Weird News Wednesday!

Hey Everyone!

Lets try this haha.

One student was credited with saving a squirrel’s life thanks to the hit show “The Office.”


There is a scene in one episode where they brought in a CPR trainer, to try and teach the people of the office, well CPR. She was using the stereotypical “Stayin Alive” song we all know and love haha. Natalie Belsito, a Central Michigan University student, saw the squirrel drowning in a pond. She saw it being slow to move and saw its head dipping under the water frequently. With the help of another person she was able to get the squirrel out of the pond. It is then that she noticed that it wasn’t breathing! She admitted to not really knowing CPR, but did remember the episode from “The Office.” She was quoted saying “I was literally signing that song as I tried to do it.”

Once the squirrel was breathing again she nursed it back to health in her room. Once she thought it was ready to be released that is exactly what she did. She, along with her group of friends, released it back into the wild campus! haha. Her twitter video captured it all.

In even more amazing news the Actor, Robin Lynch, who played Rose (the CPR Trainer) on “The Office” caught wind of this and Tweeted out to her. She congratulated her on saving the life of the squirrel. How amazing is that?


There, that is some nice pick me up news for ya! I hope this post has brightened your day, I know it brightened mine. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I’ll be back again tomorrow, I hope to see you then! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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