Damn Printers!

Hey Everyone!

I’m having quite the day today. Not in a very good way. I have been working on a printer for the last 4 hours and running into more issues the deeper I get. It started with one user not being able to print labels from tray 1, or be able to print a specific page. After being totally left in the dark I found that it may help if she ran her mail merge a different way. With that mostly behind me I thought I would be done, or close to it.

I walked over to the printer to ensure the tests were working only to be stopped by two more people, who were now not able to print. They are currently still running into a mismatch paper issue, which I can normally resolve by having the tray be selected permanently, exxxxcept in this case. It worked for the one lady, and not the other. Right now I have her printing to another printer entirely.

I have now on my lunch break e-mailed out representative from Schwab, as they are the ones that we pay to make sure that these damn things work when they are delivered and set up. It really hasn’t been working since we replaced the old one. We like to do our own work on things, so we held off on getting a hold of them, but when it is taking more time for you to fix than it is actually printing documents its time for something else. Have I mentioned I hate printers?!? I feel like I have mentioned it before: Here

So that is where we are now. I will have a few things to try after lunch but other than that I have washed my hands of it. I mean we pay people to manage big printer issues, why wouldn’t I use them. They are slow though, really slow. It could be weeks before we see a human being in house.

That is all I have for today! Enjoy my rant haha. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


8 thoughts on “Damn Printers!”

  1. Just for some humor try searching on You Tube for ‘cat with printer with voice over’ you may already know it but it is very funny with a cat frustrated with the printer and an English man doing a voice over of the cat’s thoughts.

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