Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

I am going to squeeze this in before I go to my baby’s 6 month appointment. Last night I mad the switch to owning my own modem router and not renting the one from my ISP. After work I went and bought the one I wanted, and tore out all of the old stuff to bring to the ISP. Everything was going great! They got my old stuff back and turned off, and turned on my new router with seemingly no issue.

I got home and plugged it all in and got it up and running, only to find that I had no internet connection at all! Yikes. What the heck happened? I called my ISP right back and was on hold for far too long. He told me that the ladies at the store may have just entered the information incorrectly. That being said he re-entered the data and it was still rejected! I was placed on hold and it must have timed out because I was kicked back to a menu option instead….. :/ I hung up and called right back. Being on hold again far too long. I got another agent who read the notes of the last guy and was going to speak with her supervisor about the issue, After watching 2 episodes of Game of Thrones I was brought back on the line to be told that they couldn’t get it working!!!! I was told to contact the maker of my router and see if they could help me. Working in IT I know that is grabbing at straws. I have contacted Netgear, the maker of my router, and will see what they say. I’m sure I’ll be calling my ISP back soon. Also for those who may not know, two episodes of Game of Thrones is roughly TWO HOURS! Yes this is real life! Oye!

Have you too had issues with your ISP? I’m not having fun with mine today! I’ll se you again on Monday have a great weekend! 😀 😀


One thought on “Coffee Talk!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your struggles.

    We don’t currently have internet at home except on our phones, but when I had it before I would get frustrated because it seemed like anytime the wind blew it would go offline. Living in Indiana, you can imagine how often that was. I am hoping in the near future that we can restore service–although I’m not sure it will be with the same ISP. Our IT people here at work tell me that there have been improvements though.


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