Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the last day at work until possibly the 4th or 5th of June! That is great haha.

My wife and I have been sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor, beside Everett’s crib for a past few days. We are trying to get him sleeping in his crib and so far it seems to be working ok. That being said we haven’t had the best sleep and with our trip now moments away it will be interesting to see how it all goes lol.

Last night I ran around like crazy trying to clean up the house a bit, so that we don’t come home to the mess that we left. We still had things from his birthday party laying around, dishes that needed to be done, as well as laundry. All things I don’t want to worry about the day we get back.

I was able to get most of my things packed, and a list together about other things I need to remember to grab before we head out. (charger, tooth brush, laptop, etc..) I’m not sure that my wife has anything packed… good news is that she is home early today and has plenty of time to get her things in order. Everett’s clothes are packed. His diapers are plenty. And we have to get ice for a cooler to keep his milk cold.

Tonight I have to mow the grass, and put everything in the car. This will be the real test! I will have to make sure that all of our things fit in a very tiny car, with enough room to fit all of us in the car. We even have to keep the back passenger seat open in case Everett get fussy and someone may have to sit there. So Tetris challenge accepted!

Here is her car: (Tiny)


We will be leaving around 5am tomorrow, and looking to drive 12+ hours. Wish us luck!

That is all for me! I’m signing off for a week! I’ll see you all again in early June! Cya πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




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