BLW & Fun DIY!

Hey Everyone!

Last night we had some hamburger and tater tots for dinner. As I mentioned before we are trying ‘Baby Led Weaning’ for solid foods, so it was only right to give Everett some.


He mad a little bit of a mess and was more into the tater tots, I think because they might have had more of a taste. He doesn’t really ‘eat’ much of it. It is more like let me put it in my mouth until I spit most of it out, for now. haha


Sorry for this blurry one but he was moving a round a bit. We figured we would try some tomato as well. We sliced him up a few pieces and he liked it surprisingly well. It is obviously more juicy, but I wasn’t sure if he would like the taste. Despite that face he was making he gnawed on that the longest.

The rest of the night I played a few video games and watch the Tampa Bay, Atlanta game on ESPN.

Today we have a retirement lunch, again, at work. It seems like every week lately. Who am I to complain about free lunch though haha. this particular guy has been with the company for 43 years. That is a loooong time, especially in this day and age.

I was also a little bored and knew that we had some old left over PC parts. I have seen a bunch of these things online and decided to make my very own. I asked the guy in the tool crib for glue, and found the rest buried in our cabinets.


Ta Da! A RAM Christmas wreath. I am pretty impressed with how it came out. Those are the memory sticks in your desktop computer. The bow is a red cat 5 or 6 cable, and the white ribbon is from a cookie I had this morning haha. Not to shabby! 😀

That is about it for me today, I can also tell you that we will for sure be getting rid of Sling TV once our trial is up. It just really doesn’t fit what we are looking for. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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