Junk Drawer Post!

Hey Everyone!

This will be a ‘junk drawer post’ because it just kind of covers a number of things.

It has been a busy Thursday, that is for sure. I had a nice little break at lunch, because we had another retirement luncheon. Everything and everyone is a little more relaxed and the time restrictions on the break itself are too. The company understands that everyone is still gong to get the same amount of work done so they don’t enforce it super hard on those days.

As I type this I was just informed that I have a PC shipment here that now needs my attention. I will be setting another couple up like normal for this month.

This weekend is shaping up to be somewhat busy again, but without the long travel. I believe that Everett has a swim class Saturday that I like looking forward to. My cousin wants to have a game night sometime this weekend. Lastly we are going to head back out to camp. I think we have insulation for the ceiling, ends to cut along the bottom, and we may even get the wood stove in place (or at least the hole cut). It’ll be a great feeling to finally get that thing built.

My wife and are are paying down some debt with our refund check and putting the rest into some sort of savings for future projects or emergencies. I feel like that is the most responsible thing we can do with it. Makes me feel good to have a clean slate, even if it will only be for a short time haha. Speaking about money, Everett’s 529 plan for college savings is on a steady rise.


At some point, when I make more money, I would like to increase the amount I put in to it each pay check. I would also like to do that with my 401K, but the same thing applies. For now I am doing what I can and that is what counts.

With us, I believe staying where we are for now, we will be looking to continue fixing and improving our current house. I would like to paint our treated fence, replace the cracked spackling above the stairs, and finish the garage to my liking.  A huge thing, I don’t think will happen for a long time, would be to refinish the wood floors in the second floor. We basically live there though and it would be hard to have everything moved. Who knows, we will just have to wait and see.

That is all for me today. I hope you are having a great Thursday, and I will see you tomorrow! 😀 😀



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