Happy New Year! Baby Photo Shoot!

Hey Everyone!

I hope you had a happy and safe New Years Eve. With any luck we can carry it on through the year.

I don’t tend to make a big deal out of starting another calendar year, since nothing really changed and none of it really makes a difference, but it is nice to get together with family to ring it in. We went to my brother’s house and played a few games and almost made it to midnight. Our boy woke up, in not a great mood, about 20 minutes before. We packed our stuff and went home. Once we were home we turned on the TV and to our surprise we didn’t miss the ball drop. Just barely. We watched the countdown, kissed, and went to bed haha.

What did you do for New Years Eve?

My post is late, yes I know. Our ISP had some outages today and that killed our network. So for the last couple of hours our connection has been erratic. I wan’t sure I could post, but know I can. For that here is the mini photo shoot my wife had with Everett to close out the post, and start the year off right. (She is talented)


I hope that puts a smile on your faces. I’ll see you tomorrow! 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Baby Photo Shoot!”

  1. We really didn’t do anything special on New Year’s Eve. Just watched some movies and read books. That was fine with me. It’s a treat to get to stay home these days!

    LOVE the baby pics and yes, your wife is a talented photographer!

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