Fairly Successful Night!

Hey Everyone!

It was cold and windy last night as the tick or treaters trickled in. Tick or treating in our area is only two hours long, and usually a little more busy than last night. My finally tally was only 52 kids that came to our porch. Don’t believe me?


I mean I figure you did believe me but what the heck, post it anyway. I am assuming that it was a combination of bad-ish weather and the increasing number of families doing trunk or treat. For those of you that may not know what that is, it is when you fill a parking lot with cars and dress up and let kids go around to each trunk and get candy that way. Some people feel this is safer than just being out on the street at dark, and maybe it is. I was able to snap a picture of our porch set up before I completely forgot too lol.


Unfortunately the candle had just burnt out of our “E” jack-o-lantern. I stayed out there for the whole two hours passing out candy to the kids. I was pretty frozen to the core as I believe that it fell to about 35 degrees Fahrenheit. We had some last minute ideas on what we could quickly dress up as for a few pictures, as we did not plan anything and didn’t get anything for Everett. My wife suggested that we dress up in football jerseys and put Everett in some football stuff he got for winter time haha. It worked better than expected.


He makes for a giant football, but was way too small for that snow suit haha. Still cute though! Not bad for a last second idea. Oooh I almost forgot, my mom dresses up each year for her work party, and this year she was a blind football ref. This was totally unplanned I had to let you know. My dad was a real football ref so she already had all the stuff, but it fit in so well that we needed another photo.


After everything was said and done I was tired and I guess Everett was too. I needed to warm up and he was my blanket haha.


I think I just fed him and next thing I know I passed out haha. I say that makes for a night well spent!

I hope you all have a good night, and were safe if you went out and did anything! I’ll see you all again tomorrow! 😀 😀


One thought on “Fairly Successful Night!”

  1. Nice post! I missed your pumpkin on the porch, but spotted it later with Baby E so that’s ok. I love the way the football theme came together and it’s too funny that Everett was the football–of course I’m sure he’s passed around so that’s appropriate. Your Mom’s costume was hilarious!

    As for passing out with the baby, it was fine since Kitty was wide awake to guard you both!


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