Laid To Rest!

Hey Everyone!

We can start with sad news first, so that hopefully we can end on a better note. In short my parents had to put down one of their dogs today. 😦 😦 His name was Dakota and he was a bit of a mutt. He was ten years old and we had him since he was a wee little baby. He and his brothers and sisters were left at my dad’s friends house. One night my dad and brother, I believe, went up there and came home with a puppy. I had already been off to college at that point but he quickly became a part of all of our lives. He was a weird dog, that isn’t an understatement. He was weird about only eating his food when my mom was around. He was weird in that he would never look you in the eye. At times he seemed a bit unstable, but in a house with four other pets, I can understand. He was happy, and loved going down to the creek, and out to our camp. He was excited to hop in the car and ride then laid down exhausted on the ride home. That’s how you know it was a good day. He was a good boy, and will be missed terribly.

What happened was, he quit eating. It was out of nowhere and weird, much like him, so my parents tried different food. they tried hard foods, and soft foods, and even people food. He wouldn’t even drink his water at times. :/ His condition seemed to stay the same, and they wanted some answers. I believe they took him to the vet on Monday. After running some tests, and taking some x-rays they determined that he had a tumor and that it was leaking blood into his abdomen. Wanting to know more they drove a ways and saw a more tech savvy vet. There were able to determine what we all feared most. He had a cancerous tumor on his liver and spleen, that was indeed leaking into his abdomen. 😦 Since he was losing that blood he became anemic, and since it is on his liver it is inoperable. There were told even if it was operable that it would cost around $6000 to do the surgery. This morning he was put down, and will be buried in the back yard of my parent’s house, probably beside our other two dogs.



Well now that I want to cry…Lets add a bit of humor to cheer things up! I heard today on the news that a squirrel in Alaska stole a cops donut lol. XD

My wife is still away today doing training for her new job. She will be home later this evening. She is very stressed and nervous about the change, since its a ‘no going back’ situation. We will be pulling Everett from daycare, and she is taking a pay cut to be home. If it doesn’t work out we are in some serious trouble. That is weighing on her pretty heavy today. I have the most amount of faith in her and her ability to grow and learn this new job, even if she doesn’t. I see what shes does every day, in and out, and there isn’t anything that she can’t handle! I hope she finds the path that she needs to and gets in the right mindset sooner than later, so she can thrive. I know she will do great work! 😀 😀

That is all for me today. I hope you have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you all back here again tomorrow! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Laid To Rest!”

  1. I am sooo sorry to hear about Dakota. I was a bit behind so not sure what the date was, but I lost one of my dogs on the 22nd. She was very old and it was just her time. 😦 They say misery loves company…so I definitely do get it. Never easy saying goodbye.

    I’m glad to hear that Dakota was loved and had a great life–as did my Maggie (a Border Collie).

    Your wife is going to do great at her job!


  2. Sorry to hear about your parents losing their beloved dog. I had a black lab (Maggie Anne) for 16 1/2 years and still miss her so much!


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