Guess What I Have?!?

Hey Everyone!

The title, and image says it all. I’m going to keep this very short. I have a migraine and it hurts to look at my screen or have my lights on. I’m not even sure why I’m at work right now since I can’t really bring myself to do anything.

Over the weekend we had a swim class, went to the cabin, and had a game night.

Here we can see Everett having a great time being caught in the act.


We insulated some of the ceiling at the cabin and cut the bottoms. they are all uneven and now they are just a bit less uneven haha. This image is the side cut and the front uncut.


Here is a shot of the front before being cut.


And finally the whole bottom cut. We are going to make stairs and possibly a porch later on. We wanted it cut higher so that the wind would blow through and not allow critters to stay under.


We raked all the leaves in front and around the campfire. We all now know what needs to be done the rest of the summer to finish this bad boy up.

We had a late Saturday and played Trivial Pursuit until about 11pm. We couldn’t finish the game because we apparently aren’t smart enough to finish the game haha. That’s it for me I’m going to try and sit here with my eyes shut and try to still pretend to work the rest of the day. Wish me luck! haha

😀 😀


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