Rambling On And On!

Hey Everyone!

My finger is a bit better today. I don’t have it shipping taped up with a paper towel haha.

Work today have been pretty busy. I haven’t had a on of time to think of something to post about. I had to fix a linking issues between three Excel documents, connect our new RF Gun to the network and be able to lock it down, and help our head sales guy use his OneDrive for the first time.

It is quite a bit of time for each, and after lunch I have to meet with a girl in Purchasing to work on her macro enabled Excel sheet. It is a sheet that I made and it is only not working on her PC from a certain person. I have walked with it through all the steps multiple time and haven’t found anything to be wrong with the way it is being sent. That leads me to believe that it is something missing from her PC. Again it isn’t straight forward because it is happening only with this one other person, and not everyone else. I don’t know it has been boggling my mind for weeks now. With any luck I can get it up and running for her again.

Our company hands out Turkeys each year as a little gift. Today is that day! They go out and buy like 300 Turkeys for each person to have one. I usually give mine to my wife’s family so they don’t have to buy one. I usually help eat my dad’s since we both work at the same place and celebrate the same holidays together haha. It is a really weird thing to do but pretty neat too.

This weekend we are having the rest of my wife’s family come down and celebrate Christmas with us and I keep forgetting that I have a four day weekend coming up. I’m super excited about that.

All of that being said I won’t be posting until Wednesday of next week, well after tomorrow. I also cover a co-worker that next Thursday and Friday so I may or may not post then either. It is up in the air. I’ll try. But if I can’t I’ll be rolling into the New Year! Woooo.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow, hopefully for a true ‘Coffee Talk’. See ya then! 😀


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