Successful Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

We had another very successful weekend visiting family. We traveled a bit and visit my wife’s dad and his family.

Before we left, my parents also came back from an early weekend trip to see Tim Tebow play in the AA league! They sat right behind first base and their dugout. It is always neat to see someone in action that was once at the top level of any sport. If you didn’t know he was a great college QB (football) and was drafted by the Denver Broncos where he on;y had a small impact. He is now playing baseball and enjoying that. Here he can be seen stretching out that hamstring haha.


We went shopping first to find outfits for that photo shoot we are doing later in May. Once we were done with that we met at her dad’s house. Here you can see that Everett is very interested in what his Uncle Remi is doing on the cell phone.



We attempted to get a couple family pictures, but the weather was not cooperating. It was freesing cold and starting to sleet. That combo with two small children was a no go. We tried it, but it really didn’t work haha.

Once we ditched that idea we sat down for some homemade dinner. It was great! We had a nice Cesar salad with a baked pasta dish. Here you can see Everett trying to eat food or the big fork haha.


We finished Saturday up with my wife getting highlights in her hair, compliments of her mother in-law.We stayed up later than we should have and didn’t get to bed until about midnight. Which may not see like a lot, but when your average bed time has become 9pm you are really draggin ass the next morning haha.

Sunday morning came all to quickly, and our boy can testify to that haha. Even though he did sleep for a while we was still tired, and fell a sleep on me and his grandpa.


Once we got up and had some breakfast and coffee we all got our hair cut. Literally everyone except the hair dresser herself got their hair cut lol.

So here is Everett sporting his new do! Gah he is handsome..


We hung out at the house most of the day and once it got nice out we headed to the porch. It was one of those days where it feels good to be in the sun and the breeze was just a nice way to keep the balance.


After we left we stopped to get some ice cream for the ride home and off we went.

Once we were home and mostly unpacked I got a strong urge to do stuff. Don’t ask me why! I got all the yard stuff out and cut the grass, ran the weed whacker, and blew away the clippings. I then started to hand paint some of the hard to reach areas of our fence, and then shop-vac’s up the leaves on our patio. It was a lot to do in a short time, but all is well that ends well.

Today I am back at work and getting in the swing of things.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀


Holy Moly!

Hey Everyone!

Holy Crap!

I absolutely meant to have a post out yesterday, but I got hammered with stuff to do. Like really hammered. We have our annual profit sharing meeting today at 10:15am, so it only makes sense that all of the presenters haven’t finished their presentation… I was running back and fourth from our main building to our recreation hall, helping four different people with different aspects of their presentation. lol. One guy wasn’t done with his PowerPoint. One guy couldn’t get his videos to play. Another guy was using the wrong slide format. The President of the company didn’t know how to get his .gif the right way and wanted the screen to be bigger haha. It was a mess. So needless to say I was too busy to do anything during or after lunch.

In the morning while all was well, I was able to automate our list of PCs in the building a bit. I set up macros to retire old PCs with a click of a button. I also set up a button that brings up a form to add a PC to the active list, and then organized the workbook to look nicer. That part was fun.

Heck even this morning I have been hit with a curve ball! I walked into the building and was immediately called by one of the guys in accounting. His PC wouldn’t boot up and would flash a red LED. Doh! That means it was seeing an error on his mother board. This could be nothing, or it could be awful haha. Thankfully with a little tweak here and there I got it working again but that was scary for a Friday morning.

So I’m hoping the rest of my day just breezes by once we have our meeting. Most people just leave work after since they won’t get much done anyway. So it should be fairly quiet. Fingers crossed.

We will be traveling, yet again this weekend to go spend the weekend with my wife’s dad and his family. He is only 50 something, but has been diagnosed with Alzheimers :/ shitty I know. So he has been slowly losing it since I’ve known him. It has been getting worse by the day and progressing faster now, so we want to be sure to spend some time with him, as we don’t normally get to. Everett, and possibly myself, will get our hair cut by his wife. We both desperately need a trim. there son is only 2 or so years old so he will be fun to chase around as well. It’ll be a good weekend. Then it will be back to painting that fence of mine!

That is all for me this morning. I hope you all have had a less stressful couple days than I have! I’ll see you all again Monday (The last day in April) 😀 😀

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Title: Atomic Blonde Atomic-Blonde-2017-movie-poster

Director: David Leitch

Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller

Rating: R

Leads: Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, John Goodman

I know it has been a while since I did a review, so bare with me!

I can’t believe this movie slipped under my radar. I really hadn’t even heard of it until a co-worker of mine brought it up. Maybe I was just missing it, or maybe it wasn’t as hyped up as some others.

Lets start off with some specifics. This movie is 115 minutes in duration, which I think is a nice length for movies of this nature, coming in at just under two hours. It is rated R for I can only assume, vulgar language, violence, and nudity. (All the things I love in a movie) This movie has a few more ‘big’ stars than you would initially think. You clearly see the leads, but if you look a bit closer you see names like Toby Jones, Eddie Marsan, and Bill Skarsgard. This movie is listed in the genres above in that order, but I would re-arrange them. I think I would put action last. If you are looking for your typical action movie this isn’t it.


Lets dive in, shall we? I felt pretty good about this movie going into it. Badass women in movies have burst onto the scene and I for one love it! Seeing that Charlize Theron was playing a double agent by the name of Lorraine got me hooked.  The main story line is set in 1989, a year after I was born, Berlin Germany. This would put us in the Cold War era. Lorraine (Theron) is working as an agent with MI6 and tasked with figuring out who murdered another agent and recover a list containing all the known double agents. Without spoiling anything I really can’t go into much more plot detail.

Like I stated earlier I was really looking forward to this movie, but in some spots, for me, it fell flat. In a movie like this, that has  multiple lines going on at the same time, you have to somewhat clearly have something defined to let people know. In this movie in particular they were constantly going from East to West Germany, due to the Berlin Wall. Most of the movie, except for a literal couple times, did they let you know what side they were on. I spent far too much time trying to figure that out while also trying to enjoy the movie. To me that is a bit of a negative. I get that the movie is in a mystery genre, but the East/West current location doesn’t play much of a part in the story line.

In the same regard, if you are someone like me, you may be confused in general, if you aren’t familiar with the Cold War, and the split German country. That can be kind of hard to follow. You are constantly seeing agents from USA, UK, Russia, and France throughout the movie and it can be hard to follow it. I know this does play into some of the mystery of the story, so this isn’t the worst thing going on, but it is worth mentioning.

One thing I loved about the movie is its sound track. This movie did a great job following the 80’s stereotypes, when it comes to the music, cars, and fashion. I applaud them on that. You can hear artists like, Queen, Depeche Mode, George Michael, David Bowie, The Clash, and more. Some cars that make appearances are an 89 Audi V8, 91 BMW 5 Touring, and a very sleek 89 Porsche 911 Carrera.


The other thing that I found pretty great about this movie were the fight scenes. There are about 5 pretty great fight scenes throughout the whole movie. This is also why I don’t think the action genre fits too well. There are no explosions and super fast car chases and other things you would find in a true action movie. There are only a few great fight scenes that really give this movie any real action. But let me tell you! They are some damn good fight scenes. Lorraine is a true badass.


This movie has plenty of curve balls and will keep you thinking long after it is over.

In summary this was a lot of fun to watch. It was casted well in most cases. There is a very real mystery about this movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the very end. Like most movies it had it’s short comings, but kind of , for me, made up for them in other aspects.

This all being said I would recommend giving this movie a watch! I would personally give this movie a 7.5/10






I Started A Thing!

Hey Everyone!

It would appear that I kept my ‘Productive Weekend’ going strong yesterday. I stopped at my dad’s house after work and picked up his paint sprayer. I have never used one before and really wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing a good enough job. My intentions were to try a small area out of sight to test my skills. That happened to turn in to me painting the whole outside of my entire fence!

Here is the inside for comparison. It is just treated fence wood from Lowes that has been out in the elements for over a year.





The Red that is in the last picture was there previously so we did our best to color match that.

Here is the main spot in our driveway painted


By the gate


And going up the stairs (That is only there because my dog decided to jump the railing…


I also did the back behind my garage and across the back of my yard, until I ran into my backdoor neighbors bushes, and the front part facing the road on the other side. I would like to get the rest of the back pained but I’ll have to fight with their bushes like we did putting the fence in haha. I just like a complete job is all.

I would like to have the rest of it painted before Everett’s first birthday party. the hard part will be up there by the landing. I tried to cover the siding as best I could, but some the paint took off with the wind and speckled some of the siding a bit. I’ll have to see if a pressure washer will take it off. After all it is latex paint, who knows haha. I may hand paint the inside by the landing to avoid that entirely, it will just take quite a bit longer.

That is all the excitement from yesterday, it is raining today so I won’t be able to get back at this for a while. It will be eating away at me for sure. I hope you enjoyed this little post, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀

Productive Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This weekend, in my opinion was great! I had a real blast. Saturday I waited until about 11am, when the weather was starting to get nice and decided to tackle the garage project. I desperately wanted to get this looking better. As you may recall I bought 8 sheets of plywood from Lowes and was just waiting for a decent day. Here are two before pictures from the left and right sides respectively.



I was able to use all 8 sheets with some leftovers that just didn’t fit anywhere, so I was right on when guessing how much I would need. It took me about 7 solid hours to get it all done by myself. Let me tell you, it isn’t fun lifting an 8 foot long sheet of plywood 4 feet alone, while climbing a step ladder. It was rewarding to see it all up though. (and organized)




There were a few hard spots when I had quite a few cutouts and some difficulty trying not to pinch the wires for the garage door, but over all I’m very satisfied.

Everett and my wife came out to see me a couple times and see the progress, but he was trying to eat rocks, sooooo he went back inside haha.

Sunday I was going to keep the ball rolling. I wanted to go get paint for the fence and start it. That was quickly changed as I got word that we were going to have some hitting practice for softball this summer. I still wanted to get paint so I headed back to Lowes and got 5 gallons of close matching paint. I brought a piece that was the color I wanted and they tried a color match. It turned out a little more brown than red, but it is pretty close.

I got home just in time to turn around and go hit some balls. For the next two hours I got in some much needed practice, and got all the kinks out. Hopefully I’ll be ready for the opening season tourny on the 5th and 6th.

Since I had been doing a bunch of stuff on my own, we decided to go take some pictures of Everett with mommy, to get some much needed quality time with my family. We headed to a  local park and I took some pictures of the two of them. They aren’t edited so I don’t have any to show you, but I do have a couple cell phone pictures behind the scenes haha.



On the way home I was driving behind this guy and this really neat car. I have seen it around town quite a bit and made my wife get a picture. If you look in the top left of this picture you can see it was a nice day.


If you weren’t aware my little boy hit the 11 month old mark Sunday as well. He is a growing boy now. We also saw the first sign of a real tooth on Sunday too!! It looked like a piece of food on his gum and upon further inspection it was a real tooth! I’m not sure we are ready for our boy to have a toothy smile haha.




That is all from me today. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I did! 😀 😀

Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Welcome, on this fine Friday. It is chilly here with a decent amount of sun.

May car is in the shop today getting a tune up/oil change/tire rotation. Things are going fairly well.

I’m feeling good about the day. I’m going to take it easy and let things that come at me roll off my back.

This weekend will hopefully be the same way. I just got a text from my brother asking if we could go work on the cabin Saturday, so if it is nice out maybe I can take the family out too. I do hope to start work on the garage this weekend at some point as well. I have saw horses now so I can take the wood outside and cut it. It would make the whole process more enjoyable.

So what are you all doing on your weekend? I hope whatever it is, you have some fun with it! Even if it is a slow weekend in the house.

That’s it for me. I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀


Thursday Happenings

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was a roller coaster for our family, but we are doing much better now. We didn’t get the best sleep last night but I think that is due to Everett’s weird sleep the whole day prior.

Today at work I was finally approved to order the shipping upgrades. I was told to order everything this next Tuesday, so that’s what I’ll do. 😀 I just can’t wait for this to all be over haha. It is quite a bit of equipment that should come all at once. Then it is going to sit in my office for a while until they are ready to be deployed. I know the guys in the shop can’t wait to get some new stuff so I’ll have to hurry it along when I can.

I’m hoping that this weekend we can just relax at home. We have had a few busy weekends and are ready to have one off. I hope the weather stays decent enough so that I can start working on my garage. I bought the plywood I needed a few days ago, but now I just need the good weather.

I’m going to keep this one short so I can go look into a few issues people are having right after lunch. I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning, if I can remember to get a post out haha. 😀 😀

One Day Surgery!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I came into work and realized that the sinus pressure building in my head was stopping me from doing anything at work. I left work at around 10am and took myself to the walk in clinic. They got me hooked up with an antibiotic and,  honestly I fee much better even after three doses.

Last night was a little tough, because we knew in the morning that Everett was getting tubes in his ears. If anyone doesn’t know what they are or what they do I’ll tell ya! They are literal tubes that are inserted in the ear drum to allow fluid to drain properly, and not build up and cause infections. For babies like Everett, must be put to sleep for a few minutes since they move a lot and don’t listen, so that is the freaky part. So my wife and I had a restless night thinking about things that could go wrong.

This morning we got up around 5:50am and had to get him there by 6:30am. So it was an early start. They checked him over and then had us get him ready in his little gown. He was tired and not sure what was going on.


After a little while they gave him the pre-op medicine that made him loopy, which was kind of funny after it kicked in. You can tell he was getting goofy.


His head was getting heavy and he was getting sleepy again. The doctors and anesthesiologist came out ad talked us through everything.


Here is a short video of Everett just feeling the loopy juice.

They took him back, which was hard for us, because we didn’t have control over what was going to happen for the next 10 minutes. We sat in the waiting room and tried to stay as calm as we could. When they were done we were called in to talk with the doctor and go over how everything went. He let us know everything went perfectly and that we could go see him in post-op. He was still coming out of the anesthesia, so he was floaty and not sure what to think. So he was crying and not happy. We were able to feed him before we left, since he hadn’t eaten in 12 hours.


By the time we got him in the car he was asleep. I hope when we comes out of his nap that he is feeling a ton better.


I am clearly back at work and trying to play catch up from the last two days.

That is it for me today! I hope you are having a great Wednesday, and I’ll see you all back tomorrow! 😀 😀

Guess What I Have?!?

Hey Everyone!

The title, and image says it all. I’m going to keep this very short. I have a migraine and it hurts to look at my screen or have my lights on. I’m not even sure why I’m at work right now since I can’t really bring myself to do anything.

Over the weekend we had a swim class, went to the cabin, and had a game night.

Here we can see Everett having a great time being caught in the act.


We insulated some of the ceiling at the cabin and cut the bottoms. they are all uneven and now they are just a bit less uneven haha. This image is the side cut and the front uncut.


Here is a shot of the front before being cut.


And finally the whole bottom cut. We are going to make stairs and possibly a porch later on. We wanted it cut higher so that the wind would blow through and not allow critters to stay under.


We raked all the leaves in front and around the campfire. We all now know what needs to be done the rest of the summer to finish this bad boy up.

We had a late Saturday and played Trivial Pursuit until about 11pm. We couldn’t finish the game because we apparently aren’t smart enough to finish the game haha. That’s it for me I’m going to try and sit here with my eyes shut and try to still pretend to work the rest of the day. Wish me luck! haha

😀 😀

Short Friday!

Hey Everyone!

We made it! Friday is here.

This morning was a little different than usual. We had a short meeting scheduled with our ear nose throat doctor, for Everett’s tubes. He is getting them Wednesday, and my wife is a little nervous. This meeting was just that, a way to get a face to face with the doctor doing the work. He was able to explain the procedure and answer any of the questions that we had. Everything went well.

Sadly I had to come in to work after haha. I have been playing catch up most of the morning on the routine things I do each day. It is super nice out today, I may suggest that we go for a walk later. It has been in the 30s still here, until today. We are supposed to get up to about 70, which is a huge change! I’m not complaining though.

I’m keeping it short today and this is it haha. Nothing crazy has been going on and I already let you in on the weekend. I hope you all have a great weekend yourselves and I hope to see you back Monday! 😀 😀