Lazy Work Day!

Hey Everyone!

Today is Halloween! Here at work we had donuts and apple cider, in the morning. We also had a luncheon where people just brought a ton of stuff in. It was, of course, delicious and  not good for you haha. A few people in the office dressed up, most did not, myself included. I suck haha. I am always behind the eight ball with gearing up for holiday outfits.

Tonight we are passing out candy to all the little ones. I went out in the cold last night and positioned my projector light where I wanted it. With the weather being bad and us being on a main road I didn’t want the weather to ruin it or have it get stolen. So I got it where I wanted it and then put it away until tonight haha. It’ll be a cold two hours sitting outside but it should be fun. My mom asked if we were coming over to their house at all, and I’m not really sure why. I told her we may come but I’m not to certain we have the time. Between us getting out of work and getting home by 4:30, my wife pumping and me setting the lights back up we would be cutting it close to have anytime over there at all.

Tomorrow is pay day and I’m glad it is haha. It is all spoken for of course but it will be a breath of fresh air. A weight will be lifted even if it is only for two days before I pay bills again lol. I have to work on saving hard again to get that plumbing issues resolved, fingers crossed. I don’t really have any plans until the weekend. We are going back to my wife’s hometown for our nephew’s first birthday party. We are going a day early to spend time with her grandparents.

That is all for my daily life post. I’ll see you again tomorrow! 😀 😀


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