Letter From Abel!

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday was pretty awesome! After work I picked Everett up from his baby sitter and then picked up my wife at home. We went straight over to another daycare facility, to meet with the owners. We thought they were still running out of their home as well, which is ok, but they recently purchased a building for a legitimate daycare. We met the owner and her husband who run the show together. They have separate rooms for each age group, trained and clearances staff, a clean environment, plenty of state regulated safety measures. As well as a fenced in play area, and a walking path. To top it all off it ends up being cheaper per month then where we have him going now. the only down side is that we can’t switch him until he is 1 year old. This means he will have to wait until May 22nd before he can go there, they don’t have any openings for infants until 2019! The good news is that we have all the paper work filled out and they are willing to hold his spot for May for $50. That is a steal, so we are going to do that tonight as we head out of town for the weekend.

By the time we were done there we were starving and not feeling like cooking dinner. We stopped across the street and got food from DQ. 🙂 After we got home I checked the mail like I do everyday. To my surprise I got a piece of mail from Children International. I was hoping that it was some response from my sponsor child, and it was! I received my first letter written by Abel, the others were from his mom and a CI worker, on his behalf. I also got four pictures of him holding the items that I bought for his family.


Abel turned 10 years old on January 9th of this year and I wanted to get him something for that. In my letter I let him know that the soccer ball and Fanta were his gifts for Christmas and his birthday! The other stuff is for cooking in his home. It is mealie meal, sugar, cooking oil, and rice. He is looking good and seems happy, that’s all I can ask for. I hope he gets a ton of use out of that soccer ball. He likes sports, jacks, and playing with his friends so it should be perfect.

Today on the other hand hasn’t gone so well. :/ I came in early to cover my boss, who is off for the weekend. We have a system in place that grabs a ton of information and compiles complex workflow procedures, and it got unplugged yesterday. It was never properly brought back up, so it never ran what it needed to last night. So since I got here early I tried to re-run it, noticing that it didn’t run. Little did I know that the instructions that I had for that sort of even were incomplete. So, everything I tried still didn’t work and we had a mess this morning. It is just annoying for me to feel like something like that is my fault, even though it really isn’t. I still feel responsible and I don’t like that sort of thing. So I have tried moving past it, but have run into a snag on my other project as well. This isn’t turning out to be a great Friday so far. Good news is that it is Friday and soon I will be able to get the heck out of here for a while! haha.

Like I stated before, even thought the weather has turned on us,we are going back this weekend to talk about the house and tax stuff, and spend some time with my wife’s family. We hope to get a lot accomplished and have a relaxing weekend at the same time. I could really go for a glass of her grandfathers homemade wine right about now! 😀

That is all for me today, I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll see you again Monday! 😀 😀


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