Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

I had every intention to post yesterday, I promise! You see, I ran into a bit of an issue with timing. I received a phone call early yesterday from my wife. She told me that she had trapped a mouse in our attic. The mouse was trapped under a Lego type toy bucket. Her plan was to leave it under there until I came home, 7 hours later…

I didn’t really think that was the best plan for the mouse or us. I left right when my lunch break started, and headed home. I was a nice husband and picked up an Iced Capp for my wife, and a couple of subs from Tim Horton’s. Once I got home I slid a thin cutting board under the bucket and took the mouse beyond our backyard and let it go in some brush.

We have a few traps set in the basement, and we got one the other day. I was hoping we were good, but that wasn’t the case apparently! I’ll keep the traps out for a while longer, as well as fill a couple small holes they may be trying to come in, near the foundation. Honestly I can’t find a real spot that they are coming in. The only reason, I think, it was in the attic was that the cat brought it up. I don’t really think they scaled the wall all the way up and found their way into the attic. I could be wrong but that’s my guess.

Anyway, I have realized that I have a ton of softball this next month! This weekend we have the end of season tournament for our Sunday league. Every Wednesday until the 18th we have practice for our company team. Next weekend I am pitching in a co-ed tournament. We may be entering our Sunday team into another one pitch tournament. Lastly, on the 18th we do have the huge Industrial Tournament (the one the practices are for) The ability that a couple of the teams I’m on have, may make it 4 + games each tournament. Most of which take place all in one day. For the next few weeks I’m a full blown softball man! haha 😀

I hope you have a great Friday and a great weekend! I’ll be back again Monday and hope to see you then! 😀 😀



3 thoughts on “Coffee Talk!”

  1. Mice are sneaky and can get in in ways you wouldn’t think about–until you see one. My Mom had to have some tile repaired in her yard because things were backing up into her washing machine. The yard had to be dug up for the repair but things were seemingly back to normal and the hole in the yard was filled in.

    One day as she was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer she noticed something in her machine. She reached in and grabbed it and it was a drowned mouse! Thinking that was bizarre, life went on.

    My Mom lived in that house over 40 years and NEVER had a mouse until the washing machine incident. We quickly learned that the one in the washing machine was not the only mouse. We eventually figured out that when the yard was dug up, a nest must have been disturbed and the mice found their way in through a pipe which came up into a disconnected shower in her basement (near the washing machine). The mice couldn’t get back out since the hole had been filled in so they came out into the house. I think she finally caught about 5 total. We put some steel wool in the shower drain and that seemed to stop the entries.

    Now…all of that to say this…I’ve had exactly one mouse in my house that I’m aware of and that happened after I transported a few boxes from my Mom’s house to mine. So I am thinking that’s how I got my mouse. If you have been transporting things you wouldn’t normally into your home that is also a possibility where you may have gotten your mouse as well.

    Just for the record, I’ve also had a bat and a bird!

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    1. They are sneaky, you are right! We haven’t seen one in days now, but still have traps set.

      It is funny you mention the bat and bird too. Before we moved into our house, we were on a tour of it and were being shown all of the rooms. We were on the second floor and opened a closet door to find a dead bird on the floor. We to this day have no idea how it got in and haven’t had one since. Weird! 😀

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