Hey Everyone!

Today has not been a great work day for me. Yesterday I restored a file for one of our Engineers, and today I was informed that we didn’t go back far enough. So I was tasked with going back a bit further. Seems simple right? Do what I did yesterday with an older back up. Well, I’ve tried that. Three times. Right now it is running a process that should only take about 6 minutes, and has been going now for over an hour….

My co-worker who normally does this stuff is off in Florida for the week. I am hesitant to do anything else, because I don’t know enough about the back up settings and don’t wanna screw anything up.

To make matters worse I just had another guy call me about a file he ‘lost’ and needed back. The kicker is that he doesn’t even know where it was saved. So talk about a wild goose chase. I’ll be 100% lucky to find that with the information I was given, then restoring it, which you now know hasn’t been going my way today. :/

In other news I have dropped Caffeine from my diet. It started, fully, Saturday. Sunday and Monday I had a decent headache, on top of my terrible back pain. Today I’m doing much better. My headache is gone, and I’m hoping to have less anxiety. So far things seem good. I’m not sure If we can have ‘Coffee Talk’ anymore though. It would just be a lie now haha. We will see.

Anyway, back to work for me. I have to try and sort some of this stuff out. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Roadblocks!”

  1. I’m also in the process of cutting caffeine (specifically Diet Coke) out of my diet. I found that cinnamon REALLY helps to combat the caffeine withdrawl headaches. Get some cinnamon flavored hard candy and use at the first inkling of a headache. Cinnamon flavored anything will work though–just don’t take plain cinnamon all by itself since that could stop your heart!


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