Around The Water Cooler!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the big tournament. We were allowed to wear our t-shirts to work today and keep it casual.

My department is a bit empty today. My two coworkers are off today. One will be off all week and the other is taking his first daughter to college today. I’m not sure how that makes people feel but I already don’t like thinking about it haha. It is just my boss and I here today, so hopefully nothing crazy happens, because I really don’t feel like doing much lol.

Does anyone have anything fun planned this weekend? Other than the softball tournament we way also be taking pictures of my brother’s family with their new baby. They were thinking about having some shots taken at a near by sunflower field.

Since this post is so short I’ll add some Firday memes:


I hope the rest of the day just goes right along nice and easy into the weekend. Enjoy your day and I’ll see you all again Monday!



3 thoughts on “Around The Water Cooler!”

  1. Lots of fun for me this weekend! Tonight is Game Night with friends, tomorrow I will be going to my sister’s house with a surprise for her, Sunday is the church picnic (all of these events include food/cooking, baking, etc). I’ve been cooking like an insane person trying to get everything ready. Monday and Tuesday (not the weekend) will be fairly “normal” workdays but on Wednesday we have a staff training day which includes–you guessed it more food and more cooking. We will have a carry in breakfast and then our lunches are being catered by a local deli restraurant.

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      1. All kinds of food! I spent most of Thursday night cooking, just so I could survive the weekend and be prepared for each event. LOL.

        Tonight I will be cooking quite a bit again, although not for a great reason this time. A friend passed away yesterday and I was asked to cook for the funeral dinner.


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