Better Evening & Asgardia!

Hey Everyone!

As you may know our little boy is sick with an upper respiratory infection. This is his third ailment in 5 months. This can be chalked up to bad luck and daycare. He stayed home from daycare yesterday because he still had a fever. Thankfully after being home all day, it subsided and he was able to go back today. He is still very congested and we feel really bad that we can’t do anything else for him. We are just going to continue to be there for him, and suck out his boogers haha. In all seriousness he is coughing up a bunch of mucus and it chokes him, following that he throws up all his milk. DOH! I’m pretty sure that is the recovering stage so that is good to know, but it is physically hard on him.

My wife and I are hoping and crossing our fingers that we don’t get sick again. We have both been sick each time he has, and that is no fun at all. We both have to take off time from work which we can’t really afford to do. With any luck our immune systems will get it together and help us out! Here is our boy last night and this morning. He is still no feeling well, but he sure is cute!


One last thing. I found this while surfing the web, it is a move to start and build the first nation in space. It is out there, no pun intended, but this is a real thing. People are really doing this, and it may not be a terrible idea. Obviously they are a long ways away from a physical location in space, but they have a goal and the backing to get it done. it is called Asgardia, or the Kingdom of Asgardia. They just a few days ago launched their own digital satellite into low Earth orbit. You can read their constitution here and check out their plans. Let me know what you think!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “Better Evening & Asgardia!”

      1. It is hard to deal with a sick child, especially since he is so young. Hoping he gets better soon. I went to the link and read up on it, even sent the link to my son, interesting subject!


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