Sick Boy, Website, & 401K!

Hey Everyone!

Update on the little man. He has, yest another, ear infection. We were told that this one was separate from the last one he just had. He is back on another form of antibiotic. He seems ok with it, at least he isn’t throwing it up instantly like the last one. They checked him for the flu again by jamming that pipe cleaner up his nose, he hates that. It came back negative so that is a plus. They also ran a blood test, just to make sure everything looked like it should, and it did. We have an appointment on the 29th for him to see the local ENT doctor. He most likely will get tubes now. It was a late night with him being at the doctors for two solid hours, but we are glad to have some answers. We kept him home yesterday, and he is home with his grandma again today. He still have a fever of around 100 degrees, so we want to see that go down.

In other news I am helping my wife get her photography media in order. She has been wanting to really make a go at this as a business, and hasn’t been able to get it all started alone. Her online presence is hit or miss, and not everything is on the same page, figuratively. I am working on making her a free website, for now, and going to seamlessly connect her Instagram and Facebook with it all.  It is tough but fun as a project. I’m not in webdesign, but with website builders, once you get the hang of it you can do some cool things. We don’t have the money to buy another domain yet, but when we do we will upgrade that. It will really depend on what we want to host on the site vs. what we want to just link out.  I’ll share it with you all when it is done, whenever that will be haha.

I have a 401K review meeting today at 2:40pm. They come every year to evaluate and let us ask questions about retirement, and yes I’m far from it haha. I have a pretty good thing going with it and just want to make sure I’m still in a good spot. I may ask them about what would happen if I were to leave the company, since that might actually happen. I want to know if I can still use the one I have or if I would have to roll it over. I know my current company won’t put into it but I want to see if I have to keep it stand alone or not.

Right after this I’ll call my loan providers again. I went to do it yesterday and the nor’easter, had their office shutdown! My luck right? haha. I’ll try again until I get them.

That is all for me today. I’ll see you all again tomorrow for “Coffee Talk” 😀 😀


4 thoughts on “Sick Boy, Website, & 401K!”

  1. I feel bad when little kid gets sick. I’ll keep sending good wishes to your little boy.
    I think 401K is non-transferable because it’s the company benefit to encourage employees to work long term. Unless you work for the county, state, or fed, the benefit may be transferable. It doesn’t hurt to check.

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    1. I do too, they look so miserable and can’t really tell you what is going on. 😦 Thank you for the well wishes!

      Our reps from Fidelity told me that where ever I go that 401K will follow. He assured me that it was my money and not owned in any part by our company. There is however a vested balance and if I would leave the company before my first 5 years I would lose the vested balance. It is all very confusing to me haha.

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      1. I understand that the company may offer anywhere from 3% or more (the CA schools 8%), then the employees could invested the same % or more. What you put in is your (before tax $). If you leave before 5 years, I wonder if you just take what you put in and transfer to a new company or you could take the total of the company benefit and your contribution? You may ask that specific question to clarify. My husband has 401K, but he didn’t work in any hospital for more than 5 years. He might forget what happened, he is retired now


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