GOT, W2s, & Headset!

Hey Everyone!

I have started watching Game of Thrones and have been swallowed whole by the story. I have a long way to go before I can catch up to season 8 but will do my best. I am most of the way through season 1 currently and I’m hooked!

I have done this with other shows in the past but nothing on this large of a scare. One that comes to mind is Avatar the Last Air Bender. I followed family trees, and looked at geographic maps. I find myself doing the same with this show. I’m excited to get through it.

Today at work we have received out W-2’s, which means one step closer to filling our taxes and figuring out what we can do/ should do with our basement. The rest of my day will be fairly long and drawn out. My boss is gone until Monday or Tuesday, depending on the weather. His son just had his second baby so he is driving to Virginia to be with him and his family.

Other than that everything is running smoothly. I also get my new headset today! My old headset was a few years old and the main plastic frame decided it was a good idea to break in half. They were nice Turtle Beach headphones, so I am sad to see them go. the new ones are a brand I haven’t heard of, because they are new to the PC scene. It is a brand by the name of Sennheiser. They have made a very solid quality headphone for years, but have recently made a wonderful headset (With a microphone) for PC. Here is the link for them on Amazon!

That is all from me today. I know it isn’t very interesting but sometimes life just has a lull. haha I’ll see you all back again for some “Coffee Talk” tomorrow morning! 😀 😀


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