Evil Genius (2018)

Ok to start this one off I have to tell you this. This is true. This whole thing is based a couple hours from where I grew up. It is near where I went to college. I worked in this city for years while living there. It is absolutely insane that this occurred here. That being said they made a very good Netflix series out of it.


Title: Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

Director: Trey Borzillieri & Barbara Schroeder

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Rating: TV-MA

OK Lets jump in to this Netflix Special! This is a bit different for a few reasons. One of which was mentioned before. Another in that I’m going to rate the series as a whole, not the individual episodes. Lastly this is a TV Mini-Series, comprised of four episodes. Each episode is right around 48 minutes, making this whole series about 192 mins (3hr 20min) Trust me is isn’t boring. It has a TV-MA rating for good reason. The things discused and shown are, at times horrific. This is, as the title notes, the most diabolical bank heist that we have seen in America.


The story line is interesting. In 2003, in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania a man was seen robbing a bank with a bomb collar around his neck. He was following directions written on sheets of paper, like a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt would lead him to rob the bank, as well as find the keys to unlock the collar before it detonated. People in Hollywood can’t write this stuff! It is a truly interesting and disturbing series. Brian Wells, was the man with the collar bomb/hostage. He was a pizza delivery man, who delivered pizzas to a bizarre location, which set off the series of events that lead to his ultimate death.


The series covers all of the angles of the case from the perspective and mouths of the supects involved. You will see the perspective of the FBI agents, State Police, ATF, and local police and coroners. You will even see statements from the families. There is live video interviews with the people involved in the crime itself, all the way down to testimony from people in prison, and hookers that may play a bigger role than you think. The questions raised throughout are mind boggling. Who was involved, who wasn’t, who knew what? This series does have a very unexpected couple of twists towards the end.

I was very invested, because of how close it was to home. But don’t think I’m just hyping this up. At the time and through out the trials, this was national news. Nothing like this has ever happened before in this country. You may even remember this being on the news yourself.

The main narrator, Trey Borzillieri is also the main person contacting people, and conducting some interviews throughout the series. You won’t believe how deep he goes to uncover things that were never known before. He and his entire crew, did an outstanding job with this series. As much as I wished this never happened, you are left wanting more. You want more information, you want more answers, but the catch is that some of the details are, and will forever be, unknown…

In summary, this is the story of the Pizza Bomber Bank Heist. Anything that is known to this case in it’s entirety is brought up at some point in this documentary. I highly recommend watching this amazing series, as following the twists and turns of an Evil Genius!

That all being said I would personally give this series a 9.5/10





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