Will You Be Following The Olympics?

Hey Everyone!

The winter Olympics are upon us! the coverage starts on the 8th (Tomorrow). The opening ceremony is on the 9th, those are always really cool to watch. These countries go all out.

There is some tension this year, like most years. This year may be a little more tense, with North Korea teaming up with their southern sister. This of course because of the looming Nuclear war, they may want to start. Also the Russians have been banned from this years winter Olympics, for doping the year before. Some Russian athletes are able to compete under a neutral flag, which is nice, since the actions of a few ruined it for the whole county. People spend their whole lives training to go to these games and compete for their country and now some of those people will not be able to do so. So yes some tensions will run a bit high this year, but I am hoping for the best. I want there to be nothing but good times at the games.

Here is a quick little schedule for the games.


If that is too hard to see you can check the schedule here.

I am a big fan of the freestyle skiing and snowboarding, curling, and biathlons. I’ll try to watch those if time permits. I really don’t worry about skating or luges.

What are some our your favorites? Do you watch the winter Olympics at all? Let me know in the comments below! 😀 😀


7 thoughts on “Will You Be Following The Olympics?”

  1. Yep I will be commandeering the TV for the Winter Olympics.
    Should be interesting to see how everything unfolds. Will you be watching the Opening Ceremony? Eh I hate how awkward the timing difference makes everything BUT I’m hoping to catch the figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, slalom skiing (is this the same as alpine?) etc…!

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      1. Did you end up seeing it? I was kind of underwhelmed haha but yeah Apollo now is a commentator for speed skating. I actually got to “meet” him a few years ago when I went on a trip to DC. AKA I got a photo with him with a bunch of other people.


  2. I’ll be following the Olympics; I enjoy curling, luge, and skeleton.

    In fact, we just moved to a place with an included cable package, and my wife made sure I stopped by to get a cable box just to be sure we’d be able to watch the opening ceremony!


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