Hey Everyone!

It’s Thursday, we are most of the way through the week that is something to cheer about. Work is slow, I am bored.

My wife is home working her first day! That is exciting, I hope she is home loving what she is doing. Everett is at daycare for the rest of this week and next, so that she can learn the ropes. Earlier today she was setting up all the software on her PC. It can only get more stable from here.

I have been playing that House Flipper game way to much in my spare time. I may be addicted lol. I have only had it this week, I believe and already over 17 hours in the game. Which isn’t a ton for me but it is when I am always busy. In my prime gaming ‘mode’, through college, I was averaging 90+ hours of gaming every two weeks. So, yes more than a full time job.

Keeping it short and sweet today, because I am super scattered today!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning for some ‘Coffee Talk.’ Hope to see you then! 😀 😀


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