Daily Post!

Hey Everyone!

What can I say, I still hate printers. The issue is still not resolved and I have been on the phone twice today with a Schwab rep.  We have made progress, but I can’t help but feel like printers should work as well as computers. Most everything now a days ca be easily set up and swapped, when will printers be the same? Honestly I ca’t wait for the day where we will  no longer need them. That will surely happen before they become user friendly. I mean think about i, what do you really need to print? Other than the occasional physical flyer, most things can be done simpler another way. I hope they do away with them soon! 😀

This will not be a printer post though I just wanted that out there. My wife and I just started watching ” It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” which is great, until we got the news that in December it will be taken off of Netflix. RIP haha.

We have had our first through third frost already. I guess it was bound to happen. Good news is I think I am done mowing my grass for the year! 😀 I have yet to find anyone to purchase my pellet stove, and will need my brother to come over and help me move it to the back of the garage, so my wife can park in there. My goal was to have the walls up and the stove sold before the first snow. That is no longer the case at all. I have no idea why there has been no interest in my stove, I haven’t even received a low ball offer, thats insanely rare. I have it on pennswoods.net, craigslist, five different Facebook garage sale pages, and posted here at work. Nothing, not even a whisper.

Again we have no plans for this weekend. We will see what lies ahead. I really hope nothing comes up and that we can just stay in. I like when the weather starts to get cool and you can coffee up and stay on the couch nice and warm. On another note I”m not sure when my dad will have more parts for the cabin. We have enough done that it can snow and be fine, but we still have some insulating to do.

That is all for today. I hope you all have a great Thursday, and I’ll try to remember Coffee Talk, bright and early tomorrow! 😀 😀


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