Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

It is another fine Friday morning! I have a couple responsibilities this weekend but other than that it should be smooth sailing. My parents are going to a cemetery today to look for old relatives, since my dad is hardcore into genealogy. From there they are going to Carnegie where my mother’s mother was born (My grandmother haha) to see the area. She passed away years ago now. They will eventually make there way to a hotel in Pittsburgh where they are walking distance from Jerome Bettis’ restaurant “Bettis 36”, the “Tilted Kilt” bar, and the Andy Warhol museum. Sounds like fun to me! They don’t get out enough, even with us kids finally out of their house. I’m glad they are going.I will be watching their dogs and cats until Saturday night, so they have nothing to worry about. I’ll check on them after work, and go over before bed. In the morning I’ll head over and check in a couple times throughout the day. Good news is that they only live a city block away.

As for us, we are just going to relax as much as we can. I know the weather is supposed to get better and the snow will melt, again. That means no shoveling for me 😀 😀 On top of that I got that headset in the mail yesterday, and let me tell you! It is like having clouds around my ears. The quality is better than anything I have ever heard before. I mean I have had a series of gaming headsets like a ton. There are the only ones that have made my in game sounds 100% better. It is like playing a whole different game. They are equipped with 7.1 surround sound and an equalizer that has an esports mode. It takes out all the unnecessary noises and allows you to hear footsteps like a boss. Anyway I’ll stop raving about them now haha.

I’ll be starting season 2 of “Game of Thrones” sometime today. The first season has me hooked. ( I knew it would) My binging has commenced lol You’ll know where to find me for the next month lol.

That is it for me this week. I hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you again Monday! 😀 😀


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