First Coffee Talk Of The Year!

Hey Everyone!

Good Morning!

Since Everett has been back to day care for a full two days I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Go figure! I think I can get over it pretty easily and I really hope it doesn’t get worse. Other than that I’m doing well.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I was able to exchange my Ethereum to Ripple. So I now have the currency that I wanted, and I am looking for good storage options.

This morning has been somewhat eventful, in that I was able to help the president of the company with a technical issue. I like helping him because it helps validate my worth haha. In a way. Speaking of work I am coming in tomorrow to get some overtime. We are replacing a whole network closet in the shop and everyone needs to be gone when we do it so we don’t stop production. It should take a few hours so I should make a nice bit of money. 😀

The other big fun for Saturday is my brother’s birthday dinner. He will be 28 on the 8th and we are going to celebrate tomorrow. He will pick where he wants to eat and we will all go and have a good time. We were going to watch the college football championship game and eat in on his actual birthday, but we decided against it.

Do any of you like watching college football? Do you have a favorite team? I am, of course, a Texas Longhorns fan, but I don’t follow it super close. I just like checking updates and watching bowl games. College players and teams tend to have better plays and more fun games.

I hope you all have a great morning, and weekend! I’ll see you again Monday. 😀 😀


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