Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the last day at work until possibly the 4th or 5th of June! That is great haha.

My wife and I have been sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor, beside Everett’s crib for a past few days. We are trying to get him sleeping in his crib and so far it seems to be working ok. That being said we haven’t had the best sleep and with our trip now moments away it will be interesting to see how it all goes lol.

Last night I ran around like crazy trying to clean up the house a bit, so that we don’t come home to the mess that we left. We still had things from his birthday party laying around, dishes that needed to be done, as well as laundry. All things I don’t want to worry about the day we get back.

I was able to get most of my things packed, and a list together about other things I need to remember to grab before we head out. (charger, tooth brush, laptop, etc..) I’m not sure that my wife has anything packed… good news is that she is home early today and has plenty of time to get her things in order. Everett’s clothes are packed. His diapers are plenty. And we have to get ice for a cooler to keep his milk cold.

Tonight I have to mow the grass, and put everything in the car. This will be the real test! I will have to make sure that all of our things fit in a very tiny car, with enough room to fit all of us in the car. We even have to keep the back passenger seat open in case Everett get fussy and someone may have to sit there. So Tetris challenge accepted!

Here is her car: (Tiny)


We will be leaving around 5am tomorrow, and looking to drive 12+ hours. Wish us luck!

That is all for me! I’m signing off for a week! I’ll see you all again in early June! Cya 😀 😀




Panic Attack!

Hey Everyone!

We are nearing our trip and this morning I had a bit of a panic attack. I woke up around 5am and felt very anxious and nervous for next to no real reason. So for about an hour I was up alone trying to take my mind off of it all, all while still trying to figure out what would make me feel a bit better.

I was on medication during part of my high school career for anxiety and visited a great psychiatrist at least once a week. Of course being in high school and having any thing out of the ordinary is something you kind of try to hide, for fear of joke being made at your expense, and people looking at you differently. I was no exception! Most people didn’t know about it at all and I didn’t really ever tell any one. It wasn’t until I personally stopped taking my medicine and decided to use the techniques I had learned with the psychiatrist that I started not caring who found out. Of course, I was nearing a college age and could re-invent myself easily.

I have been off medication for over 12 years now and I have managed things pretty ok. I still have bouts like I did this morning that basically cripple me unless I can get out of that funk. I talk myself through things over and over and do the standard deep breathing and that tends to help quite a bit. I also love having a phone now (Which wasn’t a thing in highschool) that I can use to take my mind off of thoughts that keep trying to drag me back in. I tend to feel myself get a bit sweaty in the palms and hot, as well as terrible stomach cramps, that pretty much lock me in a bathroom. So it is pretty not great. It gets so bad sometimes that I get nervous about a place not having a bathroom, that in turn then makes me need one, and that cycle repeats itself until I can snap out of it. :/

Going on trips like the one we are taking are normally ok. My big fear in life is machines that I am not in control of. This is what trips me up quite a bit, and is the reason I hate planes, riding in cars, and elevators. It has evolved since I have gotten older to a control issue in general. I used to be able to just bug out somewhere with no plan and be 100% ok with dealing with what comes at me. Not so much anymore. It may have something to do with having a wife and a kid now too. I feel as if maybe I would be ok alone, but now I have other lives with me. Everything for me is now mostly planned out. This trip has been a bit of an exception.

I ended up having to book a hotel, because last minute my wife’s Uncle got some weird stand off-ish cold feet vibes. He has since offered to let us stay again…but with us leaving in two days we already had a hotel. :/ We will have to stop once on the way there and on the way back, and up until today I didn’t know where we would try to stay. I have since made a reservation haha. this all just stems from my breakdown this morning. I have the route printed out, even though we have it on our phones. All just little things to bring some more control to the trip. There will be plenty of unknowns when it comes to driving 1500 miles with a one year old baby haha.

As of right now, my lunch break, I’m feeling much better. I will have a great time and so with my little family. I know once we get on the road and feel like we have everything ready to go that it won’t be a problem at all. It is just the build up to the whole things that gets me. I let the stress of that, getting paid part way through the week, and having bills due while on vacation get to me a little bit too much. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me to cover all of those things anyway so it shouldn’t bother me too much.

I will ride out the little bit of this week that is left and be on the road in no time! That being said I will be off from the blog this whole next week, but may still have some pictures up on my Instagram, so feel free to check in on that if you would like to. I should be back again Monday the 4th, unless we get home crazy late.

That is it for me today! I will be back for a quick ‘Coffee Talk’ tomorrow morning and that will be that! I hope to see you then. 😀 😀


New Daycare!

Hey Everyone!

Today is our first day back at a somewhat normal routine. The last two days my mother in-law was at our house watching Everett. Today he started his new daycare! We were nervous just because we hope that he has a good experience.

I was maybe a minute late for work, but they don’t mind because they know I start work early all the time and work through my breaks, when I need to. I dropped him off and met some of the staff. They all seem very nice and I like that he will be in a room with other children his age, most of the day. I know including him there are 4 kids in the 1-2 age range. If they all stay at this daycare they will move through the other rooms together.

I made sure to tell them that he is eating using the baby led weaning technique. Which is that he eats real food in decent sizes, that he picks it up himself and puts it in his mouth. Learning theses skills also helps him with chewing and learning how to swallow better. He has been doing it for a few months and has really started swallowing quite a bit of the food that we give him. There are very few things that they don’t want you to feed them using this technique, so that is nice in the way that he can eat what we are eating.

At this new daycare they have a nap time, I’m not sure how good he will be with this right away. We generally see that he is tired and lay him down. We don’t force a nap on him, so we will see haha.

Like I have mentioned before, they are a 100% legal daycare which is very hard to find anymore. This is great, because the staff is trained and clearanced. We are able to claim the expense on our taxes each year, and they have limits on how many children they can have.

I really hope when I go pick him up that he had a great time. When I dropped him off he was very aware that he was in a new place. But he did stagger over to the one staff member before I left, and wasn’t fussy at all. He has his own little cubby for all of his stuff, they also drop notices and things in there for parents to pick up.

In other news I may be working with a local company in the near future on fixing up their network. I still have to call a few more people and get myself some physical access to the building. A person that works there reached out on an alumni Facebook group, looking for help and I responded so that is that. 😀 It would be after regular work hours and i would be getting compensated for my time, so if I can help out I gladly will. It would be nice to pick up some side jobs doing consulting and networking.

That is a bout it for me today. I hope you all have a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Hey Everyone!

Today is the day. My boy is one year old today! It has all happened so fast in our minds, when in reality it was a whole year haha. He has grown so much from the moment we first saw him!


He was the cutest little baby we have ever seen, partially because he was our own. But lets be honest, he’s a cutie!


He was small, but a healthy small. Everything about him did and still does light up our lives in a big way. We cannot imagine life without him. 😀

Cale (1 of 6)

It is hard to believe that he was created by the two of us. We often just stare at him in amazement and wonder. The fact that we have the ability to create human life is something that can’t be fully understood until, you yourself create it.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

There is no other feeling like it in the world. I’ve grown up knowing how and why people have children and that someday I too would want children of my own. There was never any real meaning or feeling behind those thoughts and words. I thought it was just something people did, because they were supposed to. It wasn’t until our baby boy was brought into this world that we started to realize the true impact he would have on our lives. I have never felt a bond or a closeness so strong before in my entire life!

To my son: Today at 5:20pm Everett Hugh you will be one year old exactly. Your mother and I love you very much and can’t wait to see all of the great things you do. We want to watch you grow, and learn all there is to learn, and see all there is to see. I’m sure we will be proud of the person you become. I’m sure there will be hard times, and things that we won’t see eye to eye on, but I hope you always know that we love you. We are not perfect, and for that I hope you can forgive us, but remember that we are only trying to do our best, to do what is best for you. We hope to raise you in a way that you can stand on your own two feet and take on the world armed with all of the tools you need to have a full and happy life.  We love you more than anything! ❤ ❤

My wife had an impromptu photo shoot with Everett a few days ago. I mentioned it in an earlier post I’m sure. So what better time to share them with all of you then on his first birthday! 😀 Please enjoy these amazing photos!









AND! My favorite…




Gosh I cannot get over this kid! (nor do I want to!)

Here is a link to my original post introducing Everett into this world: Here

I hope you all have enjoyed this little post. I am thankful everyday that you all stop by to see what is going on in our lives. 😀 I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then. 😀 😀

Birthday Party!

Hey Everyone!

So Friday…

No post. I was swamped Friday. Before I walked in the door to work, I had an email saying that one of our machines was down. It turns out that it was really down and I spent, literally, the whole work day at our other plant fixing that machine.

Onward! Friday after work I came home, mowed the grass, weeded the garden, set up a tent, and chairs. The big party was Saturday! Everett will be 1 year old tomorrow, how crazy is that?!? It is hard to believe. It seems very fast haha.

Saturday came and we woke up still getting everything ready. I got all of the decorations ready. I blew up helium balloons, and tied them to the tent posts and in the front yard. We hung up a couple banners that we made the night before:



Look at that painted fence! 😉

We had about 20 or so people there, consisting of family and friends.

Here is a nice family photo of us, once the sun came out. 😀


Everett is cheesin with his cousin Rory. (my brother’s daughter)


Everett received a swing from his great grandma, so he took it for a swing with his Grandpa Fred.


A couple of my wife’s best friends came down to hang out with us, which we appreciated. That was before the chaos of the party haha.



Here is my wife and her dad. It was nice that he was able to make it down to the party.


We ate some great food, and then opened some gifts. A few people contributed to Everett’s 529 college savings plan, which is amazing. I’m so glad they decided to help in that way. He got a few books, and plenty of outfits. His grandma got him a kiddie pool and some stuff for that too. Here he is holding his first pair of shades.


He looks pretty cool to me!


Who you lookin at?


Next up….cake! Patiently waiting..


Moments before, I lead “Happy Birthday” on my Ukulele. then the cake was there for the playing!


He slapped it apart. He loved squeezing it in his hands before smashing it into his face.


Overall it was a great day for the party, everyone that we thought would be there showed up. Happy Birthday to Everett!

Sunday was a little busy as well. Friday my cousin stopped by and asked if I could help him deliver his jeep axles to a garage. I had softball as well. Well, softball got pushed back two hours due to rain, so I could only play one game. We lost the game to a team we hate losing too but we will meet them again later in the season. I got work that the second game went much better and we beat them by the ten run rule.

I ran home and changed my clothes and had some left over party food before helping my cousin. He basically needed someone to help physically move the axles. They are pretty heavy. Everything went smoothly and we didn’t drop them on our feet haha.

That was my weekend! I hope you had a great one as well. I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! 😀 😀

New Hobby!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was our anniversary, and thank you for all of the kind words! We both know and understand that material items aren’t what creates/prolongs a relationship, but we like to do something a little extra for things like this.

My wife asked for a bike years ago so that we could go riding together. I was never able to get her one. Our life then got really hectic with moving and a family. I’m glad I could finally get her one! It is a nice new Trek, in a California Blue. It is a 13″ because she is a shorty haha.


She surprised me with a Ukulele, but not just any Uke! It was the Kala Waterman. You have most likely never heard of it, and that is ok. It is a plastic Uke, but not really a toy. It is totally see through, can take a beating, and best of all is water-resistant! I have wanted one since I knew they were a thing. 😀





It is great for camping our floating down the river, which I plan to do both this summer! 😀 It is a soprano size, so the smallest of the main sizes. It is the traditional size.I absolutely love it! It doesn’t sound like an amazing instrument, well because it isn’t meant to. It does hold a tune and is great to take with you.

So with my wife having a bike now, we can ride right? Well not exactly. What about our boy? We hit up the Wal-Mart and were able to find him an infant helmet that he modeled for us at home haha.





He isn’t exactly a fan but we did manage to get a few of him smiling haha. He just has to get used to it is all. He doesn’t like that he can’t just rip it of. We looked or a cradle seat for the back of my bike but they didn’t have one. We then hit up the local cycle shop and they didn’t either. They were however able to check for me and let me know what options I have. They should be calling me today and if the price is right I’ll be getting one. Theeennn, we can go for a ride! 😀

That is about all we did yesterday, besides watching Holes on HBO Now haha.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning! Hope to see you then. 😀 😀

3rd Wedding Anniversary! <3

Hey Everyone!

It is the middle of the week and it is also the third wedding anniversary for my wife and I! With Mother’s day, Everett’s birthday, and this all so close to each other it is a bit over whelming, but May it going to always be a busy month for us now. 😀

My wife Jordyn and I met in college, and started dating shortly after, in 2011. She would spend most days during the summer at my college home. Within the next semester we started living together in a house with 3 other people, her friends/sorority sisters. We hadn’t gotten sick of each other yet so we kept moving forward! We soon moved to a place on her grandfather’s land not too far away, where we lived for about 2 years. I was in and out of working multiple jobs, and then decided to go back to school during that time. She was finishing up her bachelors and starting her masters program. When I finished school I began to look for a job, which ultimately led us back to my hometown. This being about four years ago now. We lived with my parent’s in the upstairs of their house, with our dog and cat. My wife made this all work out by driving over an hour and a half a few days a week, to finish her masters program! We didn’t want to be apart for days on end. At this time we had been engaged and eventually got married May 16th, 2015. In November of 2016 we closed on our house and that is where were are currently. During that time is she had been pregnant for a few months, and had our baby boy soon after on May 22, 2017. Here we are a year later!

We have been through quite a lot, with school, friends, family, financial distractions,  distance,  and a child, but have come out better for it. Each day I believe that we are stronger as a couple, and hope that continues for many years. She is everything I have ever wanted in a partner, and more. I couldn’t imagine living a life without her or our fairly new little family. She supports me in too many ways to mention, all while being my very best friend. For that I thank her.


That is it for me today! I just wanted to give a shout out to my amazing wife today, and let you all in for a sneak peak of where we came from and how we got here. Thanks for reading! 😀 😀

Evil Genius (2018)

Ok to start this one off I have to tell you this. This is true. This whole thing is based a couple hours from where I grew up. It is near where I went to college. I worked in this city for years while living there. It is absolutely insane that this occurred here. That being said they made a very good Netflix series out of it.


Title: Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

Director: Trey Borzillieri & Barbara Schroeder

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Rating: TV-MA

OK Lets jump in to this Netflix Special! This is a bit different for a few reasons. One of which was mentioned before. Another in that I’m going to rate the series as a whole, not the individual episodes. Lastly this is a TV Mini-Series, comprised of four episodes. Each episode is right around 48 minutes, making this whole series about 192 mins (3hr 20min) Trust me is isn’t boring. It has a TV-MA rating for good reason. The things discused and shown are, at times horrific. This is, as the title notes, the most diabolical bank heist that we have seen in America.


The story line is interesting. In 2003, in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania a man was seen robbing a bank with a bomb collar around his neck. He was following directions written on sheets of paper, like a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt would lead him to rob the bank, as well as find the keys to unlock the collar before it detonated. People in Hollywood can’t write this stuff! It is a truly interesting and disturbing series. Brian Wells, was the man with the collar bomb/hostage. He was a pizza delivery man, who delivered pizzas to a bizarre location, which set off the series of events that lead to his ultimate death.


The series covers all of the angles of the case from the perspective and mouths of the supects involved. You will see the perspective of the FBI agents, State Police, ATF, and local police and coroners. You will even see statements from the families. There is live video interviews with the people involved in the crime itself, all the way down to testimony from people in prison, and hookers that may play a bigger role than you think. The questions raised throughout are mind boggling. Who was involved, who wasn’t, who knew what? This series does have a very unexpected couple of twists towards the end.

I was very invested, because of how close it was to home. But don’t think I’m just hyping this up. At the time and through out the trials, this was national news. Nothing like this has ever happened before in this country. You may even remember this being on the news yourself.

The main narrator, Trey Borzillieri is also the main person contacting people, and conducting some interviews throughout the series. You won’t believe how deep he goes to uncover things that were never known before. He and his entire crew, did an outstanding job with this series. As much as I wished this never happened, you are left wanting more. You want more information, you want more answers, but the catch is that some of the details are, and will forever be, unknown…

In summary, this is the story of the Pizza Bomber Bank Heist. Anything that is known to this case in it’s entirety is brought up at some point in this documentary. I highly recommend watching this amazing series, as following the twists and turns of an Evil Genius!

That all being said I would personally give this series a 9.5/10




Mother’s Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

Soo Happy, belated, Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there!

We had a rainy weekend, but we made the best out of it. Everett was waking up 5:30am so a bit earlier than normal and throwing us off a bit. Saturday morning was lazy, we watched some TV and what not, nothing crazy.

Later we drove a bit out of the way and went to a place with a few big green houses. We picked up a couple of hanging basket ferns for my wife and I grabbed a nice hanging flower basket for my mom. Of course it was raining but it was all ok.

We still had a few minutes before our reservation for dinner so we stopped at a TJ Maxx and Michael’s, where my wife picked up a some stuff for her mom and a few things for a project she wanted to do.

When the time came we headed over to the Fuji Steak House.


It is a Hibachi style restaurant. So we are big fans haha.


This was Everett’s first time at a place like this. He was having a good time.


He wouldn’t let go of that rubber from for anything though haha. The first time he lit the grill on fire he didn’t know what to thing. He was mesmerized by the guy cooking the food and all his tricks with the utensils.


I picked up a fruity girly drink while I was there too, but it was delicious haha.



Once we came home we just spent some time together and watch a movie or two. We also got word that our normally scheduled softball games were canceled due to the weather, so we decided to have breakfast Sunday. This was with my whole family. we normally can only do dinner because we have games during the day. So Sunday morning came and I had hung up her hanging baskets.


Around 8:30am we went to a local spot for a nice breakfast. My brothers and their families were there too. In total we had 8 people and 2 kids.

Afterwards we took some pictures outside of the restaurant.




The only person not in the photos was my dad, because he was the one taking the pictures haha. We then gave my mom her flowers.


It is a big pretty basket so it filled that trunk! After we headed to Lowes to get the rest of the stuff for my wife’s project. I spent the day at home, watching movies, hanging pictures in the hall and other little things. I made spaghetti for her for dinner to end the evening.

Overall it was a great weekend, despite the rain. I hope you all had a great weekend as well! I’ll be back tomorrow, and hope to see you then! 😀 😀

2 Year Anniversary! (Coffee Talk)

Hey Everyone!

We made it, Friday! It is here, finally!

I feel like this has been the most drawn out week I’ve had in a long time.

I have a few things to cover today.

I took last night off from outside work. It was kinda rainy and I just needed a quick break. I’ll be back at it after work today. My brother is going to drop off his Jeep after work. I’m going to take his doors off and hinges to paint them. He wants them painted in that bed liner that I painted my whole truck in. He has one of those 4 or 5 door Jeeps, so it’ll have about 10 hinges. I’m just going to set the doors in the garage and park it in there. I’ll lay the hinges on some cardboard and spray one side at a time.


It is Mother’s day weekend. I will celebrate with my wife and son Saturday. We are going to a restaurant of her choosing and getting some hanging baskets. While we are getting those baskets I’ll grab one for my mom. Sunday we will most likely have dinner with my mom and brothers.


Lastly, I will be celebrating 2 full years of blogging this Saturday as well!!! 2 Years, I never thought I would be doing this a week after I started to be honest. This is crazy to me. Lets see.

-After this post, I’ll have 474 published posts

-I have 514 wonderful followers, thank you all! 😀

-I’m receiving over 1,000 views per month

-I have been nominated for 5 separate blogging awards

-I have put out 13 review posts of Movies, Apps, Technology, and Gadgets

-Surprisingly enough, 13 posts of Current Events and News

These past two years have been amazing and you have all driven me to continue doing this. I’m glad that I can come on here and vent, rant, write about my everyday life. I have been able to document my son’s birth and growth. Most importantly you are all very kind and supportive, in your comments and advice. I have come to love blogging and never thought I would. Thank You! 😀 😀