I Started A Thing!

Hey Everyone!

It would appear that I kept my ‘Productive Weekend’ going strong yesterday. I stopped at my dad’s house after work and picked up his paint sprayer. I have never used one before and really wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing a good enough job. My intentions were to try a small area out of sight to test my skills. That happened to turn in to me painting the whole outside of my entire fence!

Here is the inside for comparison. It is just treated fence wood from Lowes that has been out in the elements for over a year.





The Red that is in the last picture was there previously so we did our best to color match that.

Here is the main spot in our driveway painted


By the gate


And going up the stairs (That is only there because my dog decided to jump the railing…


I also did the back behind my garage and across the back of my yard, until I ran into my backdoor neighbors bushes, and the front part facing the road on the other side. I would like to get the rest of the back pained but I’ll have to fight with their bushes like we did putting the fence in haha. I just like a complete job is all.

I would like to have the rest of it painted before Everett’s first birthday party. the hard part will be up there by the landing. I tried to cover the siding as best I could, but some the paint took off with the wind and speckled some of the siding a bit. I’ll have to see if a pressure washer will take it off. After all it is latex paint, who knows haha. I may hand paint the inside by the landing to avoid that entirely, it will just take quite a bit longer.

That is all the excitement from yesterday, it is raining today so I won’t be able to get back at this for a while. It will be eating away at me for sure. I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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