Sick Boy & Work From Home!

Hey Everyone!

Everett Has had a fever since we have been home, and didn’t go to daycare today. 😦 He was up a few times tonight and I am leaving work early today to relieve my wife. She has been working from home today and has an appointment later and can’t miss it. So I’ll be leaving soon. He is doing better, I think it is a mix from his vaccines and partly something from our trip. Maybe?!?

Speaking of working from home, my wife was offered a work from home position the other day. I think she is going to take the offer. That means she will be able to 1. work from home all the time and 2. keep Everett home as well. She would be somewhat of a manager that works with authors. She would be the middle man between the authors and their editors, and all others involved. I think it would be cool! In my opinion, I think she will open more doors for herself. She is stuck in here career with no real options for growth. If she does this she will technically have management experience and with that she can always take a position in most any business setting, with better hours. 😀

I have been setting up UPS pcs all day and that has taken everything from me. It is so tedious setting up pcs. I am very OK with heading out early haha.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀



10 thoughts on “Sick Boy & Work From Home!”

  1. Congrats to your wife on her new position. I think it’s a win-win.

    Hope your baby boy will feel better soon.

    I know you don’t want to move there, but I recently read that Vermont is looking for work from home people…not sure if you actually have to live there, but I think maybe the idea was trying to attract younger families to the state.

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    1. I really think she will like it once she gets in the swing of things. 😀

      I think Everett is going to break that fever today, fingers crossed!

      I would love a work from home position XD I’m pretty jealous of the opportunity my wife had haha. 😀

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