Weekend, Anti-Phil, & Super Bowl!

Hey Everyone!

I can’t wait for Friday to come and go haha. My wife has the next week off so I won’t be taking Everett to daycare! The little things make all the difference in a work week.

This weekend we are going to head back, yet again, to my wife’s families place and spend the day. We have some tax information stuff to give her grandfather and I hope, fingers crossed, that we can talk more about getting a house out there.

Sunday we will not be watching the Super Bowl, because the two worst teams, in my opinion, are in the game. To me there couldn’t be a worse game to sit down and watch. Being a Cowboys fan my entire life, it pains me to see the Eagles at the big game. Growing up with a family full of Steelers fans I have been accustomed to also not liking the Patriots. My parents hold a get together each year to watch the game and this year I just really don’t want to watch the game. We are going to stop over for dinner and leave before the game starts. This way my mom won’t be mad that I didn’t come over and spend time with the family. I understand where she is coming from, but I’m not going to sit there for 4 hours and put myself through watching that game. If, and only if I was forced to make a derision about who I would rather win, it would be the Patriots.

Today at work we had a groundhog day luncheon. Our company has a long standing tradition of splitting in two, on and around this day. There the supporters of Phil and then we have the Anti -Phil supporters, (Kill Phil). They have separate luncheons on different ends of the shop each year and even had shirts made a few of the years haha.

Tomorrow, at work, we are allowed to wear gear from our favorite NFL team. I, of course, will be wearing my nice Jason Witten jersey that my wife got me a while back. I know of a few other Cowboys fans at this company so I don’t get ragged on too bad haha. I mean lets be real here, we have a few Browns fans still floating around haha.

That is all for me today, I’ll see you all again tomorrow morning! 😀 😀


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