Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

It is 7:38am and it is snowing like crazy here. I should have gone and shoveled my sidewalk before coming into work, but too late for that now. Those kids walking to the bus stops will just have to manage. If they were on top of their game, they will have boots haha. I do feel bad though when I neglect getting it done on days that it needs it. :/

I was watching the news late yesterday and early this morning and kept hearing about that bridge collapse. How horrible is that? I heard that Marco Rubio was saying, that it wasn’t the construction itself that caused it, but rather the workers tightening the cables that were a bit loose. That instantly makes me wonder why, if that was possibly going to bring the bridge down for any reason, that they would have still had it open to the public, and allow traffic to go underneath it? I just feel like it all could have been avoided. I’m all for advances in technology trust me, but you have to be safe about it.

March Madness is well on its way and I have seen two real upsets so far. I like seeing upsets, because I want everyone’s brackets to get messed up. haha. I think it is funny when you hear people freaking out about it lol. I like the under dog aspect too. Some of those teams haven’t been to the tournament ever before, some have been, but in turn have never won a game. It is nice to see a few small teams beat a team they ‘shouldn’t’. The first upset I saw was that Loyola (a team you haven;t heard of) a #11 team beat Miami, The U, #6! It was only by 2 points or one basket but hey! A win is a win. The second one is closer in proximity to me. Buffalo (Out of NY) a #13 team beat Arizona an #4 team. This one really shocked me! I heard all over the news that Arizona could have the man power to beat some of the top tier teams and make it far in the tournament. Now they are out in the first round to a #13 team! Crazy. They won 89-68, it wasn’t even close!

I’ll be watching the tournament a bit more tonight in that home theater. I’ll be sure to get a couple pictures for ya.

That is all for me, stay safe out there! I’ll see you all again Monday! 😀 😀


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