hour long movie. Watching that show was about all we did last night since the Overwatch Beta ended and made me sad.

This morning, although slightly tired I was optimistic about the things I could accomplish today. A day or two prior I finished the lectures and walkthroughs for CS50’s Week 1 problem set. Today was the day that I could get my hands dirty a bit and try my hand at real C programming.  The first problem was to let people know the bottled water equivalent of how much water you would use in the shower with a low flow shower head. This was very straight forward and not hard to complete. This and the other exercises are more for syntax than actual problem solving. For this code you would be prompted for how many minutes you normally take a shower for. Next it would do a conversion and spit out the amount of water bottles you use to shower everyday. The next one tripped me up a bit, due to its syntax and not being able to read and interpret  code quite yet. With a little bit of research and guidance I was able to sort it out. This one was constructing a crude half pyramid from Super Mario World 1-1. First you had to ask the user for input on how tall it would be, next you had to use a For loop to build this thing. this is where I got all messed up. You have to nest a couple of these loops inside each other to figure out the rows columns and output. It still only ended up being about 40 lines of code but it was enough for me haha. At this point I took a break and decided to write this blog for today before I started the last problem, which is a “greedy” code for giving change. Meaning that you are given a certain amount of change to give back and you have to do that in the fewest coins possible. I thought it I got caught up with that I may forget to write today, and we don’t  want that. I hope to be able to finish it and fill out the Week 1 form, as well as submit my work today before I leave work. Wish me luck! XD

That’s about all for today, not much has been going on. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

Overwatch & Bit of IT

Good Tuesday afternoon everyone!

I have been a little slow and lazy today. That being said I have tried to counter act that by having three cups of coffee this morning. That seems to do the trick most times. You know your day isn’t going to be spectacular when you wake up to dried dog vomit on your bedroom floor. All you can do at that point is make the best of it and move past it

Before any of that though, last night I finally had some free time and downloaded the open beta of the new Overwatch game. It is only about a 7GB download and was free until today. Its main release date is on the 24th of this month. Like most other games it is going to be $60 to buy for now. I do have to say although I really do enjoy the game I don’t think I would buy it at that price point. There just doesn’t seem to be enough content, and I feel like it may lose its appeal too fast. Maybe that won’t be the case because like most other FPS (first person shooters) every game although the same, will have a different outcome. I would like to have this game but at the same point I don’t really have a disposable income. There are 21 characters to choose from, and they all fit into a certain category. You can have an attack based character that focuses on damage and mobility, a defender focused on damage while having less mobility and more hit points, a tank with a ton of hit points and decent damage and mobility, and lastly a support character with a focus on aiding the rest of the team. Each character has a unique set of skills, but they all follow a somewhat similar pattern. They all have an ultimate ability that needs to be charged to use, two abilities for that character specifically, a basic attack, and a melee attack. The game has a cartoonie “Team Fortress” feel to it, but it is very sharp looking. Each character has a backstory which lets you delve deeper in the the Overwatch world.

They have a few different game modes to chose from, to keep things interesting. There is somewhat of a convoy mode where one team tries to stop a convoy vehicle from reaching it’s destination, while the other team escorts the vehicle. Another mode is more about capturing points on the map by occupying a certain space on the map. This mode is played as a best of three, the first team to capture two points with the game. Lastly there is a hybrid mode which combines the previous two game modes. One team must defend a spot on the map, while the other team tries to take it. Once the other team takes control they have to then defend their convoy, while the other team tries to stop it. Each game mode is fast paced and fairly quick. I would say I didn’t have a game go longer than about 10 minutes. Overall I would want this game in my arsenal but I’m not dying to have it. It’s multiplayer so it would be best with a group of friends.

Changin’ gears! Once I got to work this morning and pounded a few cups of coffee, I started going through CS50’s Week 1 walkthroughs . This week is concentrated on learning basic C coding language, and I am feeling the pressure because I don’t have a programming background. I am confident though, because this is a course for anyone and everyone. It is all making sense and watching the lectures and shorts really do help a bunch. I still have a few more things to watch before I get my hands dirty, but I’ll keep you posted!

The reason I hadn’t finished my walkthroughs was that my co-worker, was setting up an Ubuntu server for his wife’s business and I wanted to help any way I could. So the rest of my morning was spent swapping any hardware we could to make this Dell Power Edge 840 run as smooth as we could. We currently have it all installed and mirrored. It is just going to be a simple file server so there isn’t much to it. I am about to head back over there and then finish my videos for CS50 so I’ll let you go for now and I’ll see you tomorrow.

“Keep Moving Forward!” – Meet the Robinson’s

Mother’s Day & Softball

Good Monday morning everyone!

Well as all good weekends do, it has gone by too fast. My wife and I were busy traveling and visiting with family over the weekend. The fun started Saturday with a trip to her hometown area. We stopped in to her dad’s house to see him, his long time girlfriend, and their new born baby. It was fun to catch up with them, as it always is, and find out what they have been up to. They have been super busy with a one month old baby boy. He has grown so much since we saw him a month ago. It is kinda weird and fun at the same time thinking that I kind of have a new baby brother in-law. Although we sadly won’t see him often, we will still be able to be a part of his life in some ways.

After we left her dad’s house we went down the road a little way, to her grandmother’s house where we met up with her grandparents, mother, uncle, sister, brother, and brother’s wife. They had a fairly large cookout planned for all of us. Again we caught up with everything life related while the food was being prepared. Most home made meals are amazing and this was no exception. We dined on BBQ ribs, grilled chicken breast, venison burgers, and Italian sausage. Of course we had sides and deserts that just comes with the territory. My wife’s brother and his wife are pregnant as well as my brother and his fiance, so we are going to have our fill of babies this year. We ourselves do not have any children yet and will be waiting until we have a house to raise a family in before we do so. After dinner my wife and I got her drone out to fly it over her grandfather’s farm land. We are still testing out the waters with it and how far it will go. We took it off from their backyard and flew it 330 feet up and 350+ feet out. It was getting to the point where you almost lost sight of the drone. Surprising to us, it was ready and willing to go farther, but we didn’t push it. The video was great and of course in great 720p quality. The drone battery is still being broken in so it loses charge fairly quickly. After about the fifth or sixth time it should hold a better charge. It was starting to get late in the day, and although we wanted to stay we had to say goodbye to everyone and head home.

That next morning (Mother’s Day) I had our regularly scheduled Sunday slow pitch softball league. My younger brother and I have been on the same team for about eight years with a good family friend and his family. We always have games on Mother’s Day so my mother has gotten used to it. She does like watching us play so I’m sure it’s not too much of a burden for her. Our games were at 9am and 11:30am, and it was a pretty cold morning. Our first game was against one of our rivals, it was a match up that we had every year and seems to always tilt towards the opposing team. They were up 11-0 in the second or third inning and most hope was lost early on. We managed to get the sticks out and glove it up in the perusing innings to come back and win the game in the bottom of the seventh by two runs. That helped us shake the out the cob webs. The next game was supposed to be an easy win, and of course when you say that you instantly underestimate the team you are about to play. This was indeed the case, as they hung with us most of the game. We did however lead the entire time, but not my the margin we would have like to. We did end up winning, but they did take us to the seventh inning, which since I didn’t mention before is the amount of innings we play in this league. The “Ten Run Rule” is in effect in the fifth inning. So with an opening weekend record of 2-0 we went home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother.

Since it was a little chilly and windy we decided to cook out but eat inside so no one was cold. My brother and his fiance were there and got my mother a couple tomato plants for her garden, and my wife and I got her a nice glass humming bird feeder to hand off her patio roof. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and watched some TV. It was a relaxed afternoon, in good company. Later that day my older brother came over and hung out for a bit. He just started a job working second shift, so it has been hard to see him. After he left and everything settled down I took to bed early because today I had to be at work early to train with a fellow employee on our data collection system. Today has been pretty jammed packed with work and this was about my only free time to get this in

I hope you all had a good weekend and a happy Mother’s Day. I look forward to chatting again!

Lazy Friday

What’s up?

It is a pretty lazy day all around. I woke up with an attitude to let if all roll off my back this morning. Not that anything was wrong, but rather nothing would get to me. Today I have just been rolling with the tide of the day.

Back to last night….The Dallas Stars hockey club too the fourth game in the series against the St. Louis Blues. That I can be happy about. They beat them with a score of 3-2 in overtime. This after a very disappointing game three, losing 6-1. Sometimes it is hard to catch those games since I don’t live anywhere near the team. I can usually find a live stream online and then life is good. I, like many others, prefer to go to a game but that is almost impossible for me unfortunately. I have always felt like I would have been good at hockey, but I never had it offered to me. Sometimes I think about how my life may have been different if I had played hockey over, say football. I feel like I would have been better at hockey and that maybe more doors would be opened for my future. Through football I received many concussions, which lead to me not playing ball in college. Though you certainly can get injuries and concussions in hockey I doubt I would have had enough to stop me from playing the sport.

*30 Minute Break Due to Loss of Interest*

Where was I? Today I started into the Week 1 lecture and walk through of the CS50 course. It is introducing C programming language and breaking down the parts of different code and comparing it to the Scratch blocks introduced in Week 0. I feel pretty overwhelmed since I don’t have much of a background in programming and the fact that I am my own motivation. I may be the type of guy to quit rather than push myself to finish something if it really is optional. I tend to not want stress that I don’t need. That being said I am putting pressure on myself to finish this course to say that I did and learn what I can, so that I may later be able to use it to further my career.

My younger brother has a Co-Ed slow pitch softball game tonight at our local set of fields. it starts at 6:30. The only thing is that Friday is normally reserved for my wife and I to catch up on watching the shows we miss when shes away at school. We watch “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and “Archer”. They respectively come out every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which just so happens to be the 3 days of the week my wife has/had night classes (side note: She just finished this semester and no longer has class those days). Either way I’m sure that I can bring the dog down to the fields and watch, all while getting our shows caught up as well.

Since my wife was brought up today I’ll let you know she will be finished with her Masters in August and we will be actively looking for a forever home. We would like to be moved as soon as possible, because we have been crashing at my parents house since my job had me relocate back to my home town. Rather than spend money on an apartment we didn’t care about I have been paying off student loans and saving for a down payment on a home. It is a struggle though sharing a kitchen and laundry room, but we are grateful for the opportunity to catch up a bit with our loans and try to get a head in any way possible.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll catch up with you Monday with anything that happens over the weekend.


Freemasonry & Prison Documentaries

I hope you are all doing well.

As I often do, I left out that I am indeed a Free and Accepted Mason. I joined towards the end of 2007 fresh out of high school. It has been a fairly large part of my family and hopefully will continue to be. In order to move on the the Shrine, you have to be a current  member of the Masons. As far back as I know my grandfather on my dads side is a member and was the Potentate of the Shrine in 2007. My father and uncle are also members, along with myself, my older brother, and soon to be my cousin. We are, or will all be members of the same lodge: Joseph Warren Lodge #726. They are a great group of guys, who make good men better.

Anyway, we had a stated meeting last night and also a first degree initiation. There isn’t much more about the actually process I can tell you, but every time we meet I think of the world and our place in it. About higher powers and how you really don’t know anything when it is all boiled down. I have always had a small dilemma when it comes to the Masons, in that you have to believe in a higher power. It doesn’t have to be any particular god, or even a god at all for that matter. I personally don’t believe in a god but the idea of a higher power intrigues me. It would be very hard for me to believe that we are it. The only things out there with the ability to learn , grow, and create. Again I don’t think any one god or power created or constructed the universe and everything in it, I’ll leave that to science, but I would have to assume that there is a higher power than just creatures of planet Earth. The Masonic rituals are heavily based in Christianity and that’s ok with me because they are open to any and all religions and non-religions alike. So long as you think there is a higher power out there somewhere, you’re good 🙂  Being based in the Christian faith it is weird, to me a non-believer, when part of our symbol is a capitol “G” for god, and having a few prayers during the meetings, but I tend to go with the flow and over look them for a higher purpose. We are there to make good men better and serve our community. If that means having some ties to a religion, I can deal with that. If there ever comes a time when someone tries to push their own views upon me and tries to force me to change, that will be the day I leave the organization. You also have to remember it is largely based in tradition, an old tradition, where scientific discoveries had yet to be made. Most of the traditions and rituals are now symbolic in nature only and done just because that was the way they were done hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Enough about that and on to boredom in the workplace! I had some down time today at work, as well as now when I am writing this. Normally I would have constant user requests to come fix their minor issues and PCs to set up to replace old machines, but today has been fairly slow. I came across a YouTube documentary on tough prison life. It was about a maximum security prison and life inside the walls. This particular video focused on an on going investigation of a internal drug ring and how they think a prison guard is aiding these criminals. I don’t know why a guard would risk their life and job to serve an inmate. Maybe he thought it would gain him some respect with the prisoners, or be a way of making some side cash? Both of those reasons seem like they wouldn’t be my first choice. I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing that our legal system has done and continues to do, but they sure can lock a person down and break their spirits. Now if only we could make sure that only true criminals get imprisoned. Anyway I’m not here to debate or push my view on anyone, it was just what I had randomly thought of while watching that video. I know one thing though, I will not be doing anything to put me in a situation where the end result would be me inside a prison cell!

That’s really it for today, not much going on. Enjoy your Thursday and push on into the weekend!

CS50 & Mopeds?

Hey all! I hope you are having a decent day.

You may remember that I started a venture into an online computer science class (CS50). It is an introduction class taught by instructors from Harvard University. It is offered online through edx.org. The neat thing about it, is that it can be done at your own pace (so long as you have the course completed by the end of the year). To me this is really appealing, since I generally have no driving force for furthering my education. After seven years of post-secondary school I am pretty burnt out. The other awesome thing is that there is no monetary commitment unless you want a certificate after you complete the course, and even then it’s only $90. you can’t beat that.

This course covers an array of topics in a 13 week time span. I will lay it out here:

  • Week 0
    • Binary. ASCII. Algorithms. Pseudocode. Source code. Compiler. Object code. Scratch. Statements. Boolean expressions. Conditions. Loops. Variables. Functions. Arrays. Threads. Events.
  • Week 1
    • Linux. C. Compiling. Libraries. Types. Standard output.
  • Week 2
    • Casting. Imprecision. Switches. Scope. Strings. Arrays. Cryptography.
  • Week 3
    • Command-line arguments. Searching. Sorting. Bubble sort. Selection sort. Insertion sort. O. Ω .Θ. Recursion. Merge Sort.
  • Week 4
    • Stack. Debugging. File I/O. Hexadecimal. Strings. Pointers. Dynamic memory allocation.
  • Week 5
    • Heap. Buffer overflow. Linked lists. Hash tables. Tries. Trees. Stacks. Queues.
  • Week 6
    • TCP/IP. HTTP.
  • Week7
    • HTML. CSS. PHP.
  • Week 8
    • MVC. SQL.
  • Week 9
    • JavaScript. Ajax.
  • Week 10
    • Security. Artificial intelligence.
  • Week 11
    • Artificial intelligence, continued.
  • Week 12
    • Exciting conclusion.

I have just finished week 0  and have to say it was fun and challenging in a good way. As I stated in a previous blog post, it really helps to have the instructors enjoy what they do for a living it makes a huge difference. If you have ever been interested in something like this check it out! They offer a ton of courses relating to a number of different areas.

As a person with thoughts as scattered as mine, we now must move on to the fact that I have found a moped that I am in the process of buying. I live in a small city and would love to have the experience of a bike mixed with the comfort of a couch. It is not my first time owning a bike, my first was a 2003 Suzuki Katana 600cc. It was fast as all hell and fun to ride. This next purchase will give me all the thrills I need and save me some cash in the long run. It is a 2008 Roketa Scooter 250cc, which should be able to hold speeds of 60-65mph no problem. It is a Chinese brand but it is a tier two type bike.

Let me tell you how this came about. I have been looking for a bike/scooter for a while now since I have to sell my other one, and what looks like a steal has fallen into my lap. Now it it looks to good to be true it usually is but so far everything has checked out. it is eight years old with about 7000 miles on it. The guy lives 2 hours from me and only wants $450 for it. He says it’s ready to ride and that I would be able to drive it home. He is in the process of getting it inspected for me and after that I just have to look at it and pick it up. He has been very straight forward about it and that it has a few scratches on the body from when he was learning to ride. If it has lasted him eight years I’m assuming that if I treat it with respect that I can get more than a few seasons out of it as well. I am hoping to go this weekend to pick it up if he got it inspected if not it will have to wait until the weekend of the 20th. If and when I do get it I will fix the scuffs on the body and give it a once over. I may even go as far as repainting the plastic body. It will become my daily driver for the rest of the summer and be garage kept the rest of the year.

Anywho…I seem to be rambling at this point and feel this post is getting too long. I will keep you posted as always.

Have a great Wednesday, we will chat soon.