House, Dog, & Crib!

Hey Everyone!

I’m not sure if I said anything about this before, but my wife had that opening conversation with her grandfather. It went very well, and I think he is open to the idea of building a house and letting us buy it from him. He told my wife that he was going to the bank this week and was going to look into it. We will be going back this Saturday, I believe, to give him our stuff for taxes and we will have a conversation in depth. With any luck we can start on this right away. We have a friend that will do our basement for a very decent price, and I have a few feelers out for contractors, if we go with building rather than modular. If this all works out most of my life dreams would be complete. I grew up thinking, in my head, that I would have a house away from others, land at my disposal, a forever home, with a family. This would check the rest of what I don’t have right off of that list. The hardest part would be having to leave my job. I love my job and have a very stable job. I have huge potential to move up here and one day possibly become the Director of IT. The people here are great, as well as the company as a whole. We are in the midst of big updates and upgrades here, as well as one lady in our department retiring. So this will be shit timing, but if it has to happen it has to happen.  :/ More on that when I know more!

My mom stayed home with Everett yesterday because our baby sitter called us and told us she was sick. It is safe to say they had a good time.


On a different note, our dog decided to pee in our house a few times yesterday, as well. My mom let me know that there was some blood in her urine, which led us to believe that she had a UTI and we were right. After I got home from the dentist (clean report by the way) I had to get a urine sample from her which was…interesting haha. Take it to the vet and get it tested. With the antibiotic and all it was $50 for everything. Not what I wanted to do but had to be done.

Last night we decided to give Everett the crib life experience. He has been crawling, backwards only. And liked to back himself right out of his crib.



He was in his own room and we finally got to use his nice baby monitor. He didn’t want to go to sleep at all. He was exploring his new bed and getting stuck haha.



He made it most of the night. In the wee hours of the morning my wife got him and brought him in bed with us. He was fussing, and was probably freaking out because he wasn’t used to waking up in that room. I would consider it a success. We will try again tonight. I may have to lower the mattress one more level.

That is about all from me today, I hope you are having a great Tuesday. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀



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