Did This Week Just Slow Down?!?

Hey Everyone!

It is only Tuesday and I am starting to feel the week drag. I have had a very busy couple of days and figured the day would just fly by, but I have hit a wall it seems. Everything is slowwwww.

Here at work we have finished all our cables and patched everything in. Our part of the project is pretty much over. Everything is networked in perfectly. Now it is up the the other half of our department to get the training and printer configs all set up, as well as the RF Guns.

Everett is back with the baby sitter today, and doing very well. I found out once I got there that the baby sitter’s husband has been in the hospital since Saturday. They are an older couple so I’m kind of fearful that they will die. Not trying to be mean, but he has heart problems and breathing issues, and I wonder if he ever dies if she will continue watching children or not. It really is a concern of mine, so we may have to look for a backup.

In what little free time I have had I have been watching the Vice Sports channel on YouTube. They have all sorts of videos on things like wiffle ball to MMA soccer? It was weird but that is a large range haha.

That is my slow day, I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


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