Bring On The Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I’m looking toward the weekend already. I am over this work week. Not for any real reason, it has just been a slow week. I’m still not loving this UPS thing. They have pushed a piece of  software off to another department and are just running around. I’m not even mad I just want to get this project off my desk literally. 😀

Anyway, this weekend we have my company’s summer picnic. It is at a water park every year. They rent a pavilion and have food catered. We get passes for the park and water rides, and even play some Bingo! Last year Everett was only two months old, so he will hopefully enjoy himself better this year. We hope the weather stays nice because they are calling for some rain but it should be ok.

This is a short post for a short attention span. I’ll be back again tomorrow morning, for some coffee talk. I hope to see you then! 😀 😀



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