4 Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This will be my last post until Monday. That will feel like an eternity. As you know I post here about every day so to go four full days in a row without will feel pretty weird. Work is about as dead as it could be today and half of the people who work here are off anyway.

I have been finding any little thing to keep me busy haha. I’m sure the last few hours of my day will drag on like they always do right before a long weekend. And accordingly I’m sure the four days will fly by faster than I can imagine. Of course this can be explained by the way we perceive time in different scenarios but we don’t’ have ‘time’ for all of that right now haha. That could take days and weeks to explain.

I looked at my snow blower last night and feel very accomplished. I fixed it! I was missing a ‘key’ that fit into a very small groove. That key was what would engage the gears and ultimately spin the wheels. With out this one little key you would not be self propelled at all.  I was able to figure it all out quick enough to run a test up and down my driveway, making sure that all of the gears worked as they should. And they do! Makes me feel like a real small engine mechanic haha.

I will be sliding into this long weekend soon and I will try to enjoy every moment of it. I can’t wait to see all of my family and spend time with them. Of course there will be great food and drinks as well. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend, no matter what your plans. I also hope that you stay safe if you are going out drinking, or just travelling in general. Until Monday! 😀 😀


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