Coffee Talk (Incident)

Hey Everyone!

Good Morning. I hope you all have had a bit of caffeine already! 😀

I’d like to talk about what was going on around us last night. It was pretty scary, and had the potential to be more dangerous than it was.

My wife, small child, and I were just hanging out in our living room when she noticed that there was a Sheriff’s truck with its lights on no more than three houses up from us, across the street. At this point it could be anything, really, so we didn’t worry about it. Once this started going on we knew something else was up:


There were about 5 local police cars there, as well as the Sheriff, and an EMS vehicle. The officers and deputies were carrying their side arms, shotgun, and/or a semi-auto rifle. By the time that we went out to see what was going on the whole ordeal was over, as far as public safety is concerned.



You can see that the guy towards the left is in handcuff and was escorted to the hospital for an evaluation before heading else where. Thank you scanner app on my phone for those details haha.

We caught wind that what happened was the guy in handcuffs, is the son to the lady in the light gray house. He broke into her safe and was going to kill himself. I’m not sure who alerted the authorities, but they did it quick and nothing happened. There were teens next door who were told to seek shelter before things quieted down.

This brings up plenty of concerns for citizens in this area. I’m not going to get political in this post, about guns, at all, because that isn’t the cause of these events it is the reaction. The real matter with this incident is that he was not in the right state of mind, and clearly needed/needs some help. I really hope that he does get the help he needs in any capacity and that he can live a long healthier life than, quite possibly, his lowest point as of yesterday.

We are in a very quiet area, with not a ton of crime near us, but raising a family in a world that seems to be falling apart is scary and this was just a reminder of that.

I just wanted to highlight what went on yesterday, since this is a daily blog. I’m not really meaning to make any statements, but rather just reflect on an event that occurred very close to us last night.

I hope you all are having a great Friday, I know I am! I hope to see you all back again Monday. Have a great weekend! 😀 😀


2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk (Incident)”

  1. Odd that you would post this now since a few days ago we also had a very similar situation. The guy involved here was also handcuffed and taken for evaluation with no shots fired and no one hurt. The situation here was not in my neighborhood and I actually didn’t know anything about it (unusual in a small town) until it hit the front page of the newspaper here, complete with armed officers still trying to contain the situation and the man in question face down with one officer handcuffing him while the other one frisked him.


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