Not A Great Morning!

Hey Everyone!

So this morning took a turn at the worst possible time.

Everything was going well. We got up got ready, fed the animals, fed Everett and all was well. We got him dressed, and packed his lunch, then got him in his car seat and off we went. So far so good. He has been fussy eating lately and finally is eating. I got to his daycare and took him out of his car seat and he started throwing up. I mean on everything. He threw up on me, his bag, himself, the parking lot, everywhere. I believe it was just from the amount of food he ate, and that he isn’t sick. There is of course no real way to prove that.

I cleaned him up and changed his clothes in the parking lot and brought him in with just his food. I told the director that he threw up his food and that he wasn’t sick. In the process I handed him to her thinking nothing of it. She then told me that as a regulation that they aren’t able to keep kids for the day if they have thrown up. I knew this and at the time it slipped my mind. They have to treat everything as if it is contagious until proven otherwise. I understand that.

The situation is and was just frustrating to me. I was caught off guard with the situation and just didn’t know what to do. I was under a time constraint to get to work (if I even went), needed to change my clothes, and possibly find something to do with Everett for the day.  After she told me that I took Everett back from her and just walked out. I headed home to change and drop Everett off and called my mom, who was able to watch him today. Thankfully!

I made it to work just as the morning bell rang, and sat at my desk, taking my first real breath since this all transpired. I reflected on how I handled things at the daycare and wasn’t pleased with it. I wasn’t mean about anything, and I didn’t say anything that was rude, but I was short and just kinda left after she told me he couldn’t stay. I also normally gently push the door shut and today I just kinda flung it shut. Not trying to slam it but just being in a hurry. So not liking how that may have come off, I called the daycare back and talked to the director and told her I was sorry if I came off as rude in anyway, and that it was not my intention. She told me that she wasn’t trying to be mean or ruin my day either, which I knew, but it was nice to clear the air. The last thing I wanted was for her or anyone to think I was being rude. I believe that she understands that it was frustrating to be covered in vomit and then be told that he can’t be at daycare, and try to get to work all in the same 5 minutes lol.  I hope that she believed me and know that I was sincere.

The rest of my day hasn’t been great either. We finally got the UPS issue worked out yesterday and everything was great. Was. Today, totally unrelated their scale just “quit” working. It must have been hit or slammed on, because it no longer reads. They are now dead in the water for a complete different reason. We have a rep coming to fix it soon I hope.

That is all for me! Is it Friday yet? 😀 I will be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then. 😀 😀


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