I’m Back!

Hey Everyone!

I was off yesterday, and was busy on Wednesday. I was off yesterday in full to meet with an electrician for my dining room and I had a doctor appointment.

I was able pretend that Wednesday was a a bit like its own Friday, which was fun. I got to sleep in Thursday and hang out with my buddy! While my wife started work, we built a small fort.


We proceeded to play a game of hide and seek around it.

He went down for his nap around 10:30. This ended up being perfect, because the electrician came at about 10:45. He told me his hourly rate was $75 and that they would assess the situation for the first hour if needed and let me know from there what work would need to be done. He let me know that they could fix the two lights and that the rest could stay in the walls. So that will keep the cost down! 😀 I was expecting a bill in the thousands to replace it all and now I’ll be getting a bill in the hundreds to just fix the issues which is what I want.

Later that day I went to the doctor to discuss my bio screening. I have high cholesterol and blood pressure. She was the best doctor I have seen in a long time. She takes her time and explains things to you. She said to be more worried about my blood pressure than anything because if it stays high it will enlarge my heart and make it weaker sooner. I will be monitoring my BP at work with our nurse and relaying the results to her over the next couple weeks. She told me to stay off the caffeine and salt, as they are the worst for it.

Tomorrow is my moms birthday and we are going out to a nice dinner. My sister in-law is coming and staying the night as well. Our weekend will be again full of family and fun. I will see you all again on Monday with an update! Hope to see you then. 😀 😀


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