Motivated & Busy Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I made it to work today! I really wasn’t sure if I would. I was debating about sending my boss that e-mail at 9pm saying that I wouldn’t be there. I decided to take some NyQuil and sleep on it. I woke up again still feeling crappy but I didn’t have a sore throat or anything so it didn’t get worse. I figured I’d give it another shot. So, here I am.

I actually got really motivated after I got home last night. I didn’t take any pictures because I was still really out of it, but I weeded my flower beds. Well, some of them. I have a bunch, so I was only able to do the front yard ones that people will see. I noticed that I had some flowers already poking up and figured if I don’t clean these up now it will be harder to do later. I grabbed my rake, gloves and hedge trimmers and took two car loads of yard scrap to my parents house. I dumped it all over the bank by the creek. It was a bit windy and only about 45 degrees but it was sunny and it felt good to be outside for a bit. It probably didn’t help my sinus issue any haha, but It boosted my moral. ๐Ÿ˜€ It will be nice to see the flowers and things again, after a long winter.

My head is still pounding and my nose is still running like a leaky faucet. I hope I am able to get over whatever this is before the weekend. I have plenty of things going on that I don’t want to miss. If Everett is feeling better, which he should be, he will have his first swim class. We have a baby shower Saturday as well. After that we are going to celebrate Easter with my wife’s family. On Easter we are going out to my one aunt’s house for a large family lunch. We have been doing it for years, and it gets us out and about.

That is about all for me today, I hope you all have a great day. I’ll see you again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Donation, House, & Family!

Hey Everyone!

I’m not feeling great so I’m going to keep this one real short.

Over the weekend my wife and I decided to downsize a little bit. We went through our closets and drawers and got rid of a ton of clothes, shoes, ties, etc. I was able to get four full garbage bags of stuff from my clothing alone. When we were done we took the items to the Salvation Army drop off site up the road. I like the feeling of less clutter and not letting the material good have such a hold on me. I also love the idea of someone else having the opportunity to get real use out of the things I was no longer using.


Sunday we went back to my wife’s grandparent’s house to meet with a guy from the township about the land he would like to give to us. It was a simple meeting, nothing really important, but what would come next is having the land surveyed and deeded over to us. That is when things get real and money gets involved. We are still waiting on the final costs and to see if we get approved but it looks like things are heading in a good direction. Of course, that leaves us both scared of what will come if we move forward but anything worth doing will have some risk involved I suppose.

On the way back we got a call from my parents saying that they were visiting my aunt, who just happened to live in between our drive home. She was celebrating with family for for 86th birthday. This is the same place where we had our large family reunion. She recently lost her husband and see,s to be doing well. Everett got to meet his cousin Olive ,who is pictured on my aunt’s lap, for the first time. It was fun catching up with some family.


This morning I woke up very stuffy and not feeling the best. I know it is just sinus issues that are making me feel like I’m swimming in my own head but it does make it hard to concentrate haha. I’m going to try my best not to get sick, and stick it out.

That is all for me, I hope you had a great weekend, and I’ll see you tomorrow! (Unless I do in fact get sick haha) ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Feel Good News!

Hey Everyone!

It is about 7:38am and I’m tired! We slept in the living room last night for ease-ability. With Everett not feeling well, for some reason, he sleeps better down there. I was stuck on the love seat, which isn’t exactly large enough to allow me any room at all. But, here I am and that isn’t going to stop me from getting stuff done today! ๐Ÿ˜€

I found a couple positive news stories that you probably didn’t hear about. This most likely because our mainstream media, of any kind, tend not to cover feel good stories all too often.

If you live in South Carolina you may have hear of this one. A 9 year old boy named Malachi Coffey is credited with saving a mans life. Allen Clemmons was working on his car when the car slid off the jacks and on top of him. He was pinned under the car for an hour. He was having trouble breathing and about to give up all hope. He gave out one more yell, before he called it quits, since he was in his backyard and not in a driveway or anything. After his last yell Clemmons saw Malachi running towards him. Clemmons did the best he could to instruct Malachi on how to get the jack back under the car and back off of the ground. He was able to get the car lifted high enough that Clemmons could escape. From here he was flown to a nearby hospital, where they found he had 6 broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. Clemmons told the media: “I don’t think I would have survived another 30 minutes, it was getting really hard to breathe. He is truly my guardian angel.” Here is a picture of Malachi and his mother:


Now wouldn’t you want to hear more things like that in the news? I would love to wake up and see this instead of who got shot where, and whether or not we are going to war with N. Korea haha.

This next one just really makes you think about how much goes on around us that we don’t really notice. A married couple, living in China recently discovered that they were once in the same photo decades before! While sitting down and going through his wife’s photo album to decided who their children resembled more, he instantly recognized himself in one of the photos! Apparently they were both by the seaside of Qingdao at the same moment. He was there because his mother had appendicitis and wasn’t able to go, so he took her place. She was only there because her mother just had an operation and wanted to visit the city to relax. He is quoted saying: “When I saw the photo, I was taken by surprised and I got goosebumps all over my body… that was my pose for taking photos. I also took a photo, it was the same posture, just from a different angle.”


Here you can see her picture with him in the background, as well as his picture from a different angle. Incredible! Neither one of them knew at the time that they just walked past their future partner. Again, it makes you wonder what you have missed, without even knowing it.

I hope those two feel good stories have brightened your morning! I’ll see you all again Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Sick Boy, Website, & 401K!

Hey Everyone!

Update on the little man. He has, yest another, ear infection. We were told that this one was separate from the last one he just had. He is back on another form of antibiotic. He seems ok with it, at least he isn’t throwing it up instantly like the last one. They checked him for the flu again by jamming that pipe cleaner up his nose, he hates that. It came back negative so that is a plus. They also ran a blood test, just to make sure everything looked like it should, and it did. We have an appointment on the 29th for him to see the local ENT doctor. He most likely will get tubes now. It was a late night with him being at the doctors for two solid hours, but we are glad to have some answers. We kept him home yesterday, and he is home with his grandma again today. He still have a fever of around 100 degrees, so we want to see that go down.

In other news I am helping my wife get her photography media in order. She has been wanting to really make a go at this as a business, and hasn’t been able to get it all started alone. Her online presence is hit or miss, and not everything is on the same page, figuratively. I am working on making her a free website, for now, and going to seamlessly connect her Instagram and Facebook with it all.ย  It is tough but fun as a project. I’m not in webdesign, but with website builders, once you get the hang of it you can do some cool things. We don’t have the money to buy another domain yet, but when we do we will upgrade that. It will really depend on what we want to host on the site vs. what we want to just link out.ย  I’ll share it with you all when it is done, whenever that will be haha.

I have a 401K review meeting today at 2:40pm. They come every year to evaluate and let us ask questions about retirement, and yes I’m far from it haha. I have a pretty good thing going with it and just want to make sure I’m still in a good spot. I may ask them about what would happen if I were to leave the company, since that might actually happen. I want to know if I can still use the one I have or if I would have to roll it over. I know my current company won’t put into it but I want to see if I have to keep it stand alone or not.

Right after this I’ll call my loan providers again. I went to do it yesterday and the nor’easter, had their office shutdown! My luck right? haha. I’ll try again until I get them.

That is all for me today. I’ll see you all again tomorrow for “Coffee Talk” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Hey Everyone!

It is hump day and pay day for me! I like getting paid, as do most people. I have been very busy today at work, and with my co-worker leaving to go on his annual golf trip I will be flying solo for the rest of the week. I have a full plate of things to work on and with any luck that will make the rest of the week fly by.

I have been thinking about calling my student loan companies and seeing if I get on an income based plan, if it may lower my payments. I have been making level payments for the past few years and it is pinching me pretty hard. If I can save a few hundred dollars a month that will only help my savings and or car buying process. They are a pain in the ass to call and talk to.ย  I’m not sure why all service people are terrible to talk to. Awful.

Everett kept us up literally all night last night. He had a fever and was coughing and thrashing around all night. We really got about an hour of sleep. At one point we fed him to see if that would help and he threw it all back up on me and the bed. It was just a really rough night. My wife kept him home today and we have an appointment after work to get him checked out. We both hate seeing him sick like this. Otherwise he is just as happy as ever, but since he has been like this he is more cuddly, so that my wife likes haha.

Another thing about work today is that I get my yearly review. I’m nervous, for really no reason. I think right after this I’ll get called into my boss’ office and get reviewed. A couple of weeks ago we had to compile a list of projects that we worked on or completed so he has that for reference. He will then bring up his review with his higher ups and that will determine where we fall for our profit sharing bonus and whether or not we get any raises. Let me tell you, I could really use a raise.

I forgot to mention anything about spring yesterday. I thought to myself why is that? I determined that since it was about 30 degrees outside and whipping wind, that it didn’t really feel like spring, so it just passed right through my mind haha.

That is all I have for you all today, I’ll be back again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Lazy Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

Today has been very relaxed, this could be because Everett was up coughing most of the night. :/ That isn’t ideal. I have been taking it easy today, because I’m a bit tired. I find myself just zoning out haha. People probably walk past my office and think I’m losing it.

My mom signed Everett up for a mommy and me ‘swim’ class on Saturdays. He was on a wait list, but I guess we are off of it now and expected to go haha. I think it is a great idea. I loved swimming as a kid and now we can get him acclimated to the water at a young age. The kids can go with parents, grandparents, whoever really. If we can’t make it one week that is fine too, so there is no pressure to do anything that doesn’t work for us. There are a few people that do it, my sister in-law included, who do it. We will see how it goes this coming Saturday.

We have not yet heard anything about our pre-approval for the house. I would have expected to hear from them already, I might have to call the bank lady. We would like to know as soon as possible to start getting things in order. I’m pretty nervous and excited about all of it. The more I eventually know the better I will feel.

There isn’t anything else I can think of to update you all on, so I guess I’ll end this here. I don’t know if my brain is working at 100% today haha. You know what I mean.

I’ll see you all tomorrow! Have a great day. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Gender Reveal & Playground! (Pics & Vids)

Hey Everyone!

We had a pretty exciting weekend, with a lot going on. I’m proud to say that I took pictures and videos of all of it. Go me! Saturday morning my wife’s went out of town with friends and I took Everett to my brother and sister in-law’s gender reveal. They were announcing the gender of their second child, they already have one girl. It was out at a hunting camp in the woods. Here is Everett holding a pink balloon, I guess we know what his guess was! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Sorry it is a little blury but he was on the move)


Everett and his cousin Rory played on the floor while we waited for everyone else to arrive and eat.


Here is my brother holding Everett.


This one is a funny comparison. Everett, Rory and Pepper the 2 year old Great Dane haha ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ (Both of their Great Danes were there but I only caught the one)


On to the more exciting stuff! Here is the box my brother made to reveal the gender. Inside of this box was Tannerite, and on top of the Tannerite was a bag of colored powder. My brother’s goal was to shoot the Tannerite through the box and have it explode the color all over the place. (For those of you unaware of what Tannerite is you will soon find out.)


Here is the video I took. ( I set my phone on a chair and backed up haha, I wasn’t that close) (SOUND ON)

By now you know they are having another girl haha. Here are a few pictures I took after the reveal.




We set Rory up on the stump, she’s a cutie!


We finished the afternoon up there and had a relaxing evening at home, once my wife was back.

Sunday started like any other, lazy and sleepy. I was trying to get a few games in, before Everett woke from his nap but that didn’t last too long.


My wife had him downstairs after that and she sent me this picture haha, that hairdo! ๐Ÿ˜€



It was nearing 3:30pm and we were experiencing some cabin fever, so we decided to take a walk. It was about 43 degrees F, but the sun was shining.


We were going to walk our normal distance, but liked being out in the fresh air after being cooped up all winter. We took Everett, and our dog, about a mile down the road to the local playground. This was his first time at a play ground. He was able to enjoy his first time on a swing. ๐Ÿ˜€


This, of course, followed by his first time on a slide! ๐Ÿ˜€


He did enjoy both, but wasn’t sure what was going on at first. We had successfully had a play date at the playground!


About half way home again the poor little guy was all tuckerd out!


We stopped and saw my parents on the way home, since they live a city block away from us, and headed home. We had some home made burgers and beans for dinner and watched a little March Madness before going to bed. Overall it was a very pleasant weekend. We can’t wait to get outside with him more now that he is a little bigger.

That is all for me, I’ll see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

It is 7:38am and it is snowing like crazy here. I should have gone and shoveled my sidewalk before coming into work, but too late for that now. Those kids walking to the bus stops will just have to manage. If they were on top of their game, they will have boots haha. I do feel bad though when I neglect getting it done on days that it needs it. :/

I was watching the news late yesterday and early this morning and kept hearing about that bridge collapse. How horrible is that? I heard that Marco Rubio was saying, that it wasn’t the construction itself that caused it, but rather the workers tightening the cables that were a bit loose. That instantly makes me wonder why, if that was possibly going to bring the bridge down for any reason, that they would have still had it open to the public, and allow traffic to go underneath it? I just feel like it all could have been avoided. I’m all for advances in technology trust me, but you have to be safe about it.

March Madness is well on its way and I have seen two real upsets so far. I like seeing upsets, because I want everyone’s brackets to get messed up. haha. I think it is funny when you hear people freaking out about it lol. I like the under dog aspect too. Some of those teams haven’t been to the tournament ever before, some have been, but in turn have never won a game. It is nice to see a few small teams beat a team they ‘shouldn’t’. The first upset I saw was that Loyola (a team you haven;t heard of) a #11 team beat Miami, The U, #6! It was only by 2 points or one basket but hey! A win is a win. The second one is closer in proximity to me. Buffalo (Out of NY) a #13 team beat Arizona an #4 team. This one really shocked me! I heard all over the news that Arizona could have the man power to beat some of the top tier teams and make it far in the tournament. Now they are out in the first round to a #13 team! Crazy. They won 89-68, it wasn’t even close!

I’ll be watching the tournament a bit more tonight in that home theater. I’ll be sure to get a couple pictures for ya.

That is all for me, stay safe out there! I’ll see you all again Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Pixel Art App Review!

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to do a quick review ofย  a phone app that is keeping me sane lately haha. It is called “Pixel Art” created by Easybrain. It has a 4.8 out of 5 rating and has over 10 million downloads. If you like the review and wat to try it you can get it on the google Play Store: Here! and the Apple Store: Here!

Lets begin! This is a literal paint by number app. For someone like me it is nice to have a ‘game’ to play that isn’t competitive. When I get stressed or need something to do I can open this app and get lost in the process. They upload new art everyday.

The app is free with paid features. You can get it for free and unlock other pieces to paint, if you want to. I haven’t done that because there are soo many other options that you really don’t need to if you don’t want to. With this app being mostly free there are a couple ads that run, but nothing overbearing. I have been using this app for a while now and it hasn’t ever gotten to the point where they have bothered me.

Lets get into the app itself. When you load it up you see this simple start page.


From there are are greeted with a lonnnng list of pictures that you can paint. You will notice some have locks in the top right corner. This means that you have to pay to get access to that picture. You will also notice some of the pictures have a 3-D icon at the top left. That is an image that you will rotate and paint all sides. They are a bit tougher to manage, but still fun.


Again you can scroll through a ton of images. On the bottom you will see that you were in the library. Once you tap the ‘My Works you can see your partial and completed images. You can see some of mine below.


Some are crazy detailed and others are simple. They really have something for everyone. When you tap an image and start you will see it like this. 4

You tap the number you want to use and tap the small square that also has that number. Real simple. You will need to use two fingers to zoom in and out to see better and keep it manageable. 5

When you complete an image you can apply a filter. I don’t think any of them look great, but you might. 6


Another thing I haven’t worried about much are the ‘Create’ option. you can create an image with a video or a picture. It is really neat I just haven’t done it. The ‘More’ tab just has some basic settings an a quick walk through of how to use the app.

I think the rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars is very appropriate. For anyone looking for some quick, and easy fun this might be the app for you!

I hope you enjoyed the review, and I’ll be back tomorrow for “Coffee Talk” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Basketball & SBSK!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a nice Wednesday! My work day is half over, in turn my week is half over as well. We are now on the downhill slide to the weekend.

I don’t really have much going on today, and I’ll take it after the day I had yesterday haha. Things have been much better. I didn’t fall all over the place and my heel is feeling better. I’m much more adjusted to the time change, coffee helps! ๐Ÿ˜€

I was just informed that we were invited to my dad’s friend’s house to watch some March Madness games on Friday. He has a home theater that he made in his basement. It is really cool. He has a spot for concessions just outside the main room. There are about 6 really comfortable recliners and a big ol’ screen. We get invited over there for some big games in most any sport. We went and watched a few movies there when he just finished it.ย  I’m not even sure who is playing, but it’ll just be fun to be there.

Since I really don’t have much more to talk about today I’ll share a YouTube channel with you. I found this channel the other day and have watched most of the videos. I’m still a little torn with the guy in charge of it, I don’t know why, but the messages are nice. It is called “Special Books by Special Kids”, you can click the name for a link to the channel.

Here is the about section of his channel.

My name is Chris. I used to be a teacher but now travel the world to interview humans with a diagnosis with the hope of spreading kindness and empathy. This vlog started as a Facebook page in a special education classroom with interviews of my students. It soon evolved into interviews with people of all conditions and ages from around the ๐ŸŒŽ. I soon realized that the individuals I feature deserve longer more in-depth content. So here we are on YouTube. SBSK is now officially a 501c3 nonprofit. 100% of the ad revenue generated from this channel goes to the nonprofit so we can continue to make these videos. We also use these funds to provide grants for neurodiverse families in need. Thanks for your support.

They are short videos shedding some, much needed, light on mental and physical disabilities. It is a nice platform for these children and adults to get their voices heard. If you have a few minutes stop over and check it out. Some are sad and others are inspirational.

That is all for me today. I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€