Life, Heckfire, & Ingress!

Hey Everyone!

I wasn’t able to get a post out yesterday. I was focused on finding a solution or possible solution to the dilemma I posed Monday. Although I haven’t been able to do so, I have gathered my thoughts enough to post today haha.

We are working on some change, not sure what entirely, but change none the less. It may be my wife taking another job. It may be downsizing our house. It may be moving to another area. It may also be building new. Lastly it could remain the same, with tweaks to our budget. We are not certain which is best, which is viable, or which we will choose. It will be sorted either way, sometime, hopefully sooner than later.

On a much lighter note, I have been playing a mobile game in my free time that has become quite addicting. It is called, “Kingdoms of Heckfire.”


It is a clan based game like most of the others, but it has a cartoon live vibe to it unlike the rest. You build your own kingdom, level your buildings, research to add strength, and join a clan. Once in a clan you follow their set rules. You can, depending on what you want to do, climb the ranks and become a top advisor to the leader. You can also branch out and make your own clan from scratch. Our clan is now the #5 clan in our realm. I am one of the three VPs and have a lot of power over what is done within the clan. We create and break alliances to better suit our needs, and being one of the most powerful we can force our might on smaller clans. Now in a way our clan in particular has taken communication toΒ  whole different level. We have created a few Discord channels, one for our clan with a sub group for our leaders, as well as the same set up for us and the other clans we have allied with. This actually keeps the game fresh all day long. Instead of relying on in game notifications, I can be pinged in Discord about what is going on in more of a real time way. In some ways this game is more stress than it is worth, but it, like most video games helps distract you from reality, and lets you become whatever you want. That to me is fun.

Speaking of fun mobile games, I am still playing Ingress as well. That is, when I can. I don’t have much free time anymore to just waste gas and drive to portals haha. I have been able to slightly take back my small city from the evil enlightened green guys. Screen shot below:


I have made the majority of those fields and layered what I could. It may get taken out as we speak but for now it is covered. I have been doing most of the work myself, which is proving to be quite hard. I am low on resources all around. I do what I can. I have been playing for well over a year now and I have found myself capped as far as leveling due to badge progress. I need another gold badge to level up, and I have all of the ex to level just fine. I have been slow on some of the badges due to the area I play in and lack of travel. :/ It is understandable though and I’ll get there in time.

That is all for me I hope you have a great hump day, and I’ll see you all again tomorrow! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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