Normal Thursday!

Hey Everyone!

We had another quiet evening at home last night. Everett slept a bit better last night so that was nice. I was even able to squeeze in a a few games of Rainbow 6.

Tonight our new plumber comes I hope he quotes us lower than the other guys. Fingers crossed.

Everything else in life is slow going, it seems. All projects are on hold for monetary reasons. Soon to be weather reasons as well haha. We are still hoping to have the basement waterproofed this spring, and I would like to spray our fence with stain this summer. This of course on top of finishing up the garage.

This weekends plans have been expanded. Sunday we are going to my wife’s families place to get a few pictures of Everett with his cousin Cater. We will double up and get some family shots as well. This being said I need a hair cut badly, after my botch job from the time before. You know, when I looked like Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber! haha ๐Ÿ˜€ It is funny now but man was it awful in the moment.

I have started watching the first season of Travelers on Netflix. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but it could grow on me. If it does I hope that they keep making more seasons of it. With my luck I will like it and then it will never be renewed.

That is really all I have for today. That is the thing about a real life blog, is that not every day can be full of fun and entertaining things. That is too bad huh?

Anyway I’ll be back tomorrow morning for “Coffee Talk” I’ll see you then! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Everything But The Kitchen Sink!

Hey Everyone!

It is Wednesday and for me that means payday! It sounds great until you know that I don’t have any money haha. I hope someday I won’t have to live pay check to pay check. I got my direct deposit, only to come into work and pay off my bills and have enough money for gas in the car that isn’t even mine. RIP. The only good things I can say are that I am saving for retirement and my sons college, so that is a plus.

Speaking of money being gone before you even have it, I have a plumber coming tomorrow sometime after work. I’m sure that they will run their own snake and prove for themselves that my pipe is busted. That will come with a fun bill, followed by a bigger more fun quote to fix it lol. If it is anything like the other quote it will be a couple thousand dollars, for them to jack hammer my foundation and replace the broken piece, then filling it all back in. They should, like the last plumber, also repair the dry wall they have to tear out.

Friday starts the last month of 2017, and that evening I am going out to camp. the next day I will be getting up early and heading further into the woods, to hunt. We have 4-5 spots set up on my dads land that are prime for hunting, which is good because we have three people usually hunting. I will start low on the hill at my deer stand. Depending on the weather I may go higher on the hill. It is looking like it may be cooler, but still won’t be any snow. That makes it tough to see the contrast of a deer and hard to follow it if you have to. that being said the goal is to take a good shot and not have to chase it down. My dad went out yesterday and didn’t see anything, so I hope there are still some in the area when I get there. I have to find something to sleep on in the cabin because it isn’t finished. I’ll have to find a couple cushions or a small futon mattress or something to drag in there with me.

The other day I finished the third season of Zoo on Netflix, only to be disappointed that it was a cliffhanger leading into the fourth, which isn’t out yet. grrr. I hate that, I mean I understand why it happens but I really thought they were gearing up to end it and then it just drug on and on, then stopped. RIP again. I tried watching the first episode of Godless last night and it was so boring I fell asleep on my couch watching it. I may give it another try when I’m not also fairly tired from the night prior haha.

My co-worker is off today so I am the only one here with any real networking experience, you would think I’d be busy, but I am not. Half of my company takes this and next week off to go hunt, that should give you an idea about where I live haha. Most highschools in the area give the first day of hunting off, because it is pointless to try that day because no one shows up. Anyway if no one is here no one can have a problem with their computer!

In other news my wife is looking for a work from home position. We would like to get away from spending $500 a month on a babysitter and she would like more time home with him, so that seems to be a win win. The hard part is finding one. I have found her a few but she didn’t want to do them I guess. She has also just signed up at to be a babysitter herself! I mean our baby sitter is making bank for being a retired woman, making money under the table. Doing some simple math, at $500 a month for one kid, and having a solid 6 kids at all times (some days more/some less), then multiplying by the twelve months in a year, that is about $36,000 a year from home. I am not sure if she pays taxes on it, she might but I’m not sure. It isn’t the greatest income and it is demanding but it is viable for where we live. If we were to move out a ways like we would like to someday it may not work, that is why I would rather her get in with a company that will keep her even if she moves. We will see, only time will tell.

That is all from me today. I hope you all have a great humpday! I’ll see you again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

New Networking Closest

Hey Everyone!

Yikes! I thought today would be fairly normal, I was wrong haha. I was remarkably busy this morning and just got free-ish now.

First off last night Everett did a very poor job sleeping lol. He was up quite a bit, which does not help mommy and daddy at all. I have been dragging all day. Topping that off with a bit of chest congestion, and I’m having a heck of a day.

This morning I had to reach out to a different plumber to see if they would respond to my requests. I tried two different times a week apart to schedule an appointment with the old plumber to fix my sewer main and they have yet to call me back! They must really not want my two grand, weird. I have a new appointment with another plumber this Thursday for them to look at it, only to tell me the same thing I’m sure. From there I will see what they quote us and go from there. I hope they actually help. I’m sort of dumbfounded by that whole thing. I mean for real, I was contacting them to give them my own money and they just never got a hold of me?!? Oh well.

The rest of this morning was spent working on anti-virus threats and weird PC issues. On a similar yet different note, yesterday we received our new rack! At our company we have switches in multiple spots throughout the plant, They are just exposed wall mounted racks up on a wall. They get dusty and dirty quickly. Well yesterday we got the first piece in fixing that, well at least at one spot haha.


As you can see we have the old dirty wall mount on the left and the new 38U rack on the right. By no means will we fill that cabinet with networking gear but we wanted it to all be eye level. It is fully enclosed and is mounted with six exhaust fans at the top. We will mount the battery backup at the bottom to spread out the heat distribution, and the rest at eye level, to be easily worked on. This is a tough task. All of those gross cables will need to go back in the same spots and everything has to remain the same when we move it all. On top of that it has to happen on a Saturday, because we have people that work every shift and this would take the whole west end out of commission. That is fine with me though because I’ll be able to claim some overtime, which may come in time to pay off some of that incoming debt haha.

The rest of the afternoon I’ll be answering whatever questions come my way. I also bought a fire escape ladder today, since my wife had a bad dream about our house catching on fire. This being followed by the realization of not really having a fire plan yet. So the need is there and it could be immediate, so I got one! ๐Ÿ˜€

That is all from me today, I hope you have a great Tuesday. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Long Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

It has been a long while since I posted. I was off for a whore four days! It felt like forever in some ways and in others it seemed like no time at all. Thursday we spent the day with my family and had a traditional lunch/dinner. For the most part it was a good time. We ate and stayed a bit later to watch a football game. The only hiccup came during that lunch/dinner. My mom, despite being told multiple times not to, tried feeding our son real food. We both told her not to around the same table and she sat right there and did it anyway. Who does that? So I had to yell at her right then and there and take my kid away from them. I’m not really sure what would go though her or anyone’s head in that moment that would let her think it was still OK to do?!? We were understandably furious and it took about every ounce of energy to not pack up our things and leave right then and there. It was over as quick as it happened and we moved on with our day. Here was the nice table setting and my parents village.


After lunch we sampled some fancy fruity beer. My dad got this from a friend of his that passed away. It wasn’t a gift or anything it was just in his refrigerator when they all went to pack up his stuff.


It was really good. I guess it is kind of pricey so I will probably never have it again but it was yummy. The rest of the time there was spent watching the game and watching the kids play.


My mom made that ‘Cars’ blanket for Everett and he likes all the colors in it. Here is my niece playing with some blocks. She likes to give them to people over and over again haha.


She has developed quite the mullet, that you can see in the next picture. Also my older and younger brother.


We got home somewhat early and decided to whip out the large coloring book. My wife brought it from my parent’s house, since some of our stuff is till over there. We are slowly getting it all out. Any way here is the one I did. My wife never can finish one haha.


That leads us to Friday. Friday we got up early and headed to my wife’s mom’s house. Once we wrangled everyone up we ate. Here is a picture of our nephew Carter and my wife’s grandfather Francis.


We ate another traditional Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, and headed home.



Saturday we were supposed to celebrate my older brother’s birthday, but we changed that to Sunday. We were also supposed to go pick up a leather couch for our house, but the lady who was giving it to us was sick. That will wait for another day. So, pretty much all day Saturday I laid on the couch with Everett while Jordyn was editing wedding pictures from the wedding we shot in October.

Sunday we went back to my parents house and met again with everyone on my side of the family for pizza and wings to celebrate my brother’s 35th birthday! Oh course we had ice cream cake from DQ to follow. He brought his new girlfriend, which is nice, because he is in a much better mood. He gets down about life easily and having something or someone in his life helps that. It must be getting serious because he is bringing her around a lot and he met her parents, so you know that is a big step.

Anyway that was my weekend, all in all it was a great way to spend my time off. I hope that we can all get and stay healthy the rest of this winter, fingers crossed. I’ll see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

4 Day Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

This will be my last post until Monday. That will feel like an eternity. As you know I post here about every day so to go four full days in a row without will feel pretty weird. Work is about as dead as it could be today and half of the people who work here are off anyway.

I have been finding any little thing to keep me busy haha. I’m sure the last few hours of my day will drag on like they always do right before a long weekend. And accordingly I’m sure the four days will fly by faster than I can imagine. Of course this can be explained by the way we perceive time in different scenarios but we don’t’ have ‘time’ for all of that right now haha. That could take days and weeks to explain.

I looked at my snow blower last night and feel very accomplished. I fixed it! I was missing a ‘key’ that fit into a very small groove. That key was what would engage the gears and ultimately spin the wheels. With out this one little key you would not be self propelled at all.ย  I was able to figure it all out quick enough to run a test up and down my driveway, making sure that all of the gears worked as they should. And they do! Makes me feel like a real small engine mechanic haha.

I will be sliding into this long weekend soon and I will try to enjoy every moment of it. I can’t wait to see all of my family and spend time with them. Of course there will be great food and drinks as well. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend, no matter what your plans. I also hope that you stay safe if you are going out drinking, or just travelling in general. Until Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Lazy Tuesday!

Hey Everyone!

Back on a very lazy Tuesday, that is more like a Thursday. Last night I was on baby duty while my wife had an online training. I wanted to work on the snow blower but could not bring our boy out so that was a no go. With any luck and effort I might get to it tonight. Might. After baby duty I was able to sneak away and play a few games of Rainbow 6 with my old college roommate.

Today has been slow at work. It gets like this near a holiday. No one wants to report anything or take the time to let us know something isn’t working properly. This is all well and good but it makes for a pretty boring day. On the other hand we are having lunch for a retired employee today. She was with the company for 17 years. She requested meatball subs and the whole deal, so I’ll have a full belly and want to sleep all afternoon haha.

We are one step close to Thanksgiving and my plans have remained the same. We will be at my families on Thanksgiving and my wife’s on Friday. I also realized that the first day of buck and doe season is Saturday the 2nd here so I’ll be heading into the woods on the first to stay in the unfinished cabin and have an early Saturday hunt. I don’t have enough time to take from work to go out more than a couple days so odds are against me getting anything, but if I do I want to get it processed where my boss does. His deer sticks and bologna is delicious!

Everett seems to have the majority of his illness behind him now. He is feeling much better and has gotten a bunch of mucus out the last few days. We hope we can keep him healthy over the holiday. We are going to be making sure that no one in our families have any sickness before we go over to their place. If they do we will be either very cautious or have to not go, which would suck.

I have no further communications for you at this time. I will see you all again tomorrow and thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Snow Blower, Infected PC, & Everett!

Hey Everyone!

This post is a bit late because, reasons. In reality I just got super busy right around lunch time and had to run to our other building to fix a few issues. It took longer than expected and I just got back.

The other day I went and looked at a snowblower. It was bigger than I expected and that was ok. It was in god working order and had very minimal rust. I decided to purchase it. I got it home and the very next day I was excite to fix some of the rust spots, throw on some new skid shoes, and add some oil. You know, just some last minute preparations before I had to put it to use. I tore into it and had in pieces. I sanded some rust and covered it in an awfully ugly teal paint. I took the wheels off to paint the rims where I had sanded off some surface rust, and put them back on. Once I was somewhat satisfied with my now ugly teal/orange monster I put it back together. Everything was just the way I found it, so I thought. It wasn’t until I tested it that I realized that the wheels did not spin when I engaged them. rip. I’m not at a loss and need to find a way to tear into the back panel. Without knowing what is what, I’ll see if my quick internet searches can help me fix the issue simply. I mean it has to be kind of simple right? I mean it was in perfect working order when I brought it home, so it isn’t like it is missing any pieces. If I can’t get it soon I’ll enlist a guy I work with to help me. He does this crap for fun.

A couple other little things while I am here. Everett’s great grandpa Francis got him a quarter collection. That as indeed very thoughtful, but I had to put them all in their proper spots, which was a nightmare. I felt like my thumb was going to snap off from pushing each coin in its spot.


In local nerd news, my PC was infected with a nasty rootkit, that left malware all over it. I wasn’t able to run new executables therefore I couldn’t’ remove the rootkit. It was a vicious cycle. I finally found a way around the rootkit and got rid of it. The bad news was that even though it was now gone it left behind over 70,000 pieces of malware. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


It is a terrible picture but it proves it all haha.

Our baby as you know is getting over his infection, so he was sitting with me this morning before work watching the news.


I will have to bust into my snowblower again, maybe tonight, and that should be about it for night. We are just sliding into the long holiday weekend!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€




Coffee Talk!

Hey Everyone!

Ah, it is Friday once again. Such a great feeling. I have a few things to do today but then the weekend is unplanned. Our boy is still sick so we will most likely stay in, which is OK. I’m going to look at a snow blower after work and that’s pretty much it.

Lets see….What is going on with all of you? How have you been? Do you have plans for the upcoming holiday? (Thanksgiving) I will be having dinner at my parent’s house along with the rest of my family and enjoying some NFL games. The Friday after I will be enjoying more food with my wife’s family. Her uncles will be in town as well as the rest of her family, I believe. That will be followed by a weekend of left overs and bloated stomachs haha.

I have also finished the 3 seasons ofย  “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix. I really enjoyed it. Have you seen it? It is a bit creepy, which is why I have to watch it alone, as my wife does not like anything remotely scary. lol

Anyway, let me know what has been going on, I’d love to hear from you! Also if you follow Gerson over at you should check out his “Getting to know you” post. I have answered the questions he asked and it’ll be more fun if more join in. Also if you don’t follow his blog give it a look. He have great pictures from his travels and a neat layout!

I’ll see you all again Monday! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Little Of This, Little Of That!

Hey Everyone!

We have made our way to Thursday. One step closer to the weekend, and that I can get behind. Yesterday was another so-so day with not much going on. I have been working towards a certification in penetration testing from There are all sorts of courses offered and tons for free! If you are interested in anything computer or networking related that seems to be one of the best, for free that is.

Our baby boy is still hacking and coughing. It is not fun to watch or to deal with. There really isn’t anything that we can do except wait for it to get better. He seems miserably and he probably is. He is on the up and up and is still smiling and playing. He try to bundle him up when he goes outside and keep him hydrated the best we can. He is still only on breast milk so he hasn’t been introduced to water or juice yet. I feel like the milk is not great mixed with mucus from my own perspective and that water would be better but he still needs the nutrients from the milk. It just sucks that he is still so young. Not much can be done. We will wait it out.

Today my boss brought in his deer meat from the buck he got the other week. Fresh venison is amazing! When it is then processed into sticks and bologna it can be even better, if done correctly. I’m not sure if I will have any luck hunting this year or not. The reason for this being, that I may only go out one day, since I am out of time to take off of work. I might go out twice depending on what happens and the weather. We hunt on my dads land nowadays, and hope to have some place to sleep up there. I hope there is some snow come rifle season so that the contrast is easier to see, and trails are more easily followed.

Tomorrow I am going to look at a used snow blower up on the hill. I will swap my car with my dad’s truck so that after work I can just go right up and check it out. I have the money in hand and may very well have a cheaper solution than I thought I would for the winter season.

That is about all that is going on with me lately. I am also waiting on the plumbing company to get to me. I may have to call them again, I feel like they have forgotten me. rip. Oh well! Have a great Thursday and I’ll try to remember to have a ‘Coffee Talk’ tomorrow morning. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Better Evening & Asgardia!

Hey Everyone!

As you may know our little boy is sick with an upper respiratory infection. This is his third ailment in 5 months. This can be chalked up to bad luck and daycare. He stayed home from daycare yesterday because he still had a fever. Thankfully after being home all day, it subsided and he was able to go back today. He is still very congested and we feel really bad that we can’t do anything else for him. We are just going to continue to be there for him, and suck out his boogers haha. In all seriousness he is coughing up a bunch of mucus and it chokes him, following that he throws up all his milk. DOH! I’m pretty sure that is the recovering stage so that is good to know, but it is physically hard on him.

My wife and I are hoping and crossing our fingers that we don’t get sick again. We have both been sick each time he has, and that is no fun at all. We both have to take off time from work which we can’t really afford to do. With any luck our immune systems will get it together and help us out! Here is our boy last night and this morning. He is still no feeling well, but he sure is cute!


One last thing. I found this while surfing the web, it is a move to start and build the first nation in space. It is out there, no pun intended, but this is a real thing. People are really doing this, and it may not be a terrible idea. Obviously they are a long ways away from a physical location in space, but they have a goal and the backing to get it done. it is called Asgardia, or the Kingdom of Asgardia. They just a few days ago launched their own digital satellite into low Earth orbit. You can read their constitution here and check out their plans. Let me know what you think!

I’ll see you all again tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€