Coffee Time!

Hey Everyone!

Well here we are on a Friday morning. I just finished my first cup of coffee and also remembered to start this post! Seems rare. 😀

Well first as a correction to my post yesterday it was the FCC vote not the congress vote, not yet. There is still time to fight for Net Neutrality. But that isn’t what this post is about, just a side note.

Lets see, it is bitter cold here coming in at 7 degrees F, yes just 7 lol. It is one of those mornings where it seems to be too cold to snow. The roads are slick and it was slow going to daycare and work this morning.

In Netflix fun I believe that ‘The Ranch’ is back for another season. My wife and I fell for that show after just giving it a chance. It seemed like a dumb little spin off,  because Ashton Kutcher was bored and has money. It turned into more for us and has become a show that we want more of. I am also super stoked that ‘Black Mirror’ will be back on the 29th I believe.

Yesterday at work, I was making moves and posting up. I like proving my worth and knowing that I am making an impact. Most days people know I am here and know that I help, but there are some days where people really see you as someone important. Yesterday turned out to be one of those days. Another person in out department has been working on something that is over his head and taking too long, like months. I got a hold of the project and had it fixed in under 30 minutes. Now I don’t like being the guy to swoop in and take a project, so I waited until it was given to me. I am still the low man on the totem pole and don’t want to step on any toes. It is a delicate balance in a small department. But it was nice to b recognized for furthering a much bigger project and knowing that I played a huge part in moving it forward.

I guess that is what we can talk about today. Have you ever felt that way? Have you had some time to step into the spotlight and make a visible impact, whether at work, or some other area of your life? Have you ever felt like you have to wait for the right moment to do something? How did that go for you? Success? Let me know down below!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you here again on Monday! 😀 : D


4 thoughts on “Coffee Time!”

  1. Good to know you had a good work day. My daughter recently had a great experience at work . She went to our nations capital, Ottawa, to lobby for women’s reproductive rights. She works for a fertility consulting firm as their director of marketing and social media. Her presentations were very well received and her boss was really happy with her. So she was in the spotlight in the company.

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    1. That is awesome! It is such a great feeling, I’m sure she is feeling like she is on top of the world. My company does business with 52 different Canadian locations, I think at lease one is somewhere near Ottawa. I remember as a kid my dad traveled there for some sales thing haha. 😀

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