Net Neutrality…..AGAIN!

Hey Everyone,

Since I assume with the Word press thingy slowing my posts today I won’t get a ton of traffic. But there is a more important issue at hand. Today congress votes on the Net Neutrality issue and without it we could see things like what is going on with my page today. Fast lanes for paying more money and slow lanes everyday. You would pay for data like a phone and then be throttled. Big companies will be able to control who gets what and freedom of the internet will go away forever! Fight today and get a hold of your congress men and women.

Here are links to my other posts on this issue if you want to know more.



This one from May 10th:

And this his one from July 13th of this year:

Lets hope we still can save the internet! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€




6 thoughts on “Net Neutrality…..AGAIN!”

  1. I have two post on my blog that really pertains to this topic, feel free to view and let me know if this two pieces can be at least circulated. It is a concern to us paying customers with this bs.

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