Now Who Is Busy?!?

Hey Everyone!

It has been a slow two days here. Work has been slow going, which means a lot of sitting around. I have been able to improve on some documentation for my boss, which is nice. We should be having our yearly reviews this month, so fingers crossed I am still doing well in his eyes. With any luck I can find out about a raise or what I can do to get one. With the pinch we are in money wise, any thing would be a nice break. Everett is young now and doesn’t need much, but when he gets a bit older everything will cost something, and right now we can’t afford anything else. I hope to be able to move to the next level here in a couple of years when my boss retires, that should come with a nice pay increase. Anyway, doing some visible work is always a plus. So much of what I do is behind the scenes that we become a department overlooked in many ways. We are/should be one of the most valued and I know we don’t get what we deserve. It can be tough to deal with.

This next Monday we are going live with our new Pick, Pack, & Ship project. We have new label printers installed…….(Noon)

(2:48PM)Scratch that thought because it is gone. You will now notice that this post is a bit late. I have just been running around crazy trying to work on some port issues we encountered. So this day just got a whole lot more busy than previously stated. haha. We haven’t got it all sorted but I wanted to finish this off. This day will fly by now.

I hope you have a great Tuesday, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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