Snow Blower, Infected PC, & Everett!

Hey Everyone!

This post is a bit late because, reasons. In reality I just got super busy right around lunch time and had to run to our other building to fix a few issues. It took longer than expected and I just got back.

The other day I went and looked at a snowblower. It was bigger than I expected and that was ok. It was in god working order and had very minimal rust. I decided to purchase it. I got it home and the very next day I was excite to fix some of the rust spots, throw on some new skid shoes, and add some oil. You know, just some last minute preparations before I had to put it to use. I tore into it and had in pieces. I sanded some rust and covered it in an awfully ugly teal paint. I took the wheels off to paint the rims where I had sanded off some surface rust, and put them back on. Once I was somewhat satisfied with my now ugly teal/orange monster I put it back together. Everything was just the way I found it, so I thought. It wasn’t until I tested it that I realized that the wheels did not spin when I engaged them. rip. I’m not at a loss and need to find a way to tear into the back panel. Without knowing what is what, I’ll see if my quick internet searches can help me fix the issue simply. I mean it has to be kind of simple right? I mean it was in perfect working order when I brought it home, so it isn’t like it is missing any pieces. If I can’t get it soon I’ll enlist a guy I work with to help me. He does this crap for fun.

A couple other little things while I am here. Everett’s great grandpa Francis got him a quarter collection. That as indeed very thoughtful, but I had to put them all in their proper spots, which was a nightmare. I felt like my thumb was going to snap off from pushing each coin in its spot.


In local nerd news, my PC was infected with a nasty rootkit, that left malware all over it. I wasn’t able to run new executables therefore I couldn’t’ remove the rootkit. It was a vicious cycle. I finally found a way around the rootkit and got rid of it. The bad news was that even though it was now gone it left behind over 70,000 pieces of malware. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


It is a terrible picture but it proves it all haha.

Our baby as you know is getting over his infection, so he was sitting with me this morning before work watching the news.


I will have to bust into my snowblower again, maybe tonight, and that should be about it for night. We are just sliding into the long holiday weekend!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀





11 thoughts on “Snow Blower, Infected PC, & Everett!”

  1. Sorry about the computer problems. My Pixel C tablet crashed and my son is trying to repair it. He loaned me his Samsung Chromebook Plus which I am trying to get use too. Hope the snowblower get to working again for you. Everett with that adorable smile looks like he is feeling a bit better.

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      1. As I am Canadian we have already had our Thanksgiving in October. Ours stems from the British celebration of getting the harvest in and I think the American celebration includes the arrival of the Pilgrims. Am I correct?


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